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Emerald City was pretty fabulous.  All five Pines Party events were sold out for the first time.  Reviews of the main party were terrific.  Costumes were over the top. We are awaiting a final report, but are anticipating some bang up numbers for the party.  Congratulations to Ed Schulhafer and Allan Baum and the entire Pines Party Committee for a very successful Pines Party.  This was the 17th Pines Party.  This Pines tradition has brought smiles to the faces of residents and guests, kept up nice buzz about our community and returned a total of well over a million dollars to the two charities involved.

We had a record 4th of July invasion.  For the first time, there were two Invasion boats.  The Big Apple Marching Band led the girls off  the first boat in style.   Congratulations to Panzi and her cohorts in the Grove for a terrific 40th Anniversary Invasion.

The beach project FIMI has not advanced further as of this date.  The Pines oceanfront homeowners are waiting for their surveys which will determine the final dune line.  Due to discrepancies between the original 2013 aerial survey designs and the on-the-ground surveys from this year, Suffolk County has had surveyors out to the Pines several more times in an effort to mitigate the impact of the proposed dune.  FIPPOA continues to press the county and the corps to take all steps to mitigate. While the current planning does not have sand being added to the Cherry Grove dunes, it does cover extensive beach renourishment and sand in the tidal areas. The Grove has not participated in prior beach renourishment and dune projects, and its residents are having difficulties with the complex language of the required easements. But the issues being addressed in the Grove and the other western communities are also extremely helpful for the Pines. An example of one issue that had not been clearly addressed is that of homeowner rights in terms of rebuilding
after storms: the Army Corps is now rethinking its language to make it clear that the dune easements will not impose any greater restriction or regulation than already exists under NYS law and the Coastal Erosion Hazard Area (CEHA).

FIPPOA has undertaken an extensive cleanup of the community.  This has included the removal of any debris piles along the boulevard and the cleanup of any debris in the community and more stringent enforcement of the rules against dumping.  Alan Silverman, a longtime resident of the community, is seeking volunteers to help in further cleanup activity.  You can contact Alan at  

On July 18th, Nikki LaFountaine and Paul Stoehrer, both longtime residents and business people in the Pines, were married.  This picture captures the happy couple.  Congratulations and all best wishes to Nikki and Paul.

FIPAP is presenting Emily West on August 14 at Whyte Hall.   Andre Almeida is producing the event and he is hoping for an SRO audience.   Let's help Andrea achieve his goal.  Tickets are still available!   On Saturday Night, August 15th, Daniel Nardicio is producing Sandra Bernhard at Whyte Hall.  Also on August 15th, Debbie Reynolds will be appearing in the Grove.

I note the sea plane has returned.  Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come for the Pines.

And finally, the community is abuzz with anticipation of the Clambake this Saturday.  The entrance is at Fisherman  Walk.  I hope to see you there!

Jay Pagano 
In Memoriam

Michael LiPuma

Michael LiPuma recently passed away. Along with his partner, Dr. Peter Cinnelli, LiPuma put his personal touch into the many homes they owned in the Pines.   Together they contributed to the magnificent rise in property values during the first decade of the twenty first century. Peter and Michael employed hundreds of people, improved the level of all of our services, and provided for a new generation to enjoy Fire Island Pines. They made sure that every Real Estate Broker, every pool service, contractor and vendor was equally part of their transformation in the Pines.


Michael shared his life with Peter and together they were a family, living in the Pines, NYC, Sayville and Fort Lauderdale. Michael was giving, smart and very personable. He was a friend to all who knew him.   


Upcoming Events
First Annual Pines Clam Bake - August 8
Emily West - August 14
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand - August 15
Sandra Bernhard - August 15
Daniel Lelchuk - August 22
FIPAP Annual Play - September 4 to 6
FIPPOA Annual Meeting - September 26

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Chris Lovito,  Tad Paul, Russell Saray ,  Eric Sawyer,
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Bob Tortora,  Jim Vandernoth,  Randy Wilson