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Wednesday, April 15th 2020
The Escondido Chamber of Commerce
is working remotely, holding virtual events,
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Do you think we are ready to open back up our Economy?
Last week's Poll Results: 57% of responders think that the Government has done a good job during this pandemic.
JR's Weekly Column
As we continue to navigate our way in this uncharted business environment some things are
becoming clear. It’s clear that the more we rely on others, the less confident we become of the outcome. Everyone has an opinion. Sometimes I find I have to quit overthinking things and act. I know what is right and what is wrong, or at least think I do. No one has a crystal ball, and no one is right all the time. I believe in collaboration, building consensus, and being inclusive. But sometimes you have to just make decisions and move forward.

Most of us like things that we can count on, you know dependable. I used to set my watch by my car
radio as I trusted the tone I would hear at the top of each hour. But, today, given our new reality, I need
to remind myself of what I trust. I’m turning back my trust meter, hitting the reset, and going back to
ground zero.

I trust in my wife, my family, my faith, and my friends. I also choose to trust in people. I am not naïve enough to trust in all people, but I do trust in people. I trust in most of us doing the right thing. Close the door behind you, ask before taking, stop on the red go on green, say please and thank you. I’m not going to let this virus take away my trust in others. I’ll do the right thing and wash my hands, wear a mask and stay in place. What I won’t do is depend on anyone or anything to replace what I know is right. We all have to trust in ourselves that when our time comes, we’ll do the right thing. I am not going to allow myself to entirely depend on others to set the course and save me. This may not all be in my hands but, when it is, I know what I trust, and that’s enough for me.

We are all ultimately responsible for our actions, and if those actions are made on the sound
fundamentals of what we know, what we trust, then that’s the best we can do.

Trust is earned, and right now you can trust in your Chamber acting in the best interest of the Escondido business community, that I know.


James Rowten (JR)
COVID-19 Small Business Resources
U.S. Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Small Business Guide & Checklist
The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act allocated $350 billion to help small businesses keep workers employed amid the pandemic and economic downturn.

Known as the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), the initiative provides 100% federally guaranteed loans to small businesses.

Wake Up Escondido

Topic: Small Business Pivoting & Adapting
During COVID-19

Friday, April 24th
7:30am - 9:00am
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City News & Updates
The health and safety of our community remains our top priority. The City of Escondido is actively taking measures to keep our community safe and to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We are committed to following the Governor’s and the County Public Health Officer’s orders in a combined effort to keep our population healthy and safe while providing essential services to our residents.
Let There Be Light, Let There Be Hope...Now!
After much discussion and consideration, due to strict County stay at home orders, The City of Escondido and The Escondido Community Foundation quietly lit the 40-foot by 108-foot welcome arch over Grand Avenue at Centre City Parkway on April 11 at 7:30pm in honor of first responders, as a beacon of hope.

The arch, named “The Giving Arch” is in recognition of the generosity and community spirit of our Escondido residents. The lighting and dedication of the Arch, originally scheduled for March 12, had to be cancelled at the last minute due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It has remained unlit now.

The Escondido Community Foundation and City of Escondido decided that it was time to light the new Giving Arch. Jacquie Skay, Chair of the ECF Board, commented. “While the original plan was to host a huge public ceremony but the rules of the day changed that plan. We decided not to wait. Now is the time to give our community something to cheer about.”
That celebration with the entire community to dedicate The Giving Arch  WILL  happen.. as soon as we have an okay to meet in large groups outside!
Marie Waldron
Caring For Your Mental Health
These times can be overwhelming. While we love our homes, being forced to stay there for extended
periods causes stress, anxiety, and depression. We are worried about our income, our jobs, our kid's
education, our health, our future.

So how do we cope with this new and very unreal lifestyle that the coronavirus has forced upon us?
Remember, we are all in this together, and help is available....
Member News & More
Cox Media Offers Free TV Advertising to Local Restaurants
To help San Diego restaurants reach customers as they’ve shifted to delivery and takeout services during the coronavirus pandemic, Cox Media, the advertising sales division of Cox Communications, offers free television advertising to bring public awareness to those restaurants that remain open and ready to serve.
The Joor Muffler Man Being Safe #EscondidoStrong
Rain, Rain and More Rain
With last week's storm setting quite a few records, the City of Escondido received over 5.61 inches of rain. So much, that water was being released at the Lake Hodges dam!