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April 19, 2017   

Tri Region Community
 Building Luncheon

Featuring Guest presenter:
Doug Griffiths
Author, Speaker, & Founder of 13 Ways

May 9, 2017
  11:15am - 1:45pm

When asked why he does what he does, Doug's answer is simple: to help build better communities. Doug believes communities are the foundation on which we build stronger families, stronger businesses, and stronger nations. Build strong communities, and success will follow.

He helps communities identify what is holding them back from finding success, and then he helps them overcome it. When they aren't looking, Doug inspires, and often shocks them, with a presentation showing how they are destroying their own chance at success. Then he helps build them back up and get them on a better path.

Yes, it sounds like therapy. It is. It is community therapy, which is why he is often called a community therapist. And the great thing is that it works.

Join your local business associations The Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce and The Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce as they host this inspiring and motivating friend of Alberta communities.

Chamber on Tap  
Join us for our monthly business mixer and informal chat on 
April 20, 2017

We are excited to host Ken Turlock (owner of Perks Coffee House) at our April Chamber on Tap Mixer who will be interviewed in a very casual and conversational format by our sponsor Dean Chapman of Frontline Financial.

Ken's story will be shared just like our growing list of past guests.  These are business owners right here in our community who discuss their start up, challenges, what they've learned, and how they have achieved success.
Be inspired.  Build your network.  Save Money!
Business at Breakfast
How you can promote your participation in community events with Social Media.

April 25, 2017
 8:00 - 9:00 AM 

**Space is very limited
Its FREE for members **

Join us with Dannielle from
Street Smarts Media   for some great advice and tips on how to share the great things you do in our community!

Our Business at Breakfast aims to provide the tools and education necessary to succeed in entrepreneurship, economic growth, and competitiveness; our breakfasts focus on business education in our region. The networking opportunities that come with it are casual yet very powerful. 


Alberta economy will grow modestly in 2017 - and energy sector won't fuel it, analysts say  GDP growth forecast to nudge upward by 2.2% as tourism booms and energy sector slowly recovers      
The report forecasts GDP growth of 2.2 per cent this year - led by agriculture, agri-food and tourism - after a 2.7-per cent contraction in 2016.

"Tourism could experience another record-setting year thanks to a relatively weak dollar, greater tourism from Asia and Canada's 150th celebrations," ATB Financial said in a release Wednesday.

The report says hog prices have improved slightly, and wheat and canola prices have perked up recently. Farmers can expect a decent year for profits if the weather cooperates.

"Even greater optimism and potential exists in agri-food and food processing," the report said...continue reading

This is when you make a lot of money
By Nigel Hannaford on January 28, 2017

Two years ago, the future of the Canadian oil and gas industry looked extremely bleak. OPEC's attempt to drown its competitors in cheap oil - especially those in the United States - had forced energy prices below the threshold cost of production in Alberta. Sales of land rights in the province dried up, drilling slowed to a crawl, investment tanked: 16 oilsands projects were cancelled. Thousands of energy industry workers lost their jobs.

To make matters worse, the fracking revolution in the U.S. had unlocked an ocean of oil and natural gas in Alberta's main export market... continue reading 
Alberta will attract the world's most innovative companies to the province through $10 million in provincial funding to help build a test facility for technologies that convert CO2 emissions into usable products.

Matched provincial and federal government funding for the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre (ACCTC) will support the development of a facility to test breakthrough technologies that convert CO2 from harmful emissions into applications for everyday use. Both levels of government are contributing $10 million.... continue reading
OPINION - If we don't want our kids to be addicted to technology, maybe we should start putting down our phones
We often complain about kids being glued to their devices - but where are they learning these habits?

By Ramona Pringle, for CBC News  Apr 04, 2017 

When it came to parenting, Steve Jobs' modus operandi was not unlike that used by the rest of us: do as I say, not as I do.

When New York Times writer Nick Bilton suggested to Jobs back in 2010 that his kids must love the iPad, the godfather of the digital age replied: "They haven't used it. We limit how much technology our kids use at home."

While parents the world over turn to the tool as a virtual nanny in moments of weakness, queuing up TV shows or games to entertain their wee ones in the stroller, the Apple visionary said he was reluctant to do the same.... continue reading
If your business is not already involved with
  The Life and Leisure Family Expo , don't miss out on the action by putting a team together and showing off your teamwork abilities.  Call it a "Team Building" session, an "Active Workplace Initiative", or just for showing you're
 committed to everything community.  Register Today! 

Supervising Manager Visitor Information Centre
Reporting directly to the President & CEO of The Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce this position requires that the hired individual: Coordinate and provide a work schedule for all hired part-time Visitor Information Student Counselors ....learn more
Research Assistant
This position is an assistant position to the CEO of The Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce. The person hired to his position reports directly to the CEO of the organization and prioritizes direction given by the CEO. Due to a restrictive environment this position job shares in the capacity of clerical administrative management as well as research and development ... learn more
Calling all Volunteers

"Volunteering lets you show that you genuinely care about the state of your surroundings both culturally and economically. By helping out with causes you care about you will ensure that you are consistently helping to raise the collective floor of your community.

Why build a business in a place if you don't see it having a bright future? Volunteer to show that you care about the longevity of your community and its people, and in turn your community will reward you with ample opportunities to expand your company. It will also show others that you are a natural leader, which is an important quality and personality trait of a small business owner."

Chris Marten

To learn more about volunteering opportunities with Life and Leisure click here   or contact Dianne Pilla  
COMING SOON! Announcing Spruce Grove's
first Amazing Race! Participating teams (18+) will travel within the Tri Region community, stopping in at local businesses where they will meet some Amazing challenges to win a cash prize of $1000.00 Bragging rights will be priceless!
Perpetual Fitness's Amazing Race is hosted in part by your Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce.   Register a team today!




Della Saunders,  Marketing Coordinator
Spr uce Grove Chamber of Commerce 
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