Newsletter - April 2019 - Issue #22
New Web-Based Offerings to Support the Wildflowering of Your Whole Being
Trillium Awakening is a wildflowering of whole-being love and wisdom, dedicated to healing, guiding, and inspiring the fullest awakening of self, society, and the world. Our Teachers Circle is dedicated to supporting you in as many ways as possible, 24/7, both in person and virtually.

To this end, we are pleased to provide a variety of new web-based programs and offerings that you can enjoy alone or with others, at your computer, in your car, on the bus, biking, walking, running, or sitting in your favorite coffee shop, park, or room at home.

Here's a menu of ways for you to steep in transmission wherever and whenever you want:

Newcomer Welcoming Program: If you're new to our work, our monthly Trillium Awakening Introductions and Newcomer Sittings will help you get acquainted with who we are and what we offer. 

Weekly Virtual Sittings:  Our new Virtual Sittings Program brings different teachers to you once a week, offering small group sittings on various topics of our dharma.

Blogs and Vlogs: a curated series of text and video explorations of our path, with new posts monthly.

Podcasts: Audio from teacher talks, retreats, online panels, and interviews, which you can access on your device when you're on the move.

YouTube: The Teachers Circle has its own YouTube channel offering panel discussions, teacher talks, and gazing videos.

It's always a good time to lean in to the edge of your awakening process. We're here to support you, wherever and whenever you want to connect. Our 40 teachers and 18 mentors represent a variety of backgrounds and skill sets, all committed to the path of embodied awakening in mutuality. Visit our website to find a teacher and mentor, sign up for a Virtual Sitting, listen to a podcast, watch a video, or read an essay--all designed with you in mind!

If you have a knack for ripping and editing audio, I'm looking for a volunteer to help with our Podcast feature. Email me!

Subhaga Crystal Bacon     

Virtual Orientation Course Coming Soon!

How comfortable are you with the Trillium Awakening Dharma and the way it supports the wildflowering of your Whole-Being Realization?  As part of our Virtual Offerings, we'll soon be launching a new format for the Orientation course. In five interactive modules, this course is now designed to be taken by small groups of practitioners meeting regularly with a teacher and as peer groups to discuss videos and essays in support of the Trillium Dharma. Look for an invitation to register soon!

Announcements &
Upcoming Events
Welcome New Mentor:
Jerry Boening
Jerry joins us from Long Island, NY. Visit his mentor page.
A call for images of your original artwork 

We're asking for images of your original artwork for the creation of a card deck that illustrates and transmits the Trillium Awakening dharma.
Virtual Sitting
5/5, 2019, 10 - 12 PDT
Companionship & Transmission
Teachers: Cielle & Sanji

Virtual Sitting
5/15, 2019, 5- 7 pm PDT
Greenlighting: Deepening the Way to Awakening
Teachers: Subhaga & Sugandhi

TA Introduction
5/19, 2019, 10 - 12 PDT
Teachers: Subhaga & Sugandhi

Boulder, CO
5/16 - 20, 2019
The Magic of Embodiment
Teachers: June Konopka, 
Gena Netten & Laura Wittke

Virtual Sitting
5/22, 2019, 5 - 7 pm PDT
Standing in the Dark Heart of Mutuality
Teachers: Subhaga & Sugandhi

Olympia, WA
5/24 - 26, 2019
The Fierce Ardor of the Awakening Heart
Teachers: Steve Boggs & Joanne Lee

Newcomer Sitting
5/26, 2019
Teachers: Subhaga & Sugandhi

Fairfield, IA
05/24/2019 - 05/27/2019
Fairfield's Spring Feast

Virtual Sitting
5/29, 2019, 5 - 7 pm PDT
Following the Fragrance of Love
Teachers: Subhaga & Sugandhi

Calgary, AB Canada
6/6 - 10, 2019
2nd Annual Canadian Rockies Spring Retreat: Exploring the Illusion of Separation: An Adventure into Whole Being Realization
Teachers: Sandra Glickman, 
Cielle Backstrom
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Looking for an online Mutuality Group?  Both teacher-led and peer-led groups now forming. 
Contact  Victor Antillon
Trillium Awakening is a unique offering to the world, with 40 teachers, 18 mentors, workshops, retreats, sittings, in-person and online mutuality groups, and a shared manifesto and mission for catalyzing awakening for individuals, society, and the world.
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