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April 25, 2017   

Tri Region Community
 Building Luncheon

Featuring Guest presenter:
Doug Griffiths
Author, Speaker, & Founder of 13 Ways

May 9, 2017
  11:15am - 1:45pm

When asked why he does what he does, Doug's answer is simple: to help build better communities. Doug believes communities are the foundation on which we build stronger families, stronger businesses, and stronger nations. Build strong communities, and success will follow.

He helps communities identify what is holding them back from finding success, and then he helps them overcome it. When they aren't looking, Doug inspires, and often shocks them, with a presentation showing how they are destroying their own chance at success. Then he helps build them back up and get them on a better path.

Yes, it sounds like therapy. It is. It is community therapy, which is why he is often called a community therapist. And the great thing is that it works.

Join your local business associations The Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce and The Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce as they host this inspiring and motivating friend of Alberta communities.


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Business at Breakfast
How you can promote your participation in community events with Social Media.

May 2, 2017
 8:00 - 9:00 AM 

**Space is very limited
Its FREE for members **

Join us with Dannielle from
Street Smarts Media   for some great advice and tips on how to share the great things you do in our community!

Our Business at Breakfast aims to provide the tools and education necessary to succeed in entrepreneurship, economic growth, and competitiveness; our breakfasts focus on business education in our region. The networking opportunities that come with it are casual yet very powerful. 

Calling all Volunteers

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Chamber Members
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Brenda Johnson
The Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce takes community leadership very seriously. One of our lofty goals this year is to improve our working relationships among local business organizations and our municipalities. The growth and sustainability of our regional community is very important to us all.

The City of Spruce Grove is currently undergoing a growth study. As one of the fastest growing communities in the province, this is vital for the municipality to fully understand visioning for sustainable growth. Parkland County is facing some indeterminate challenges with the future closures of our power generating plants. Many of the people that work professionally in the plants, the mines and that contract services to these generating plants live in our three communities.

As business owners, we have yet to evaluate the future cost of doing business here with rising costs of utilities, minimum wage and more. The Stony and Spruce Grove Chambers are hosting a must attend event on community building with guest speaker Doug Griffiths. Doug is an inspiration to what the future holds and how we can embrace it as a tri region. Let's work to the benefit of all that are invested here; Residents, business owners, First Nations, seniors and our special populations to ensure a prideful, prosperous and sustainable region for our children. Everyone is welcome to attend this luncheon. You will certainly get your money's worth and more. Please join us.

Brenda Johnson
President & CEO/span>

Softwood lumber decision Tuesday is Trump's next chance to hammer Canada      
President Donald Trump accompanied by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross second from left and others talks about an executive memorandum on investigation of steel imports before signing the document Thurs. April 20/17 in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. AP Photo Susan Walsh
U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross stood beside Donald Trump as the U.S. president called Canada's actions against American trade interests "a disgrace."
"That also includes what's happening along our northern border states with Canada, having to do with lumber and timber," he said, a vague snark that swiveled heads on both sides of the border.

The testy trade in two-by-fours wasn't expected to be raised until this Tuesday, when Ross's department is expected to levy countervailing duties on Canadian softwood lumber....continue reading

Don't leave the skilled trades out of Canada's innovation conversation Apr 21, 2017
Innovation can't just mean developing apps, it must include building the knowledge and capacity of Canada's skilled trades people.

By Nobina Robinson, Sarah Watts-Rynard  Policy Options

Canada's economic landscape is changing. To see how, one need look no further than the March 22 federal budget and follow the money. Big chunks of funding will be delivered to the likes of artificial intelligence (AI), clean tech, the digital economy and agri-food.

Missing from the budget, however, was any explicit mention of the skilled trades or apprentices or of the role they will play in Canada's new innovation-centred economy. Despite the focus on skills and massive investments in infrastructure, building the knowledge and capacity of Canada's trades people was largely overlooked.

As the Canadian government sets its sights on innovation through all that is high-tech, it is important to recognize that Canada's skilled trades people, apprentices and the institutions they train at (particularly Canada's leading institutes of technology, polytechnics and colleges) are already on board, operating at the forefront of technology. When the government is talking innovation (and building the skills for innovation), skilled trades people - and the apprentices who will be the trades people of the future - must be included in the conversation

Taking Canada's agricultural trade to the next level  Expanding markets for agricultural products and streamlining regulations will help Canada meet the potential for growth in this powerful sector.

By  Ron Bonnett, Policy Options   April 24, 2017 

Budget 2017 was widely portrayed as a measured, stay-the-course affair. With few large-scale spending commitments compared with the previous year, and with geopolitical uncertainties ahead, the government opted to set the tone for future investments and keep a close hold on the public purse strings for now.

But that's not how farmers saw it.

Farm groups felt the federal budget turned a spotlight onto their industry, focusing on it as one of three industries that will kick-start economic growth, and one of six that could sustain long-term growth. Rather than giving agriculture an honourable mention in the budget speech, the government signalled the farm and food sector as being primed for expansion, said it was ready to invest in it as a strategic sector. It appeared that Finance Minister Bill Morneau intended to act on the advice of his Advisory Council on Economic Growth ...continue reading
The reality of main street  April 20, 2017
Bruce Katz and Patrice Frey - Brookings 

Louis Hyman's recent piece in The New York Times Sunday Review, The Myth of Main Street, presents a bleak choice for rural and rust-belt America: persist in hopeless efforts to rebuild your downtown or graciously accept a future of telecommuting for a distant corporation. The former he decries as nostalgia; the latter as the only economically viable option. But this offer is a false choice: there is another way for smaller communities to compete in today's economy and we believe a strong main street strategy is at the heart of it. 

It is true that main streets have been battered in recent decades. Big-box and internet retail paired with the globalization of production have exposed communities to unprecedented competition. Sprawling development and migration have emptied out many small downtowns. Yet far from a myth, some main streets are thriving.... continue reading
If your business is not already involved with
  The Life and Leisure Family Expo , don't miss out on the action by putting a team together and showing off your teamwork abilities.  Call it a "Team Building" session, an "Active Workplace Initiative", or just for showing you're  committed to everything community. 

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Perpetual Fitness's Amazing Race is hosted in part by your Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce.   Register a team today!



Della Saunders,  Marketing Coordinator
Spr uce Grove Chamber of Commerce 
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