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 Tuesday August 1, 2017

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Cristina's Corner                        
Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs!
Living spiritually can sometimes be unnerving.  
We so want to fully believe, yearning to completely surrender to spirit.

But, when the mundane world around us gets overwhelming and chaotic, we tend to revert back to our default mechanism, to how we used to believe or react.  
When we finally realize that we were never fully in control of the world around us, and that we can not really exert our own will past the extension of the length of our arms, is when we realize that we are never truly alone!
We are always guided and watched over.  Spirits' gentle nudges are always there.  Like a Mothers' voice in the back of our heads.  Our conscience.  

If you are needing validation, questioning a direction or choice, pay attention to the subtle signs all around you.
Your divine support system, Guides and Angels, cannot hinder your free will.  But, they can bug you incessantly.  
Like the Princess and the Pea, you will feel something is off.
You may not be sure what that is in the moment, but paying attention to the discomfort will help you come to a conclusion.
When you know what it is, then you can question the Divine. 
Then, watch for the signs.
Signs are all around us.
They can be small, gentle nudges.
They can be overwhelming, powerful occurrences that may leave you speechless.
Our job is to question and to listen.
Questioning is prayer.
Prayer doesn't have to be this whole dramatic experience, genuflecting.  It can be a soft conversation.  From one friend to another.
After the request, let it go.
Like a letter you mail.  Put the flag up and assume that your request will be delivered.
Then, patiently wait for the response.
Watch the world around you.  Pay attention to the signs.
You will be answered!  
You are always supported, blessed and loved.
Believe without reservation!
all my love,

Need spiritual direction?  Psychic Medium Readings with Cristina Leeson
Specializing in career, life path and relationships.  Connecting to loved ones who have passed.  
Private psychic development sessions  available with Cristina Leeson. 
call or email for an appointment  610-413-8191 or  Cristinaleeson@hotmail.com

Try my free guided meditations!   Click here to meditate!

Classes & Events

Yoga Tuesday nights 7:00 PM
Reiki Share 1st Sunday of the Month 1:00 PM    
Meditation  Friday mornings 9:30 AM
Ascension class 1st Thursday of the month 7:00 PM
Intuition class 2nd Wednesday of the month 7:00 PM
Woman's Wisdom circle   last Wednesday of the month 7:00 PM
Transition Support Circle every 3rd Wednesday 7:00 PM
Healing Circle once a month


Yoga Cancelled for Tues. Aug. 1st.

Ascension Class Thur. 8/3  7:00 PM
With Cristina Leeson $10 drop ins welcome!
Community of like minded people.  Gathering together in prayer and oneness.  Discussion on what is going on globally.  Chanting, prayer, support.  If you feel pulled to come, it is your guides gently nudging you.  We also channel higher teachers and Masters to bring us support and clarity.  cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191

Meditation Fri. 8/4   9:30AM
with Cristina Leeson  $10 drop ins welcome!
Need peace and calm?  This guided relaxing meditation will help you feel it.  Easy for anyone to do, just follow along.  Will also help you develop your third eye. Cristinaleeson@hotmail.com 610-413-8191 

Reiki Share Sun. 8/6 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
with Cristina Leeson  free event!
Join our Reiki Community!  For all reiki 1,2 and 3 practitioners.  A great way to receive reiki and healing as well as helping others.  Drop ins welcome!  
Held the first Sunday of the month. 
 cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191

Full Moon Mon. 8/7 

Full Moon Gathering OFF SITE Mon.  8/7  6:30 PM
with Julie Ziegler at her home in Bechtelsville.
Drop ins welcome!
2156 Old Rt. 100 
Bechtelsville PA 19505
Full moon sign at mailbox!
Join us outside by a pond and huge bonfire as we celebrate the energy of the
Full Moon! Pot Luck dinner.  Bring a dish and lawn chair, and a rhythm instrument to play.   We have extras! If it rains, it's cancelled!  Donations appreciated!
juliesalternatives@gmail.com  610-636-7522
click   HERE  on calendar link for detailed directions

Yoga Tues. 8/8  7:00  PM
with Annette Lemma  $12 drop ins welcome 
$10 sign up for group of classes 
Hatha yoga is for beginners as well as seasoned yogis who prefer a slower, gentler yoga.  Join in this ancient practice that unites body, mind and spirit with the use of breath and postures to achieve better flexibility, balance and strength.  Bring your own mat, extras available, and a water bottle.  Space is limited.  RSVP recommended.  alemma429@gmail.com or 610-585-3012

Intuition Class Wed. 8/9  7:00 PM
with Cristina Leeson $10 drop ins welcome!
Want to develop your intuition?  We will talk about how to develop it and use oracle cards to strengthen our connection to our guides.  A guided meditation to help you open your third eye.  Bring your own oracle cards, we have extra.  cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191

Group Energy Healing Fri. 8/11 7:00 PM
With Jodie Smola
Start your weekend off with a relaxing group energy healing session! Take a seat, listen to the meditation CD and relax while Jodie sends energy healing to the group. This is an excellent way to leave the work week behind and let the healing energy of source bath you in relaxation. Come alone, bring a friend or grab a couple of friends and experience the energy! $10 per person. Drop-ins welcome! Please contact Jodie with questions.  267-354-4530 or moonbeamshaman@gmail.com  

Shamanic Healing Circle Mon. 8/14  7:30 PM
with Ted Cutler  We will discuss the concept of Awareness.
 $10. Walk-ins welcome!
What is it to be aware?  First what are we to be aware of during our journey?
Spirit?  Ourselves?  Others?  Creation?  How as individuals our actions and thoughts affect the greater consciousness.  Hopefully you will leave with an understanding of Spirit and some practical advise to help you in your journey. 
Join us for an evening of discussion and working with Spirit. 
All are welcome to participate in the Healing Circle. Spirit has pressed upon me to share the knowledge of the Lakota people that we are all connected; connected to each other and to creation. My teachings and healing come from the Lakota people, the Indigenous Grandmothers, the Ancestors, the Ascended Masters and many earthly teachers. Come join us for a personal journey to healing the mind, body and spirit and to send healing to mother earth and all of her creatures. Discover how we are all connected to one another and understand our place in the world. Each meeting will cover a short topic guided by spirit followed by a healing circle. The Healing circle will connect all participants, raising our vibrations to heal each of us with Divine Energy that we can send out into the world. Please check to see the time, place, and topic for the next Circle.  970-290-6536 tedcutler@outlook.com 

Yoga Tues. 8/15 7:00 PM
with Annette Lemma  $12 drop ins welcome 
$10 sign up for group of classes 
Hatha yoga is for beginners as well as seasoned yogis who prefer a slower, gentler yoga.  Join in this ancient practice that unites body, mind and spirit with the use of breath and postures to achieve better flexibility, balance and strength.  Bring your own mat, extras available, and a water bottle.  Space is limited.  RSVP recommended.  alemma429@gmail.com or 610-585-3012

Transition Support Circle Wed. 8/16  7:30 PM
with Maja Taylor  $5 drop ins welcome!
Experiencing change or loss can be devastating, even scary.
If you are feeling frustration, anger, anxiety or stress this support circle can help you find your footing and get grounded again.
We will experience healing through meditation, Reiki energy and share practical tips and community fellowship.
Our intentions are aimed at empowered healing & inspired growth.
Maja Taylor - Taylored Solutions for You
Career & Life Transition Coach maja@majataylor.com
or 610-416-7150  

Meditation Fri. 8/18  9:30 AM
with Julie Ziegler $10.  drop ins welcome!
Need peace and calm?  This guided relaxing meditation will help you feel it.  Easy for anyone to do, just follow along.  Will also help you develop your third eye. 
juliesalternatives@gmail.com or 610-636-7522

Crystal Basics- Citrine & Rose Quartz    Sun. 8/20 7:00 PM
with Jodie Smola    $10. Drop ins welcome.
Have you always wanted to learn about crystals but don't know where to start? Learn how to clear, charge and program crystals then spend time getting to know the vibrations of citrine and rose quartz. Hold the crystals or meditate with them and see what they say to you. Beginner's welcome! No experience necessary. Please feel free to bring your own citrine & rose quartz crystals to work with during the session. Jodie has a limited number of crystals that may be borrowed during the session, please contact her in advanced to arrange.   Please contact Jodie at moonbeamshaman@gmail.com or 267-354-4530 with questions.

Reiki 2 Class Sat. 8/26   9:00-3:30 PM
with Cristina Leeson Reiki Master Teacher 
If you have learned Reiki 1 from any teacher and would like to learn more this class is for you!  Requirement is Reiki 1.  You will learn the Sacred Symbols of Reiki, as per Master Mikao Usui.  Receive a booklet, certificate and an attunement.  We will share Reiki at the end of class where I will show you extra teachings with incorporating Crystals, Chakras and Angels.  RSVP to hold your spot. $80.
cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191  Spaces go fast, so call to hold your spot. 

Wound Warrior Workshop/Healing the Wounded Healer Within
Sun. 9/24 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM  cost is $149.  RSVP
With Nancy Radice from Solaris Acupuncture
This is an all day workshop that will have us exploring our own deep core emotional wounds, learning how to integrate, transform and learn from them accepting the gifts of our own true destiny. It has been said that "We are the ones we have been waiting for." As we find ourselves in times of great tribulation, these are also times for great healing. I believe that what is desperately needed in this time is for us to take responsibility for healing our own emotional wounds. There is so much going on that is difficult to stomach at times. You may feel helpless to do anything. But you're not! That's why I've created this Wound Warrior Workshop. All it takes is for you to be able to look at your life and where you have come from and learn to look at it in a new way. We were each born into this this world with a wound to heal and to integrate. These wounds and challenges are our sacred teachers and our bridge from the mundane to the divine thus creating more Joy, more Peace in your world, more Compassion for yourself and others, and the ability to become more Authentically You.
For more information on the days events and to sign up please use this link:

Reiki 3 Master Teacher class Sun. 10/8  9:00AM-3:00 PM
with Cristina Leeson Reiki Master Teacher  
Pre-requisite is to have your Reiki 1 & 2 certifications either by me or another teacher.  If you have training under another teacher, please contact me so I know how much you have learnt thus far.  
You will need to know your Reiki 2 symbols and have mastered them.  You will use them in this class without referring to the book.  
You will receive a booklet, certificate, and an attunement.  You will learn how to teach Reiki in this class, even if you choose not to teach.  RSVP is required.  For more information contact cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191  Cost is $100.  Credit cards accepted.  Payment made the day of the class.

For more info on upcoming classes, click on this link:

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Psychic Medium
Spiritual Teacher

Master Hypnotherapist

Intuitive Shamanic Healer

Raya Pereira Spiritual Teacher

Yoga Instructor


Life & Leadership Coach

Lucey Harley Young Living Oils

Pranic Healer 

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