Storm Newsletter 

August 22, 2022

As we start week 3 please make sure you have provided you birth document, ordered and picked up your uniform, and made you payment! Thursday is the last day to order spirit merchandise. The store will close online august 25th and it will take about 2 weeks to receive the orders. This Saturday will be great fun at Carpentaria Beach, Bring the whole family and stay for a day of fun! Alumni athletes, and families  are invited to come and reconnect with our Storm Family!! 

Beach Practice at Carpinteria State Beach

We will be at Carpinteria State Beach on Saturday August 27, we meet at 10:00 at Carpinteria State Beach. The details are as follows:

We'll meet at the lifeguard station at the end of Linden Ave, near the volleyball courts. Exit 86, go left to Carpinteria Ave, go right to Linden, then left to the end of the road. Parking: there is free parking at the end of Linden or side streets by the houses, or you can pay to park in the state beach parking [Go left on Palm Ave from Carpinteria Ave which is before Linden follow signs to the campground]. The plan will be to start practice at 10:00 which gives you time to sleep in a little. we will be doing fun relay games at the end of practice parents and siblings are invited to participate too!! 

Athletes wear your running shoes!!

It takes about an hour and thirty minutes to get there. By the time practice is over, it should be prime beach weather. Bring your umbrella's, beach balls, and boogie boards. And picnic food for your family.  

UNIFORMS- All Uniforms are in and you can pick it up today Monday only. 

We do have a online Storm Spirit Wear Store with Champion, you can purchase shirts, hoodies, warm up suits, and other fun gear!! Follow the link to order This store will only be open until August 25th and items should arrive in about 2 weeks after that!

JELLY BEANS- We need Jelly Beans Please! We like to give a treat to all athletes at the end of practice, and many of our younger sibling We are asking all parents to bring 2 large containers/bags of Jelly beans to practice, we have plenty of Jolly Ranchers for now. We also will need parents to help distribute them after practice. The jelly beans need to be packaged so if you can not help at practice you can take them home and do it, we provide the bags for you! 

Practice Week of August 22nd - 27th 

Monday - West Creek Park, 6:00-7:15 pm 

Tuesday - COC at 6:00 -7:15 pm - meet past the baseball field  

Thursday 6:00 - 7:15 pm - Field 7

Saturday - 10:00 am - all day event - Carpentaria Beach practice / family day 

Birth Document - Payment -If you are new to Storm please make sure you upload a birth document asap. All new athletes need to order a uniform. If you have one from Track or last year, please check to make sure it fits. Please complete your payment, and add document by this Today if you have not done so yet!! .  

Coach Jeremy's Notes to Team

Hey Team,

We just finished week 2 and already are seeing great progress! Great job to everyone!

How was the time trial? Everyone looked great out there.

I’ll remind you: we aren’t in racing shape yet so this was just a good opportunity to push hard and see what you had in the tank!

If nothing else, hopefully our athletes took away the idea that YOU have the ability to change your outcome.

If you gave it your all: congratulations! 

If you held back a little: then challenge yourself to push harder next time! 

If you needed to walk: then push to keep running this week!

Either way you look at it, running teaches us all lessons and finishing the time trial should give you some things to consider.

Speaking of things to consider…. We have 3 week coming right up! Boom! This is an exciting week!

I’ll start with Tuesday which will bring us to the first night of intervals. These will challenge you as we are continuing to build strength and now incorporate a little speed!

Thursday night we will push a tempo run without stopping and work to maintain a little faster effort than our Monday long run, but for the entire time! Believe it or not, this is one of the most important workouts that will translate into faster times on the XC course. So come ready to work!

All week we are working hard but we have a reward for you at the end of week 3: Carpinteria Beach Day!!! Yeah Buddy!

You won’t want to miss this practice! We meet at the beach, we run on the beach, we do core on the beach, and then… we play on the beach!! Stay for a while, hang out with other families, swim to the dock’s with me!!! And just have a great time chillaxin with the Storm Family!

Running has many rewards for all the hard work… this is one of the rewards we look forward to every season. SO DON’T MISS IT!!!

Alright, to wrap this up, let me remind you if there are any sharp pains your athletes are experiencing please let me or another coach know. Right now is the time when calves start to get pretty tight. Sometimes stretching at practice isn’t enough so take some extra time at home to make sure and stretch the calves. Follow the same stretches we do for calves but change it up by leaning against a wall with your hands. You can hold these stretches for up to 20 seconds so don’t let soreness turn to sharp pains, and then to injury. Just get ahead of it and take some early prevention on your own!

Ok, that’s it for now. Thanks for a great start to what is shaping up to be a fantastic season.

Keep up the hard work, the great attitudes and desire to be AMAZING!

See you out there,

Coach, Jeremy 

Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club
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