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August 29, 2022

Here we go!!

This week we start our races! Our first race will be at College of the Canyons. The start will be at the track area. We will have a tent right inside the gates please look for the Storm flag! This race is a pre-season competition with the 15 other VYC teams, and we will have a 3 mile open community race at 7:30 am before the youth races! 

We will register all Storm athletes, so you do not need to do anything!! 

All parents or coach that would like to do the 3 mile open you can register on the track Saturday morning at 7:00  am. The cost for the 3 mile race  is $15.00 this a fundraiser race for our VYC Conference and the COC XC team! There will be medals for the first 3 male and female athletes, and ribbons for the 4th-8 runners. Please see below for the race schedule!

This is a great race for the beginning runners to get comfortable with racing and it is very exciting for them. There will be medals given to the first 3 finishers and ribbons for 4th-8th. in the youth races.

Parents can bring chairs/ blankets /tarps to sit on. We will try to all sit together in our team area!

Our Conference and team is an all volunteer organization and rely  only on parents and volunteers to help conduct the meets. We will need volunteers to help give out tags and work the finish line. We also need a parent to bring tents to the meet as I no longer have a truck please let me know if you can help!

Here is what we need:

Tent set up -bring tents and set up 7:00 am -2 people

Tag table 7:00 - help hand out athletes tags - 2 people 

Finish Line - Finish of each meet 2 people

RacesRabbits to lead the races( bike ok) Turtles parents to follow the last runners in each race ( parents will not be allowed to run on the course during the races with their children)

Clean up 2 people, help clean up and load tents

Please sign up at practice or email the job you are able to do!

You can see a information flyer and results on our website each week, Just click on the cross country link or your can also see the results and information on the VYC website, 

At this meet girls and boys in the same age group will run together 

UNIFORMS- Today is the final day to order your uniform and pick it up at practice. All athletes need to wear their uniform at the meets. All shorts need to be PLAIN black with no other markings or colors for the meets 

JELLY BEANS- We need Jelly Beans Please! We like to give a treat to all athletes at the end of practice, and many of our younger sibling We are asking all parents to bring 2 large containers/bags of Jelly beans to practice, we have plenty of Jolly Ranchers for now. We also will need parents to help distribute them after practice. The jelly beans need to be packaged so if you can not help at practice you can take them home and do it, we provide the bags for you! 

Practice Week of August 29th -Sept 3rd  

Monday - West Creek Park, 6:00-7:15 -7:30 pm 

Tuesday - COC at 6:00 -7:15 pm - meet past the baseball field  

Thursday 6:00 - 7:15 pm - Field 7

Saturday - 7:30 am - First Meet at COC Track 

Race Schedule - All times are approximate 

7:00 am - registration for the 3 mile Open Community race 

7:30 am arrive and pick up tags -3 mile race starts 

8:00 all athletes meet Coach Jeremy at the Storm Flag 

8:10 Sub Gremlins and Gremlins girls & boys warm up 

8:30 Sub and Gremlin's race starts, -Bantams girls & boys warm up 

8:50 Bantams race start, Juniors (midgets) girls & boys warm up

9:15 Juniors (midgets) race starts -Youth & 15-18 girls &boys warm up

9:40 Youth and 15-18 race starts  

This is a rolling schedule  and can change at the meet. 

At this meet girls and boys in the same age group will run together

Coach Jeremy's Notes to Team

Week 3 is in the books!

Capped off by a beautiful day at the beach, we have officially completed the first 3 weeks of the 2022 season! Congratulations!

We had a great turnout and thank you parents for coming out. Running on the beach is always a treat!  And don’t forget the ever amazing relays! I brought the bear crawl back and we had a blast, you parents and I did anyway, watching the competition. Which really is just a fun way to get more beach body core! The sun came out and we enjoyed the waves and swimming with our army out to the dock. All in all, a great time had by all!

So what is the significance of the 3 week point? Here’s few reasons:

  1. This is the time when your body finally gets caught up with the training. That doesn’t mean it gets any easier, but what it means is your body is now strong and a long run or hard run aren’t a shock, but rather comfortable. Your body already has experienced the shock! Now it’s time to build!
  2. Mentally you made it through the most challenging part of getting into a running routine, simply making yourself get to practice and finish practice!
  3. So now that we’ve crested the first hill and we start to see some new daylight, what’s next?

To be amazing, we need to always be looking for the next challenge! In running, when you crest one hill, you are always looking for the next. We’ve made it through the first challenge and we’ve built the base for the rest of the season.

The next challenge is building speed to get ready for the racing season. After all, training is fun, being with teammates is fun, but the prize is racing which channels all your energy into an all-out explosion in competition. BOOM!!

As we look forward to this next phase we will continue ramping up the speed and hill work that you already got a feeling for. More hill repeats! More fast tempo! 

At this point I want to challenge you to really listen as we bring the workouts each night. 

I wanted to define the different workout types so you can think about the effort involved.


Definition: purpose of the run is to slowly get up to speed in order to release built up lactic acid and rejuvenate muscles. The pace should begin as slow as you want and increase by 25% sections of total distance.


Definition: The goal is to gain strength and a feeling of pace through a continuous pace. Overall pace should feel comfortable but not conversation.


Definition: the purpose is to learn pacing, gain speed, gain confidence in running a faster pace over distance. You want to get right to a pace you feel like you can hold the entire time of the run. This should get faster each week during the season.


Definition: the purpose is to run race pace or faster over shorter distances with recovery. Hitting target speeds to mimic racing as much as possible, sometimes taking longer rest and running more intervals, sometimes shorter rest and fewer. The goal is to feel race effort.

Think about these 4 types of training and let’s see how you improve in the coming weeks!

This week specifically we have Killer Hills Evil Twin to conquer and some fast tempo intervals! No Movie Hill Monday night, you’re welcome!

And… we finish the week with the preseason meet at COC!!! Oh Yeah! We get to test the racing waters a little. This won’t be like the time trial, it will be a race against our conference teams. It won’t count towards anything, just a chance to get out there and see how a race is going to feel!

Final thoughts:

It’s going to be a hot week again, keep eating well and drinking lots of water during the day. Prepare!

Also keep stretching your calves and be prepared by foam rolling or doing extra stretching on your own. 

Alright, that’s all for now.

Thanks team, see you out there!

Coach Jeremy

Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club
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