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Happy New Year!
December  2015 / January 2016

We pray you had a very Merry Christmas and a great start to your new year!
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for such is the kingdom of heaven." - Matthew 19:14


This Christmas the kids in our Everlasting Love, XP Children's House, and Education Empowerment Program celebrated our most precious gift - JESUS!

Join with us in 2016, as we believe for more children, more salvations, and more glory . . . in the nation of Cambodia and around the world.


Lets Do It Together

What an incredible time in history that we can take a stand for Jesus and take territory for Him.  In an hour where fear, corruption, and sin are perverting the nations, we have opportunity to raise up a standard of righteousness and rebuild His Kingdom in the earth.  Through Jesus, we are called to be great "restorers" . . . restorers of promise, restorers of hope, restorers of future. 
Let's make 2016 a year of restoration. We are believing it will be a year of NEW . . . new discoveries, new ideas, and new territory for Jesus - a season of activated faith, increase, and "possibility" as we step deeper into Him.
Here are some recent testimonies of restoration . . . 

XP Children's House

What a joy to see our kids being so radically transformed. Over the last few month's we've seen amazing physical and emotional healing in the lives of these precious ones.God is truly restoring all.

Our Johnny is getting so brave. For most of his life Johnny has struggled with autism, where fear and trauma from his past have created agoraphobic tendencies, along with a general distrust of people. 

However, over the last few months we have seen so much freedom come to him. He even overcame one of his biggest challenges . . . the dentist :).

For Johnny, the new environment, bright lights, and crowds at the dentist office would normally be enough to send him running, but this month Johnny overcame!

Not only that, but he is now braving other public events, including the market, group sports and fellowship, and is even venturing out to meet new people. Wow - in a suddenly, the fear is gone!!

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear . . ." 1 John 4:18

Last month the kids learned about God's love and gift of salvation.  In a prophetic activation and teaching, our children's pastor had them stomp on and "put to death" the former things.The kids learned to give any fear, unworthiness, loneliness, hurt, and rejection to Jesus and to exchange for what God gave them - love, peace, forgiveness, joy, and acceptance. It was so beautiful to see them catch the revelation of the new creation they are in Him. All things have been made new! 

God's healing presence and peace is tangibly felt at our children's house, and even the land of our property is beginning to overflow with His goodness. This year we are having an overabundance of fruit . . . bananas, papaya, mangos, and longan fruit - wow!! Our fruit and vegetable trees are heavy with harvest this year. Everything is growing and producing life - such an incredible sign of His bounty and rich blessings. 

God's bounty and blessings are evident in this 
month's  fruit tree harvest at our children's house.
We can't eat the fruit fast enough!

Outreach Testimony

One of our greatest joys is seeing women that are in the deepest of darkness come into the restoring light of Jesus.

This month, while ministering in the Karaoke bars (legal establishments for prostitution) our team met a beautiful, young 19 year old.  She had moved from the province to Phnom Penh for the prospect of work. Once here, her friend tricked her into working at the Karaoke bar.  She was promised a lot of money but had no idea what she would be doing until she arrived. 
Now servicing multiple men per night and working 7 days a week, she told us there was no hope for any other future. 

Because of her background, she shared she was forever a prostitute. She had never before heard of Jesus, so our team began to share of His love for her and of God's promise to give her a future and hope. She was thrilled to receive Jesus into her heart and after deciding to follow Him couldn't believe how light and "clean" she felt. Our team has since been in touch with her and are working to get her into a discipleship and training program. 

Our EL Women

Breakthrough! There is nothing more beautiful than God's truth moving from head knowledge to heart revelation. This month we had incredible breakthrough during our counseling sessions with the kids and women in our Everlasting Love (EL) program. They are feeling safe and protected . . . they are feeling loved, and as a result, they are beginning to share more openly and freely.

The women at EL are learning about God as their restorer.  They've been decoupaging old things, and through the activity have seen how they, too, could be restored and made beautiful again.  It was the perfect illustration for the girls to see how God in His love redeems, restores, and makes all things new - taking even old and ugly things and making them beautiful. 


Being eyes and ears in vulnerable slum and street communities is essential. In Phnom Penh and Poipet we have seen simple teachings about "good and bad" touch empower children to know and share about instances of sexual exploitation. This month, we shared with our kids in Poipet a very important awareness and training message. As the children and community members learn what to look for, they can better protect themselves and each other from sexual exploitation and human trafficking situations.

Children in Poipet listening to an awareness training message about "good and bad touch" - a tool used to help them protect themselves and others from situations of sexual exploitation.

We are also looking forward to more partnership opportunities in the new year. In Poipet and across the nation's border, we will be collaboratively working with our friends at A21 to continue to develop a strong network and safe repatriation efforts for trafficked and at-risk Cambodian children.
Restoring Slums

Last month we were devastated to hear of a fire that had wiped out over 20 houses in one of our most treasured communities. Over 20 houses were burned and over 40 families were impacted by the damage. For people that have next to nothing this was tragic. 

Many left the community before we received word, but we were able to assist 13 families get back on their feet by providing hygiene, clothing, and shoes for each family member. We were also able to get two children in our education program new school supplies and uniforms, so they could begin school again.

Rebuilding after a tragedy is never easy, but it was 
beautiful to see the exchange of joy for mourning, as 
God touched the hearts of these precious families.

Please continue to pray for these families as they rebuild. 
You are a part of the restoration of nations!

Here is a summary of what your partnership has helped to establish in 2015.
Together, we are taking ground for His Kingdom.  Thanks for partnering with us in the new year.  Great things to come!!
Much Love and Blessings,

Patricia King, Andrea Aasen and the XP Missions team   

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* Names have been changed to protect identities and not re-exploit. 

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There is nothing impossible with God! 

This precious 9 year-old lives in a slum with her mother, older brother, and younger sister at their grandmother's house. Her father left, visiting only occasionally but is not very caring nor does he help support them. They earn very little money and sometimes cannot afford food, and certainly not education.  For a few years she had attended another organization's school program until she lost her sponsorship.

Thanks to a generous donor she is now enrolled in school and receiving school lunches. She is such a compassionate and smart little girl! We are excited for her future.

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