DECEMBER 2018   
This newsletter highlights items of interest
to Managed Forest owners and interested parties for Winter 2018
Recent News
Current Activities  

Recent News
Annual Report

The Managed Forest Council has now submitted its 2017-18 Annual Report to the Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.

Highlights of 2017-18 include: conducting inspections & investigations; reviewing the Council Regulation; and administering the managed forest program that includes 278 private managed forests encompassing 818,000 hectares. The Annual Report summarizes Council's activities for the year, including how well it achieved its objective and performed its duties under the Private Managed Forest Land Act. The report also includes information about the number of managed forests, area in the program, number of inspections, and a summary of managed forest owners' activities for the year.

Managed Forest Council's Submission to the BC Government's Professional Reliance Review

As part of the BC Government's Professional Reliance Review initiated in 2017, organizations, stakeholders, professionals,and the public were invited to provide feedback and comments on the current professional reliance model in BC. The Managed Forest Council made a submission that includes information on: its mandate; its regulatory model and implications for professional reliance; and the enforcement mechanisms it uses to ensure protection of environmental values.
Current Activities 
Management Commitment Review  
A review of all current Management Commitments is underway to evaluate their compliance with current legislation and policy. The review is expected to be completed this fiscal year. Council will consider if follow up action is warranted upon their review of the results of this study.
Risk Assessment Review
Council has an initiative in progress to ascertain the types of assessments owners carry out to identify and reduce possible impacts to key environmental values. The review is being conducted in tandem with the Council Inspection Program. Data has now been collected from the 2018 participants and will be compiled and summarized for Council consideration this fiscal year.

Reminder: Reporting of Landslides or Debris Flows 
Managed forest owners, or their contractors, employees or agents, are required to notify the Managed Forest Council within 24 hours of becoming aware that a landslide or debris flow has occurred on their land and has deposited debris or sediment into a stream that supports fish or is upstream of a licensed waterworks intake.
The environmental incident reporting form is available here.
Reminder: Notice of Sale Requirement  
Managed forest owners are reminded that Section 11 of the Council Regulation requires landowners to notify Council within 30 days of the sale of all or part of their private managed forest land. Council has recently levied penalties with respect to Owner non-compliances with this section of the Regulation.
The notice of sale form  is available here.
Telephone: 250.386.5737