Milton Historical Society Newsletter

December 2018

Milton is blessed to have a multifaceted, yet little known, history. 
To fill that gap, Milton Historical Society was established in 2018 by a group of interested citizens with the enthusiastic support of the City of Milton.

Welcome to the Milton Historical Society Newsletter
T his is the inaugural issue of the Milton Historical Society Newsletter. Our aim is to keep you informed of upcoming events and to provide information about the exciting history of the City of Milton and surrounding areas. We welcome your suggestions, letters to the editor, and even short articles about local historical subjects of interest to you.

Message from
Mayor Lockwood
Congratulations to the Milton Historical Society on the launch of their informative newsletter. The organization has come a long way in a few short months. I wish them continued success as they involve Milton residents in activities aimed at telling the story of Milton’s rich history.

Joe Lockwood
Our Mission Statement
The Mission of the Milton Historical Society is to be a thriving center for public understanding of our community’s past. We will collect, preserve, interpret, and promote our unique history to enrich the lives of current and future generations.

We will provide accurate biographical, architectural and other historical information using markers, public presentations, artifacts, photographs and documents. We will make our resources available to the general public and researchers in a variety of ways.
First Edition Tree Ornaments make wonderful gifts!
The Society's fundraiser this year is the sale of a glass holiday ornament, the first in an annual series. This year's ornament features our colorful logo; next year's ornament will feature a local historical building on one side with a description on the other. The ornaments cost only $15 and can be purchased at Crabapple Cottage, Providence Bank, Olde Blind Dog, Dukes Bar and Grill, and Urban Farmhouse.

Only a few remain.
Have You Noticed the Historical Markers in Milton?
More than two dozen historical markers began appearing in Milton several months ago thanks to the efforts of the Milton Historical Society with the generous financial support of the City of Milton. Markers highlight key locations and buildings in the history of our community.

If you have suggestions for future markers, contact the Society at
Historical Markers Now On-line
Working with the Milton Historical Society, the City of Milton has placed an interactive map on its website with the locations of the historical markers. A description and photos. of each location are included. The project was spearheaded by Alicia Newberry, GIS Manager for the city.

Here's how to find the interactive map:
  1. Go to
  2. Click "Residents"
  3. Click "Milton Historic Sites"
  4. On the Milton Historic Sites page, click the "Here" link. This takes you to the Milton Historic Sites interactive story map.

"There are singular moments in history, dates that divide all that goes before from all that comes after."
George H. W. Bush, State of the Union Address, Jan 31, 1990
Celebrate Abraham Lincoln, the Man
Join us on February 20 at the Milton Library at 6:30 for a presentation about Abraham Lincoln, his role as a son, young man, husband and writer, rather than his presidential record. Our speaker will be historian Kevin Spear who will show many historic photos and uncover some facts not typically touched upon by historians. Don't miss this rare opportunity.
Kevin Spear
The daguerreotype below, taken around 1846, is the earliest known photo of Lincoln. He was 37 years old and had just started campaigning for national office .
Coming in April: Indian Trails and Pioneer Tales 6,000 BC to 1800 AD
Clarke Otten, historian and founder of the Sandy Springs Historic Preservation Society, will speak at the Milton Library on Native Americans through the first recorded European explorer (DeSoto), to the expansion of Georgia. More details later.

New Digs
We are renovating our new permanent headquarters in downtown Crabapple and expect to be fully operational in January. We anticipate having displays and lunch and learn programs throughout the year. Stay tuned for details. Address 12670 Crabapple Road, Suite 105, Milton.
We love our Founding Members

Founding Members
Ron Wallace 
Felton and Johnny Herbert
Jeff & Josephine Dufresne
Adam Orkin
Mark Amick
Joan Borzilleri
James Farris 
Kim Gauger 
Bill Lusk
Connie Mashburn
Bob Meyers
Kevin Spear
Karen Thurman

Founding Members agree to pay a higher patron fee for two years to help the organization fund start-up costs. Founding Members will be recognized at all public events. Cost is $200 until the end of 2020 when fees will revert to regular annual fees of $30 for Individuals and $50 for families.
Next Issue of our Newsletter
Our next issue will feature the Society's annual report of activities from our President Bill Lusk. We have been fully engaged with our community in our few months of existence, and the best is yet to come.
Meet our new Board Member

Mark Amick joined the Milton Historical Society Board in December. Mark had spent the majority of his career with Sprint and Microsoft. While living in several cities, he always immersed himself in the local history and is a Lifetime Member of both the Frisco Heritage Association (Dallas, TX area) and the Kirkland Heritage Society (Seattle, WA area) where he also served on the Board and as Treasurer.  

Mark and his family moved to Milton in 2017 where he quickly involved himself in our community. He graduated from the Milton Citizens Government Academy in June 2018 where he spent 8 weeks learning how our city operates and served as official class spokesman. He is currently the President of The Manor HOA, Milton’s second largest neighborhood. Mark has already begun work on a public presentation for the Society on our town’s namesake John Milton.  

Society President Bill Lusk said “Mark’s enthusiasm and strong communication skills will add tremendously to the work of the Milton Historical Society.”
We welcome your Historic Photos
Do you have historic photos gathering dust in your attic or in albums hidden away? The Milton Historical Society would love to have them, either gifted original photos or on loan so we can scan them for our collection. We will provide you with proper documentation of your gift.

Do you recognize the farmer and his chickens? It is Charles Middleton Wood and family members at their home on Hagood Rd. C.M., as he was called, ran the Hagood Store on Bethany Way for many years.
Pass it along
Please forward this newsletter to your history-loving contacts. We want to involve as many people as possible in our efforts. Many thanks.
Milton Historical Society
12670 Crabapple Road, Suite 105, Milton, Georgia 30004