Processor Upgrade - panel PC to four times more powerful!
Panel PCs are up to four times more powerful than the previous model.
Heavy applications, such as the CCTV or the latest series of SCADA-systems, can be installed easily on a PC in hazardous areas.
As of March 2016, our 10" to 24" Panel PC Series will be equipped with a Quid-Core Processor Intel® ATOM E3845 t/m Intel® Core™ i7-3517UE 1.7 GHz, 2 core, processor.
The improved systems are provided with 4 GB of RAM and the available SSD storages are 32GB and 128GB. The panel PCs are available with Windows Embedded Standard 7 64-bit (WES7 64-bit) or Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

For the panel PCs, equipped with the previous ATOM N270 processors, is the availability limited until June 2016
Do you want to experience the excellent performances of the improved panel PC. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in an upgrade, migration support or a prototype.

Membership NEC31, the standards committee for explosion safety
Electromach is an active participant of the standards committee since 1988. The NEC31 is primarily engaged in the development of the standards concerning the relation between electrical equipment and explosions.  
Our colleague Wout Moulard is the president of the standards committee since 2004. Together with fellow worker Christian Cameron, he is highly involved in the national and international (IEC) standard committees.
As a professional partner in Explosion safety we want to stay committed to the NEC31. For this reason, we are pleased to inform you that as of January 2016 our T echnology M anager Jos Abbing has joined the committee as a new member.

Cable cleats; Now available at Electromach

What is a cable cleat?
Cable cleats are specially designed for maintenance and support of the cables.
The cleats are tested and have been used for many years all over the world. These cleats provide the necessary levels of resistance to electromechanical forces.
Why use a cable cleat?
A cable cleat can ensure that the cables and conductors last longer, because they reduce the mechanical load of the cable.  
CMP cable cleats are also designed and tested so that in the event of short circuit fault conditions, they will contain the cables without causing damage; enabling the circuit to be restored once the fault has been rectified.
The latest standard IEC61914:2009 specifies requirements and tests for cable cleats and intermediate restraints, used for securing cable in electrical installations.
CMP cable cleats provide the necessary levels of resistance to electromechanical forces, where declared, and in addition achieve the following safety measures:

- Support cables and conductors
- Reduce the mechanical load, caused by the own weight of the cable
- Reduce the mechanical load the cable termination may be exposed to

Cable cleat selection takes into account numerous factors cable construction - type, ratings and diameter, system design, support structure and environment.
Would you like more information about cable cleats or do you need help selecting the right cable cleat? Please contact us.
The hand lamp series 6147 will be replaced by a modern LED version
.. called the inspection light LED series 6149. This specific hand lamp model is a perfect alternative for the 6147 series. The hand lamp will disappear from our product range shortly.

Replacement LED lamp, series 6149
The inspection light LED series 6149 offers a range of advantages. It has an extremely long service life due to the use of LED and an easy maintenance that requires little effort. Last but not least, the inspection light saves energy.
Stainless steel Ex inspection camera

The VIDEOLUX Mini Zoom, equipped with state of the art technology, is the smallest available camera with zoom for hazardous areas.

The camera is equipped with a motorized 10 times zoom lens and is suitable for sight classes and flow indicators from DN25.

It has a motorized 10 fold zoom lens and is suitable for sight glasses and flow fixtures from DN25 DN25. Furthermore, the camera is suitable for outside video observation.

The VIDEOLUX Mini Zoom can be used in extreme ambient temperatures from -20 degrees Celsius up to +50 degrees Celsius, is made of stainless steel and has a protection class of IP67.  

The video signal is an analogue composite signal through a 75 Ohm coaxial cable.

The control is carried out by a VISCA communication protocol through an RS-232-interface.

For more technical data, download the datasheet.
New! STAHL EXCovery app

This interactive tool helps you with everything related to Explosion protection.
The app is available for Android and iOS (Apple) devices.

You can download the STAHL EXCovery app  here

Our new lighting website: ZONE-ATEX.NL
As you've read in our previous newsletter, Electromach has launched a new website:
On this website you can find all of our (LED) lighting. Interesting articles, product videos, and new products are published on the website on a regular basis . Haven't seen our website yet? You won't be disappointed!
Enter our contest and win a LED hand lamp, series 6039!

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