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Electromach provides safeguarding and control panels for 14 centrifugal pumps

For a major project in Russia, Electromach supplied the safeguarding and control panels for 14 barrel type centrifugal pumps. As the project will be realised in Russia, the GOST certification is applicable on all panels.

The centrigugal pumps are all electromotor driven and are located in 5 different locations. For the safeguarding and controlling of the pump, several electrical systems are necessary:


  • 2x Low Voltage Motor Control Centre (MCC)
  • 5x Unit Control Panel (UCP)
  • 12x Local Control Panel (LCP)



Introducing the NEW Ex-Mo Hazardous Area Motion Sensor
Saves you time and money!

Lights - ON when you need them

Ex-Mo helps save on unnecessary power consumption from lighting and other switching devices. Ex-Mo can be used to control site lighting so that lighting is only switched on when people are present and off when not. Therefore saving electricity by reducing your energy bills and reducing your Carbon Footprint. Minimize your company CO2 footprint with reductions in energy consumption.
Delivering a tangible benefit to both yourself and the environment. 

  • For use in Zone 1, 2, 21, 22
  • ATEX and IECEx certified
  • IP66
  • Uses Doppler principal
  • Multiple sensor/multiple light configurations are possible
  • Ambient light level sensor
  • Ajustable switch on time
  • With certified remote control programmer


Ex-Mo in operation senses any movement at a fuel loading depot.


As an empty truck arrives, Ex-Mo instantly detects movement and activates lighting and security cameras.
While the driver completes fuel transfer, lights and security cameras will continue to operate.
When the driver exits, Ex-Mo sensor range lights and security cameras are deactivated.
New Sales Team employees
As of November 1st, Marc Zengerink, Regional Sales Manager of East-NL, has said goodbye to the firm. His work will be continued by Sandra Wassink and Tjade van der Snel.

 Sandra Wassink, Regional Sales Manager South-East NL
As of December 1st, Sandra will join the external sales team as Regional Sales Manager for the South-East of The Netherlands. She will be responsible for the customer portfolio for this part of The Netherlands.
Sandra has been working for Electromach for 14 years now, starting in the internal sales department and the last years responsible for the Marketing department.
Tjade van der Snel, Regional Sales Manager North-East NL
As of January 1st 2014, our external sales team will welcome a new employee, Tjade van der Snel. After several years working in the external sales team of a company specialised in switch gear, Tjade will be responsible at Electromach for the customer portfolio in the North-East of The Netherlands.
Please find here our new sales team as per January 1st , including the contact details.
Wireless Technology
The use of wireless technology in process industry, offers entirely new possibilities for the system operators to optimise existing production processes and adopt entirely new pats.
A wide field of applications with various solutions becomes available to the user: R.STAHL considers this trend in many different ways.


Besides WLAN, GSM and WirelessHART, R.STAHL also offers switches working without battery or power supply. Recently, the offer has been completed by a location system, offering new solutions for more efficient production processes and increased safety.

The position switches of type 8074 and control devices of type 8040, are solutions provided by R.STAHL for signal transmission, via radio without any wires. Neither an external power supply or a battery is required to transmit a switching signal. The energy is generated simply by actuation.


GNEx range of flameproof audible signals for Zone 1 and 2
The GNEx range of flameproof audible devices are the first products to be launched from this exciting new range of signalling devices.
The Ex d IIC coded GNEx range is manufactured from glass reinforced polyester (GRP) which is a cost effective alternative to stainless steel, whilst offering equivalent protection from corrosion in offshore applications. All external fasteners are 316 stainless steel, whilst the mounting bracket is available in 304 or 316. Dual M20 cable entries are standard with a variety of stopping plugs available. The enclosures are moulded red but can be supplied in custom colours.  


GNExS1 loudspeaker

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