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Look for Green Tea Lip & Eye Balm at APOTHECA, sister store and next door to SYNERGY.

"Apotheca is Sedona's only organic & wild-crafted bulk herbs & artisan tinctures Apothecary. We feature the finest wellness and personal care products made locally and from around the world."

In this physical world and BEYOND,

Happy Father's Day

to All the dads out there!

With the Summer Solstice right around the corner, Father's day is an auspicious time for memories and more fun!

When I was a kid, I remember the only way I'd get into a pool was jumping into my daddy's arms, or bouncing like a horse on a low tree limb where my dad stood with his arm around me and bounced the limb up and down to my delight.

Another pool favorite was to play Dolphin, where my sister and I would take turns wrapping our arms around our dad's neck as he pushed off the wall and swam under water - it was just like riding on the back of a dolphin in our imagination.

Summer is here and for me that means swimming, BBQs, late nights, and star gazing. 

National Geographic rare alignment of the planets

I just got home from Bisbee and while visiting I swam at the luscious city pool as often as possible, but simultaneously ran out of my beloved Beyond Conditioner. I switched to Rio Antiox Moisturizer, but oils are only meant as a supplement to conditioning. Two weeks without conditioner and my tresses were getting crispy. Well, its back!!! Preorders have taken all of the refill sizes, but plenty of 8 ounce sizes abound.

Watch Beyond Shampoo and Conditioner Tutorial below!

BEYOND means many uses.

Organic Essential Oils  +  Botanicals  


  • Animal Testing
  • Synthetic Fragrance
  • Silicone, Phthalates
  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Biodegradable
  • Highly concentrated
  • Vegan 
  • All Hair Types, Color Safe 

SHAMPOO: Distribute over scalp and lather through hair with water. 

GELEE MASK: Apply to face and massage. Wait 30 seconds. Rinse. 

BODY WASH: Refreshing lather all over. 

Your scalp is an extension of your complexion and this multipurpose cleanser has a rich and creamy suds-ing action that is extra kind to your hair, face, body. Oat protein, panthenol, amino acids restore shine, strengthen. Rectify skin and scalp conditions.

CONDITION: Apply to mid-strand, finger comb through ends, massage fingertips over scalp.Wait a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly or half rinse and leave some behind. 

DETANGLER: Apply a small amount to towel dry hair. Comb through ends. Leave-in.  

STYLING CREAM: Apply more - up to a quarter size - to towel dry hair. Define curls or comb through for a sleek finish. 

Volumizing and smoothing results depend on how much you use, if you blow dry, 

or air dry your hair. Apply after shampoo. Babassu oil, aloe, and panthenol restore shine, strengthen, soften, sooth scalp and prevent split ends. 

Model Gwen Payne

This pool is 12 feet deep!

Summer Specials:

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DIY Retinoid Facial

Dream Retinoid Facial.jpeg

Summer is the time to Get In Touch With Your Skin!

Stay beautiful in all that you do! And take time to smell the roses.

Kicking off the summer in Pan's Secret Garden

Photo by Robin Bryer

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