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For Such a Time as This
February / March Newsletter

This year, as a ministry, we are declaring freedom for the captives.  And over the last few months we have seen just that . . . so many SET FREE!!  Set free from situations of trafficking, wounding and pain of the past, and from their physical circumstances of poverty and lack.

"So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed" - John 8:36 
For such a time as this, you have been called to bring freedom to the captives! Here are just a few stories of freedom that you have been a part of . . .

Children Repatriated

We are thrilled to announce the rescue of two of our precious street kids who were safely repatriated to Cambodia a few months ago. Their brother was formerly trafficked to Thailand to work on the fishing boats. After his return, both their father and mother died, leaving the children as orphans with no means to support themselves or their family. So, the 14 year-old brother went back to the only life he knew . . . working on the boats. Soon after, he moved his family to the Khmer refugee camp in Thailand, where they were all living, working, and trying to make ends meet.  

14 year old and 3 year old sisters finally receive their dream - a safe family that loves them, opportunities to go to school, and hope in Jesus.

These two beautiful girls (his sisters) were incredibly at-risk to be trafficked and exploited and were illegal in Thailand. With the help of our partners at A21, the Thai and Cambodian police and government, along with our Poipet social worker, these two kids have been safely returned to Cambodia, where they are now living in one of our partner children's homes. They are living their dream . . . going to school, learning to read and write (something they never thought possible), and growing in their identities and knowledge of the Lord. What a beautiful gift of freedom!

Children on the Frontlines Seminars

We are so excited to link arms with Ps. Carol Koch to empower and equip children in Cambodia. Ps. Carol is the author of Teaching Children to Pray and is the director of Children on the Frontlines (COFL). A few months ago, we partnered together to host a series of seminars geared towards teaching children to hear the voice of God and in equipping leaders and parents working with children how to cultivate Kingdom in the lives of the children they are raising up.  
Training up the next generation of leaders. COFL seminars were power packed, full of the glory, and overflowing with fresh revelation and heavenly wisdom. 
Testimony from COFL

We invited all of our local ministry friends and partners to attend the COFL seminars, and were thrilled with this testimony from one of our partner children's homes. During one of the sessions, a local director / house father of a home that cares for children that have been abused and trafficked was able to implement what he learned.

That same week he gathered his kids together, many of whom we have placed (rescue cases) and two of whom were newly repatriated (see testimony above). The kids were all mentored in how to hear God's voice. Then they waited on the Lord and listened for His voice. One of the girls that had recently been placed in the home had difficulties feeling accepted and due to her background, wasn't feeling safe in her new family. During their listening prayer time, she had an incredible visitation from Jesus and said He came to her in a long white gown and told her she was accepted. Jesus told her that the family she was living with were safe and good parents . . . He told her she didn't have to be afraid.

When she came out of the experience she shared with joy what Jesus had shown her and instantly started calling the house parents "mom" and "dad". Just one touch from Jesus and you are never the same . . . she is forever changed and received immediate healing from past trauma and fear.

Kids Justice House of Prayer (KJHP)

XP Missions is partnering with Children on the Frontlines / Ps. Carol Koch to launch the first of its kind Kids Justice House of Prayer. Children in the slums of Cambodia now have a safe place to come and be mentored in prayer and intercession. These kids are taking ground for Jesus and will be carries of revival to bring change to their families, communities, nation, and beyond.

We have one pilot house that we are renting, which is a small house in one of the slums. This community is in deep poverty, where there are lots of corrupt activities happening daily, such as prostitution, human trafficking, drug use . . . the list goes on and on, but what better place to host Holy Spirit through a prayer movement!

Out of the mouth of babes . . . these children are learning to prophecy and decree through prayer and calling forth the things that are not as though they are. We have setup 4 corners of transformation in the house, which are specific areas we are pressing in for breakthrough. Kids are releasing decrees over these areas of "family", "nations", "healing", and "justice". We even have a soaking room where the kids get saturated in God's presence and learn how to hear the voice of the Lord, as they listen intentionally to what He is speaking. 


"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it" - Proverbs 22:6
God is revealing Himself, and these children are experiencing Jesus in supernatural ways. They are being taken to heaven, meeting with Jesus face-to-face, and being told Kingdom secrets and truths at a very young age.

We are also teaching the children how to pray in our Everlasting Love (EL) kids program. Those kids, children of the women coming out of prostitution, are also being mentored in intercession and are praying and believing for the impossible. And we are seeing it happen . . . divine encounters and miracles!

Many of the kids have prayed for healings and have seen God move miraculously to heal the sick. One little boy prayed for a man that couldn't see and had been badly injured in a motorcycle accident, and the man was healed. Another little boy was taken into heaven and Jesus told him he was going to be a leader like Moses. Others have seen ladders, angels, and received healing in their hearts and minds. God is truly raising up children to bring change to their nation .

We have had such incredible teams come through over the last few months. Beautiful partners reaching out to meet spiritual and physical needs of individuals and communities.

Over the last few months, we've been able to . . .
  • Feed over 300 families
  • Share the gospel with over 100 men, women, and children
  • Minister to over 30 women working in prostitution
  • Feed over 250 hungry children with a hot lunch
  • Supply 20 families with water purification systems / clean drinking water
  • Create two self-sustainable aquaponics systems (water gardens)

  Meeting physical needs. Over the last few months we were able to bless a number of families with clean drinking water and food. For those that have nothing and live in poverty, this is a miracle and such a special way to say, "Jesus loves you.

Education Empowerment

God has been setting so many children free through education and our Education Empowerment Program (EEP).

Children that have been labeled as "stupid", "unworthy", and "poor" are coming out of these false labels and receiving their true identities. Many of our kids that were formerly struggling in their studies, some never having gone to school before, are now top in their class - AMAZING!!
Kids in our EEP program receive private tutor sessions to help them in their studies. Many are the first in their family since the war to learn to read and write.

Thanks for partnering with us to set individuals and nations free! What a privilege to link arms with such faithful Kingdom warriors.

You are loved and appreciated

Patricia King, Andrea Aasen and the XP Missions team   

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* Names have been changed to protect identities and not re-exploit. 

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