First Presbyterian Church
Child Development Center
February 15, 2021
Black History Month!
Classes are having fun learning about the African American culture in educational and artistic ways.

Parents and Families:
A note from Mrs. Susan: We would like to thank Mrs. Kate Lovell for joining us as our newest staff member, Curriculum Director. We are excited to add her to the family. She has her Masters in Education from Brenau University and loves working with children.

OUR THEME for THE WEEK is "Colors".

Classes are learning all about the colors around us. A fun way to incorporate this at home is to play i spy in the car to and from school!

February is Black History Month! This is the perfect time to discus with your kiddos about how God makes all his children different colors! Ask your kids about how they look different from their own family members and their classmates.

Conversation Starters ~ Did you Know?
African American Inventors
Garrett Morgan- Improved Traffic Light. He added The Yellow!
Lonnie G. Johnson- The super soaker water gun!
Lisa Gelobter- Online videos GIFS

Kate Lovell Curriculum Director
We are now starting a new surprise for staff. Each week the administration will pick a deserving staff member that has gone above and beyond that we can love on a little extra that week. Starting every Monday you will see a sign celebrating the staff of the week! Drop a note or a treat for your child's special someone!
Avoid standing in the cold

Call the office at 770-532-8188,
when you are on your way
and we will have your little ones
ready when you get here.
Monthly Memory Verse
"Create in me a clean heart O God." Psalms 5
First Presbyterian Church
Child Development Center
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