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January 10, 2017   

SAT MAY 13 2017

This is Spruce Grove & District Chamber's Signature Event! It is unique to us, and has been specifically planned to connect our business community and our area residents in a meaningful and powerful way. It's created for the community as a whole, where everyone will experience a true celebration of our amazing region.

Be recognized as an active business leader by joining us for a day in the park where business meets community and shares in the celebration.

The feedback from 2016 was so positive, that we simply can't wait to celebrate with you on Sat. May 13th!

Showcase your business with an activity, item or service geared toward "the family" and the residents of our community.

We can help with your ideas for a healthy ROI and we especially welcome yours!

Suggestions for activities include:
  • build something
  • hit a target
  • offer races
  • safety checks
  • build a healthy snack
  • manage a popcorn or candy floss stand
  • shoot some hoops
  • kick some balls
  • organize small competitions
  • teach something
  • create something
  • paint something
.....the list is virtually as big as the imagination of our business community!

Participation is a great way to expose your business to the consumers in our Tri Area, and in a way that positively connects to our community to your establishment.

This outdoor event will move indoors to the Agrena building in the case of inclement weather.
*A deposit will be required as our 40 available spaces are filling very fast. 

Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce Members $250; Non-Members $400

The Alberta Business Awards of Distinction recognize businesses/ organizations that have demonstrated outstanding achievement and contribution to their community while having developed business acumen & management practices to ensure long term sustainability. To date, over 200 companies have been named Alberta Business Award of Distinction recipients.

The Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce that 2 of our members are among the 42 finalists named for the 2017 Alberta Business Awards of Distinction. These businesses demonstrate the strength and importance of small business in our region and we're thrilled to have them represent our community.

It is our honor to congratulate the following:
  • Carvel Electric
    Eagle Feather Business Award of Distinction
  • Goodwill Industries of Alberta
    Employer of Persons with Disabilities Award of Distinction
The 2017 Awards will be held on February 24, 2017 and will feature 11 categories designed to recognize the best practices in numerous aspects of business operations. The highest honor of the evening will be the presentation of the Premier's Award of Distinction which recognizes the highest level of business achievement and leadership.

For a full list of finalists and award categories, please view the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction website here.

ATB'S Merchant Payment Program
ATB's Merchant Payment Program offers rates of 1.55-1.60%, $0.05 per debit transaction or credit transaction under $20, low terminal rentals, monthly fees and free activation.

2017 New Member Welcome

A new year represents a time of renewal and a re-commitment to growth, both personally and professionally. 

Fortunately, you can do both at our New Year/New Connections Mixer on Wednesday, January 25th.
  • Re-connect with your fellow Chamber members.
  • Re-establish key contacts and partnerships.

Re-energize your business for a new year of growth and opportunity!

Includes plate service dinner prepared by @ The Trax Public House Kitchen, drink specials, and introduction of our New Members.

For more information and to register, please visit under the events tab.
   in a Global Economy?

Building a strong community is a responsibility that your local chamber considers of highest priority.  The "chamber" is representative of a "pro-local" brand, in the context of a geographic location.  Local independent business do employ more people per dollars of revenue, and they typically use local printers, accountants, media, farms, lawyers, artist and others expanding opportunities for local entrepreneurs.  However, in consideration of a global economy, business and consumer need to be educated in product selection, price, trust and environmental impact.  While spending local has certain community benefits, buying global actually supports services such as shipping, transportation and distribution. 

Your local chamber of commerce asks that you, the consumer, keep yourself informed about your purchases in 2017.  The businesses that you contract to provide your service, whether it be the grocer, gas station, dry-cleaner, product retailer, vehicle maintenance or others are as responsible to you, the consumer, as you are to support your local economy.  You, the consumer deserve decent customer service and appreciation for your dollars spent.  Business deserves recognition for their investment in our communities and the opportunities they afford others.

The reality is, in our world today, we can buy anything on-line, from anywhere. The chain of supply and demand is in the hands of the consumer and where you choose to spend your money.   The chamber prides itself on connecting business to the community.  How the relationship develops from there between business and consumer becomes your responsibility and effort. 
Call your chamber for business referrals.  We refer members in good standing to the community. 780.962.2561

The 2017 Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) application period for employers is from December 7, 2016 to January 20, 2017.

Canada Summer Jobs is a Government of Canada initiative. It provides funding for not-for-profit organizations, public sector employers and small businesses with 50 or fewer full-time employees to create summer jobs for students between the ages of 15 and 30.

The application form as well as the applicant guide are currently available at You can submit your application online, by mail or in person at any Service Canada Centre.

We encourage you to submit your 2017 application online. By doing so, you will benefit from a fast, easy-to-use, and secure way of applying as you will:
  • have access to the Canada Summer Jobs application 24/7, from any location, allowing you to complete it at your convenience;
  • ensure your application is received immediately by Service Canada;
  • receive an instant acknowledgement confirming that your application has been received; and,
  • avoid postal delays.
There are one system available to enable you to apply online:
1. Grants and Contributions Online Services (GCOS): If you already have a GCOS account, please use this online platform to submit an online application; or

For more information:
Call: 1-800-935-5555 (ATS: 1-800-926-9105)
CSJ presentation:

Dec 27, 2016  by  Robbie Jeffrey, Alberta Venture
How to prepare for an upswing in oil prices

Oil and gas companies should prepare for the next oil boom, if there is one

"Lower for longer" isn't just your game plan for winning the next limbo competition - it's the mantra of the wilted oil and gas sector. Besieged by the multi-front offensive of low crude prices, creeping regulatory pressure and a public pillorying from activists the world over, with each passing earnings report the landlocked engine of wealth feels more like a V8 Chevy rusting in a junkyard.

But last we checked, Imperial Oil, Enbridge and Suncor all reported about $30 billion in revenue for 2015 and Albertans still outearn their Canadian counterparts by more than $20,000 every year. To its detractors, fossil fuel extraction has an expiration date, but today it's still fresh - look out your window and chances are you'll see gasoline-fueled vehicles, not Teslas.
The National Energy Board recently predicted that oil will hit $68 by 2020... read more

Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce 2017 Calendar
The following dates may change - please visit to confirm each event.
  Mark Your Calendars
Jan 25
Feb 23
Chamber on Tap
Mar 10
State of the Region Address with Mayor Stuart Houston and Mayor Rod Shaigec
Mar 23
Chamber on Tap
Apr 11
SGDCC General Meeting
Apr 20
Chamber on Tap
May 13
Life & Leisure Family Expo

Jun 10
The Amazing Race Spruce Grove
Jun 15
Chamber's Golf Tournament (TBC)
Jun 17
The Taste of Spruce Grove
Aug 15
Picnic in the Park
Sept 12
Fall Back to Business Luncheon
Sept Business & People's Choice Awards Nominations
Oct 10
Nomination for Board of Directors Meeting
Oct 21
C of C Awards Gala
Nov 14
Annual General Meeting
Dec 12
Christmas Charity Luncheon

Numerous Lunch and Learns, Grand Openings, and learning
sessions are offered throughout the year so please visit  for more information as
well as updates to our events.

U.S. Senate confirmation hearings for President-elect Trump's cabinet 
Jeffrey Taylor

Next week, the U.S. Senate will begin confirmation hearings for several of President-elect Trump's nominees to serve in his cabinet and lead the many federal departments and agencies of the executive branch of the U.S. federal government. 

Depending on which departments and agencies are associated with your business and industry (energy, banking, healthcare, etc.), you can watch these confirmation hearings live at the specific Senate committee website. (The hearings will also be readily available on the specific Senate committee's website just after the hearing.)

As always, C-Span will be covering these confirmation hearings too at:

Della Saunders,  Marketing Coordinator
Spr uce Grove Chamber of Commerce 
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