Forward Thinking Investor Relations
January 2017 in this Issue:

This issue discusses
- Investor Targeting-

One of the pillars of a successful long-term investor relations program is the constant targeting of current and potential investors and analysts. While the development of a company's investment "story" is key, delivering that story to a well-defined and tailored target audience on both the buy-side and sell-side maximizes the value of the overall message.

This issue discusses how IR teams can have an effective engagement with investors by implementing a targeting strategy that maximizes efforts.

2017 IR Goal: Maximize Targeting Efforts
Investor targeting is a marketing function that helps issuers identify potential investors most likely to be interested in the company's stock.  This is important for IROs because this added insight allows them to see where the company's target investors are geographically located, what type of investors they are, as well as what assets they have under management. This can help issuers target a new and diversified pool of shareholders in a manner that is more precise and attainable...

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TIM Day 2016
( NYSE : TSU, BM&F BOVESPA: TIMP3) - New York City, November 14, 2016
TIM Participações, a leading telecommunications company in Brazil, hosted its 2016 Investor Day at the Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York City.
This successful event included presentations by the company's new Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Stefano De Angelis, the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Pietro Labriola and the Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Leonardo Capdeville who conveyed an optimistic message on market rationality, product deployment and Capex outlook. Moreover, the event also included participation of a keynote speaker, Mr. Joseph Leahy, Brazil's Bureau Chief for the Financial Times, who spoke about Brazil's government infrastructure investments. Presentations were followed by a Q&A session, where buy-side and sell-side market participants actively engaged with the company's top management.

TIM's Management Team at the TIM Day 2016
Bradesco's 6th Annual CEO Forum
( NYSE : BBD, BM&F BOVESPA: BBDC3, BBDC4) - New York City, November 15-16, 2016

Mr. Renato Ejnisman, Banco Bradesco's Group Adjoint Executive Director
Bradesco, an investment banking institution that offers financial advisory services in Brazil and abroad, held the 6th edition of its high profile conference at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. CEOs of top Latin American companies met with international investors for 2 days, participating in 1-on-1 meetings, lectures as well as presentations.

The topics featured from keynote speakers during the event were: Brazil on the Road to Recovery by Mr. Henrique Meirelles - Brazil's Minister of Finance, Rebuilding a Competitive Petrobras by Mr. Pedro Parente - CEO of Petrobras and How to Apply Economic Theory to the Real World and Real Life Problems by Mr. Alvin E. Roth - Nobel Laureate in Economics 2012, Professor of Economics at Stanford University and Author of Who Gets What and Why.
Vale Day New York 2016
(NYSE: VALE, BM&F BOVESPA: VALE3, VALE5) - New York City, November 29, 2016
Vale,  a Brazilian multinational diversified metals and mining corporation, held its 13th annual Investor Day at The New York Stock Exchange titled  The Comeback of a Leader
The event featured presentations and a Q&A session led by the company's top management, including Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Murilo Ferreira, Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Luciano Siani Pires, and Executive Officers Mr. Clovis Torres (HR, Sustainability, Compliance & General Counsel), Mr. Peter Poppinga (Ferrous Minerals), Mrs. Jennifer Maki (Base Metals) and Mr. Roger Downey (Fertilizers & Coal). Vale presented a brighter outlook for 2017 and reinforced a message of corporate discipline. Moreover, the event included a press conference for the most prominent metals and mining media outlets from Brazil, the U.S. and Canada.
That morning, Vale also rang The Opening Bell at the NYSE. This event is featured on the  NYSE website.

Vale's Management Team at the 
Opening Bell Ceremony