Weatherford Chapter

Dear Carl,

May 25 2023

Save these dates for

Fall Festival

October 23-25, 2023

YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly

Our Chairman for the 2023 Fall Festival will be Laura Kamperman!

Our annual silent auction will again be held as part of our Fall Festival. Two things you can do to support the auction: First, plan now for items you will donate to the auction. Whether sharing your carpentry skills or weaving baskets or offering an experience all items are appreciated. Second, prepare to bid! Bring your check book and be prepared to dig a little deeper to “win” the perfect item. We will again have some extraordinary items so consider some bids for items that may be a bit more expensive than you might normally bid. Thanks for all your support!

Please send any ideas you might have for the Fall Festivals to Laura

Please bring any jigsaw puzzles you would like to trade.

Message from Bill and Nancy Reece Weatherford Chapter Presidents

Chapter updates:


While our Weatherford Chapter is the largest in the US by both states covered and number of members, we have seen a decline in both renewals and new memberships. As more YMCA employees choose retirement, the ability to be relevant, to connect, and to serve are critical. Both the national board and our chapter board have had discussions on needed changes to make us more relevant to those retiring in the future. Ideas have included being able to register online for our gatherings, the ambassadors program which reaches out to more areas we serve, and making stronger connections with our members, particularly with those who don’t attend our gatherings.


One outcome of these discussions is our board working on updating our chapter bylaws for the last 9 months or so. In April we approved an updated version to be sent to the membership for a vote.   Many of the changes enable us to function more effectively through electronic communication, and to streamline various responsibilities. An email with the proposed bylaws and the rationale for the proposed changes will be coming later in June. Please vote by responding to the email when you receive it. 


The nominating committee, led by Phill Morgan, is working on a slate of officers to be voted on at our meeting at Blue Ridge YMCA Assembly this fall. Once officers are elected for 2024-2026, we will be looking for people to serve on committees to help the chapter grow and thrive. Please prayerfully consider volunteering to serve.


We will have a special dedication and celebration of the renamed Weatherford Chapter Room at our gathering at Blue Ridge Assembly October 23rd-25th, 2023. Don’t miss this chance to reconnect with friends and colleagues, to inspire and encourage one another, and to find rest in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

“Into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul.”  -John Muir


See you on the Mountain!  Bill & Nancy Reece

The Spring Fling in Chattanooga

April 17-19, 2023 was Fun!

First night dinner at Mayan Kitchen with guest speaker Baron Herdelin-Doherty, CEO YMCA of Metro Chattanooga. He was introduced by the retired CEO of the same YMCA Bill Wetzel.

Tuesday after breakfast at the hotel everyone was on their own or with others and spent the day sight seeing . Some choices were Rock City Gardens, Tennessee Aquarium, Chickamauga Civil War Battlefield, the Art district, playing golf or shopping. The weather was absolutely perfect!

The Tennessee Aquarium is one of the best in the world! Some Chapter Board Members toured it together.

Laura Kamperman and Nancy Ryszkiewicz enjoyed getting to know our newest Weatherford Chapter members Mary and Moe Bell as we toured ROCK CITY GARDENS.

Enjoyed BBQ lunch together at "The Purple Daisy Picnic Café"

Mary, Nancy, Moe & Laura

Charles Cleveland and Mary Tikalsky

Tuesday at 3:00pm we regrouped and boarded the Southern Belle Boat and took a cruise on the Tennessee River. Lots of time for conversations and laughter.

Dave and Gail Cotton enjoying the best views.

Tuesday night we had dinner together at the Big River Street Grill.

Mary Tikalsky Director of YMCA World Service for YMCA USA and her team joined the Weatherford Chapter members for dinner. On Wednesday morning some Weatherford Chapter members volunteered in making phone calls to help raise money for World Service.

Gary Schlansker introduced Norm Joyner and made a big announcement! Our Weatherford Chapter member Norm Joyner will be inducted into the YMCA Hall of Fame in 2023! Gary also shared how they had volunteered together on two trips to South Africa with World Service.

To the left: Norm and his wife Patricia Joyner

We ended our Spring Fling hanging out at the hotel, playing games, and having enjoyable conversations .

Message from Carl Ward Chapter Treasurer

The following is the list of Weatherford Chapter members who made a donation to the Chapter in 2022. The amounts ranged from $10 to $200.

Clark & Carolyn Baker

Jack & Lynn Bender

Jean & Bert Bock

Coke & Molly Clark

Charles & Sherrie Cleveland

Zelda & Everett Collins

Darrell Corder

Dave & Gail Cotton

David & Louise Coulter

Steve Dahlin

James & Faye Gilpin

Charlie & Tina Glass

Chuck & Cindy Harris

Suzahn Huffman-Donaldson

Charles & Faye Johnson

Norm & Pat Joyner

John & Betty King

Bob & Laurie Lomauro

Molly McGregor

Glenn & Sharon Mease

Natacha & Seijas Millan

Phill & Marti Morgan

Lee Muchey

Bob & Claudette Mullings

Mary Beth Ormiston

Dale Osterman

Dale & Joy Packer

Peter & Jane Post

Mary Rea

Kathleen & Gerald Roberts

Nancy & Ed Ryszkiewicz

Gary & Marcy Schlansker

Jerry & Terry Shepherd

David & Gayle Snyder

Jim & Lori Stewart

Virgil Stewart

Stan & Shelton Styers

Ronald & Barbara Zophy

Membership Message from Chair Molly McGregor

Weatherford Chapter has 171 Members with a retention rate of 85%.

World Service Message from Chairs Gary & Marcy Schlansker

The 2023 theme of the World Service campaign is “Creating A Better World For All” in response to an ever evolving globe. In 2022 the emphasis of the World Service campaign was on the crisis in the Ukraine. In 2023 we return to emphasizing youth work around the globe.

The campaign will help young people in the Philippines develop skills for meaningful work or helping youth in South Africa find ways to voice their concerns over issues of injustice. Every gift supports the World Service efforts of the YMCA of the USA International division.

Please pledge or give today. 

If you have questions contact Gary Schlansker at

Thank you for your consideration.

National Service Project

Over the past two years our Weatherford Chapter and Chapter members have been very generous donating $29,335 to the National Service Project. The Nation Wide Campaign has raised over $775,000.

Clark & Carolyn Baker

Bill & Katy Barringer

Jack & Lynne Bender

David & Barbara Blackman

Jean & Bert Bock

Jan Brucato

Michael & Glenda Carroll

Katie Carstens

Charles & Sherrie Cleveland

Bob & Ria D'Avria

Bob & Dephine Gilbertson

Charlie & Tina Glass

Keven & Tania Griffin

Toby Hettler

Harriet Hoskyns-Abrahall

Catherine Hunt

Mary Hurley

Norman & Patricia Joyner

Laura Kamperman

Stan & Julie Kaslusky

Bob & Laurie Lomauro

Molly McGregor

Glenn & Sharon Mease

Phill & Marti Morgan

Pat & Sybil Newman

Dale Paker

Bill & Nancy Reece

Ed & Nancy Ryszkiewicz

Gary & Marcy Schlansker

David Snyder

Pat Stewart

Glenn & Sharon Taylor

Robert & Linda Thornton

Carl & Janet Ward

William "Tim" & Nan Ward

Barry Watkins

Frances Westbrook

Bill Wetzel

Weatherford Chapter

National Service Project Spring 'Waves' of volunteers had begun in Dupree, S.D.

Project Update from May 18, 2023 from Lou Falk, National Chairman

 Today is my second day back home following being in South Dakota for Wave 1 and my muscles are still aching (but it's a good ache!)
   We (all 7 of us) unloaded three more Tiny Home SIP packages (about 30,000 pounds according to the delivery truck drivers) from the tractor trailers that delivered them and placed them piece by piece in the shipping containers or under tarps on site. They are now ready to be put together as soon as the remaining slabs are poured which should happen early next week. We also unloaded windows and doors, and moved the roofing materials from a shipping container to the site of Tiny Home #1. Why is everything so heavy???? (I guess that's a good thing because it means they will last a long time!)
   We completed installing the siding and trim (battens) on one of the exterior walls despite monsoon-like rain and ankle deep "gumbo". Lots of precision cutting and drilling! 
   While we worked around them, the professional roofers installed most of the metal roof panels, leaving just the eaves and soffits to be finished during 
Wave 2. On the day we departed work began on the porch deck and roof and the interior framing should start this week or early next week.
   Please follow YMCA Alumni on Facebook, and read The Connection for frequent updates. And say a BIG 'Thank You" to George Painter
 ( ) for leading these Boots on the Ground Teams. We're building some real showcase Tiny Homes!
   Finally, a gift from the YMCA Retirement Fund has put our fund-raising well over the $750,000 mark!! Who'dathunk?
   And thank YOU for making this project possible!
Lou Falk

PS....we still could use more volunteers for the upcoming spring and fall Waves....pass the word!

Weatherford Chapter Committee Members Information


Nancy & Bill Reece

Franklin, TN

Vice Presidents Program:

Chuck & Cindy Harris

Chesapeake, VA


Pat & Sybil Newman 

Franklin, VA


Carl & Janet Ward

Marietta, GA

Membership Chair:  

Molly McGregor  

Hoover, AL


Nancy & Ed Ryszkiewicz

Birmingham, AL

Past President and Care & Concerns:

Phill & Marti Morgan

Gastonia, NC