July 10, 2018
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Hero Central VBS

“Do Good! Seek peace and go after it!” -Psalm 34:14

Who is your hero? Did you have a favorite superhero growing up? We all have people we look up to or “idolize” in our lives. There are occasions when that affection is well deserved, and other times we become disenchanted when our heroes turn out to be not-so-super after all. My favorite superhero growing up was Wonder Woman. I loved the television shows and watching how she got people to tell the truth and save the person in crisis. Wonder Woman was smart and pretty. She caught the bad guys and always had something meaningful to teach us. I wanted to be like her. 

This week at our Vacation Bible School we are challenging our kids to be super in their own lives and make a difference in the lives of others. Our theme verse sums it up simply, “Do good! Seek peace and go after it!” -Psalm 34:14. There are times when making a difference in the life of another person doesn’t take a huge effort. It’s just simply doing the right thing. Making an impact for the greater good of the community or our neighborhood is an important part in being a faithful follower of Christ. The challenge in this verse is to seek peace and go after it. Not simply to sit idly by and hope that peace will come to you or your community, but affecting the necessary changes in our lives, in our jobs, in our families and our neighborhoods to seek peace and go after it! This peace, Shalom in Hebrew, is about wholeness, health, restoration of relationships. It isn’t simply the absence of war or conflict. 

As we challenge our children this week, how can you be a hero in someone else’s life this week? How can you seek peace and go after it? How can you do good today? Our Heart of Neighboring series continues to challenge us to engage with the people closest to us. To not only meet them and know their names, but to reach out and meet their needs as well. Sometimes the more difficult part of that is allowing them to meet our needs too. Relationships need to be reciprocal. If we are the superhero in someone else’s life but we never appreciate how they can be heroes in our lives, we don’t have a balance in relationship. This week, do good! Seek peace and go after it!

Gracious God, you provide for our needs. Thank you for providing homes and neighborhoods for us to live in. Give us courage to do the right thing. Give us opportunity to seek peace and go after it. Give us hearts of compassion to love our neighbor and work for their best interest, whether that is across the street or across the world.  Amen.

~Pastor Hanna

Sunday, July 15, 2018

9:00 am: Contemporary Service
11:00 am: Classic Worship
Scriptures: Romans 12:9-13; Matthew 5:13-16
Sermon: "Motives Matter"
Preacher: Ashley Birk
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"Heart of Neighboring: Launching the Journey"
Week 6 Challenge: The Call to Neighboring -- Action Steps: Walk around your neighborhood in prayer and ask God to give you a vision for what God wants your neighborhood to look like.
Our next Kennewick Community blood drive is Friday, July 13, from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. in the First Pres Center.  You can schedule an appointment to donate blood by calling 1-800-733-2767 or register on-line at redcrossblood.org. Walk-ins are always welcome. As always, we can use donations of cookies and desserts, along with fixings for our baked potato bar, including potatoes, chili, onions, butter, sour cream, bacon bits, and cheese. Please sign up at the Information Table. Thanks!

Kennewick First Presbyterian Church is seeking our next Director of Children’s Ministry (birth -5 th grade) since Heidi will be “retiring” at the end of August. With a mission to advance the Kingdom of God through worship, love and ministry, our focus is to equip our people to discern and act on God’s calling for us to be caring, intentional neighbors.

We are looking for a real leader to direct our Children and Family programs. If you are energetic and passionate about seeing children grow in their faith, if you value the local church and reaching the lost, we want to hear from you.

If this sounds like you, please send your resume to: pastor.hanna@kfpc.org
Congregational Care Help Wanted

Congregational Care needs a leader for the homebound visitation team. If you are a person, who likes to visit with others please contact Kris Kennedy at krissyon@live.com or 547-7292 or 380-4291. Also if you are willing to assist in finding homebound visitors please contact Kris. Deacons have a list of homebound members of the congregation that need a visit. 
The deadline to order your pictures from Realife Photography is July 15, 2018. All photos taken can be viewed at: www.realifephoto.com . Just click on 1st Presbyterian Families 2018 on the left side of the page. Last day to order is July 15. Questions can be answered by calling the studio at 509.582.3338.
July 16, 2018, 6:30 – 9:00 pm

 Gather for fellowship & fun! (Light dessert will be provided.)
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