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Our Business at Breakfast aims to provide the tools and education necessary to succeed in entrepreneurship, economic growth, and competitiveness; our breakfasts focus on business education in our region. For further information, call Dianne 780.962-2561

How to build effective teams, team roles, team leadership and the stages of team development.Effective team work is key to the successful operation of your organisation and a strong team will make it through the hard times that may lie ahead. In this section will help you understand how teams work and how you can make the most of yours.

Understanding teams
Effective teams - 'building blocks' of high performing teams and how to develop these in your organisation.
Team roles - who takes what role in your team and what can you learn from this? Team leadership - leadership styles and things to think about when developing the skills of a team leader.

National Council for Voluntary Organisations NCVO Knowhow Nonprofit offers advice and support for voluntary organisations. Learn from experts and your peers, and share your experiences with the community.
Esso Road Trip Photo Contest
Together, with Esso, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is excited to host a summer photo contest under the banner of #EssoRoadTrip... more info
Alberta is greenest it's ever been under the NDP and that will be tough to undo 
Jul 03, 2017       By Kyle Bakx and Tracy Johnson, CBC News

6 months into carbon plan, Alberta's changes look made to last, no matter what party governs province
Rachel Notley and her NDP government are acting on climate change through a plan that includes large scale renewable energy projects and putting a cap on oil sands emissions. (CBC)
Alberta's NDP government hasn't wasted much time in bringing its climate change policies into effect.

In the past six months, Albertans have started to pay a carbon tax on gasoline and home heating and they have been eligible for subsidies on LED light bulbs, insulation, windows and solar panels. The coal phase-out has been negotiated, and an auction is underway to bring more renewable power to the province.

The provincial government has been galloping through the implementation of its plan....

Expected rate hike pegged  to 'shallow' recovery in Alberta  July 10, 2017   Bloomberg News
Gavin Young   Postmedia News
By Greg Quinn and Erik Hertzberg 

It's not exactly a full-fledged recovery, but economic indicators are finally pointing positive for Alberta's economy and that seems to be enough for the Bank of Canada.

The central bank, spurred on by the first signs of a rebound in the country's main oil producing province, is widely expected to raise interest rates as early as Wednesday. That will probably be followed by another increase later this year...continue reading

Canada Business Network
Getting paid by your customers

Ensuring that you're getting paid on time is an essential aspect of business. It helps you maintain a positive cash flow as well as a positive relationship with your customers. Just as your suppliers expect you to pay them on time, you in turn must require the same of your customers

Keep the following things in mind when you're managing the collection of your invoices.

Invoice immediately
It's vital to your cash flow to bill your customers as soon as you supply them with a product or service, as opposed to doing all of your invoicing at given intervals... continue reading

Why saying 'no' to a client may make sense

It is essential for small business owners to determine when a business opportunity is worth pursuing. It may be difficult to turn down clients, however being selective and choosing to partner with clients that will help you reach your future goals is a great way to build a reputable business.

Reasons to say 'no' to a client
A client may not be the right 'fit' for your particular company ... continue reading

This year, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce outlined 10 ways to improve economic success, along with specific recommendations to advocate throughout the year.


Canada's innovation agenda must leverage the private sector and help companies get from idea to product. In 2017, we will press for an innovation strategy that recognizes the disruptive capacity of existing technology employed in new ways. Harnessing the power of "big data" and ensuring data are secure will be critical to competitive success.  ....continue reading
Della Saunders,  Marketing Coordinator
Spr uce Grove Chamber of Commerce 
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