Great Hearts Live Oak Family Newsletter-July 19th, 2020
Greetings, Live Oak Owls!

Yesterday you received a letter from Mr. Andrew Ellison, Executive Director of Great Hearts San Antonio, communicating the order that prohibits on-campus instruction until after Labor Day. With this decision by the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, the energetic planning of Great Hearts Live Oak is focused on a strong start to distance learning. We hope you will attend the Great Hearts Texas Facebook Live Town Hall event on July 27 at 10:30 am for more information about our network’s revised plans for distance learning . We also know that you are eager to hear about how to prepare your children for distance learning at GHLO, and we are committed to helping you prepare. Starting with next week’s newsletter, please look for a new weekly feature: GHLO’s Wise Guide to Distance Learning.

While we await our in-person opening, the faculty and staff of Great Hearts Live Oak is eager to build our community! Towards that end, we have two upcoming opportunities to engage with us: a GHLO Drive Through Parade on Thursday, July 23 , and a Meet the Headmaster Facebook Live event on Tuesday, July 28 . In addition, we encourage you to continue to frequent our Facebook and Instagram accounts for introductions to our faculty and pictures of the various goings on as we prepare for the new school year. It’s an exciting time to be an Owl!

May you soar on wings of wisdom and strength,
Headmaster Audelo
Time to Celebrate!

We finally have access to our building and our entire faculty and staff have started! We invite you to come join us for a celebratory parade! Come drive through the carpool lane on Thursday July 23rd between 9 am and 10 am for a Welcome to GHLO Parade ! Please feel free to drive by anytime between 9 and 10. Show us your school spirit by decorating your car or making a poster. Please follow the traffic pattern on the map below.
Do I need to purchase the classics to keep?

  • We strongly encourage you to purchase these books for your family's use. This will enable students to make personal marks in the books which may be retained as students develop impressive personal libraries of classics over the course of their academic careers. The specific ISBN's for each text will enable the class to easily refer to a page number or specific passage during discussions. Families unable to purchase the books will be issued classroom copies. Students should not mark these books provided by GHLO, and will be asked to return the books in good condition once the class has finished working with the particular text. Classics to Keep are linked here.

Where can I find the supply list?

  • The supply list is linked to our website under Family Resources. You can also find it linked here.

Where can I purchase uniforms?

What are the dress code requirements?

  • Please see the attached Dress Code. The dress code guide covers uniforms, grooming, jewelry, athletic wear and more.

Do we need uniforms for Distance Learning?

  • Your student will need a uniform during live instruction. A top is sufficient for most live instruction, but those activities that require a full view of the student (e.g., PE) will require a full uniform.

What grades will have lockers?

  • Until social distancing measures are no longer required, students will not be using lockers.

Are rolling backpacks allowed?

  • Rolling backpacks are not allowed.

Will face coverings be required?

  • Face coverings will be required for all students, faculty, and staff. Please see our face covering guidelines for more detailed information including guidance for students in grades K-3.

What kind of face coverings are permitted?

  • Shields, scarves, cloth or disposable masks are all permitted. Cloth masks may have simple patterns, but no visual elements of popular culture including brand logos. Please see our face covering guidelines for more detailed information.

Where will my student put their mask when they go outside?

  • Students will be permitted to wear a small fanny pack for purposes of storing their mask and hand sanitizer when not in use. Fanny packs may be black or navy in color. A simple black or navy lanyard may also be used to secure the mask when not in use.

How many students are in each classroom?

  • There are approximately 30 students per classroom in grades K-6, and approximately 26 students in 7th grade classrooms. These numbers will be impacted by the amount of families who choose distance learning. Each K-6 classroom will have a lead teacher and an apprentice teacher.

What languages are taught in what grades?

  • Spanish will be taught in grades K-4.
  • Latin will be taught in grades 5-7.

Is there a gifted and talented program?

  • Great Hearts does not have a Gifted and Talented program. Our rich curriculum is selected to be challenging to students at various levels.
Meet the Headmaster
Co-Curricular Programs

Registration for Co-Curricular programs for the 2020-21 school year are now open! This includes After-School Athenaeum, our after-school program for grades K-4, and Homework Club for grades 5-7. You will be able to register and find information on the programs and pricing options on the website here . For questions or if you believe you may qualify for financial assistance for the 2020-21 school year, please contact our Campus Coordinator at [email protected] .
Faculty & Staff Spotlight
Want to meet the founding staff at Great Hearts Live Oak? This week we introduce you to Mr. Philips! Please visit our Facebook page and find the hashtag #ghlofamilytree to find our weekly staff updates! If you are not on Facebook, you can read about our faculty here !