Newsletter    July 2017
Welcome to the Inaugural Newsletter of Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures! 
In this issue, we offer you an informational overview of CIHF including highlights of recent news, activities and events, and current research. In the coming months, we look forward to providing a more news-oriented platform for inquiry on topics related to the institute's trans-disciplinary approach to integrating health, hospitality, and design.

At CIHF, we are invested in shaping the future by capitalizing on the intersections of knowledge among diverse fields and individuals. Through research, conferences, evolving educational programming, and practicum projects we are advancing the discussion for engaged and collective learning regarding innovations in design, applications of hospitality in healthcare, and initiatives in hospitality for wellness and senior living.
We invite you to become involved in the conversation as we collaborate to build a smarter, kinder, and healthier built-environment for healthy futures.
Rohit Verma, CIHF Executive Director / Cornell SC Johnson College of Business  
Mardelle Shepley, CIHF Associate Director / Design and Environmental Analysis / College of Human Ecology
Brooke Hollis, CIHF, Associate Director / Sloan Program in Health Administration / College of Human Ecology 
Innovating Across Health, Hospitality, and Design to Create a Bright Future  
The Mission of Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures is to provide a multidisciplinary platform for integrating health, hospitality, and design to enhance service excellence in healthcare, wellness, senior living, and related fields.
IMAGES OF NATURE throughout our publications and materials reflect our mission to integrate the concepts of harmony, peace, and balance with human-centered design for wellness.

CIHF Announces a New Undergraduate Minor in Health, Hospitality, and Design
CIHF has received an Engaged Curriculum Development Grant from Engaged Cornell to support the creation of an undergraduate minor "Health, Hospitality, and Design (HHD)." This minor is part of a larger suite of multi-disciplinary educational programs CIHF develops and supports for healthcare, wellness, senior living, and related areas. To our knowledge, no other university in the world is offering a similar minor.
Designed in response to the pedagogical objectives of CIHF, the HHD minor will provide students in all academic programs at Cornell University access to the fast-emerging field of inquiry that combines three disciplines of study - hospitality, health, and design - to explore healthy and positive solutions to today's challenges in healthcare. HHD will provide opportunities for students to imagine industry-integrated models for improved services in care and wellness.

Internship and Immersion Seminar programs will help industry partners identify a future generation of visionary professionals as well as contribute to a social responsibility of training emerging entrepreneurs in this work.

New York State Survey: How Do You Feel About Your Healthcare? 
The last few years have illustrated a significant change in how health services are delivered. This is due to a shift toward a patient-centered model and the rise of consumerism in the healthcare market. Patients now demand to be much more involved in their care decisions and more importantly, expect more convenient and responsive care from providers.

To find out more about New York residents' attitudes, behaviors, and preferences about their own healthcare, CIHF embarked on a survey polling 800 individuals from specific demographics in our population to take the pulse of New Yorkers in regards to their needs and expectations. The 2016 Empire State Healthcare Survey, conducted by CIHF through Cornell University's Survey Research Institute (SRI), was led by Hessam Sadatsafavi, CIHF post-doctoral associate with the assistance of doctoral candidate Lu Kong, MS '13.

Survey questions were specific to rating hospital experiences, outpatient care settings, and the impact of computer use in relation to patient care. More information and extracted data can be found by visiting the survey website . This data will be supplemented by a second survey which will further refine the survey questions. Results for 2017 will be coming soon to ou r website.

Cornell Chronicle Meds, Insurance Worry New Yorkers 
Mental and Behavioral Health Design
Roundtable: October 15 - 16, 2017 
In light of the increased impact of the physical environment on individuals with mental and behavioral issues, environmental designers are thinking in new ways to develop a more sensitive approach that support the needs of these patients. New inpatient and outpatient facilities are being developed, but designers still lack research to inform the design process.

Roundtable invitees include clinical practitioners, designers and architects, and design researchers. Discussions and presentations will focus on identifying the most pressing issues associated with improving the quality of health facilities. 

More detailed information about this roundtable will be available in our August and September newsletters. For inquiries about participants and program email:

Industry Members  
Thanks to the support and generous contributions from our Corporate Members, the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures offers a portal to cutting-edge ideas to help advance service excellence. Becoming a Corporate Member is an excellent way to contribute towards this goal and help make a difference.
The Institute functions through a network of corporate members to provide perspective across diverse fields of study. Through these relationships, we help facilitate hands-on learning opportunities to help shape the next generation of thinkers and builders. Through shared experience and knowledge we further develop ideas and best practices within this emerging field that combines health, hospitality, and design.   
  • Participate as a speaker in class and at events
  • Become a mentor to future leaders of the field
  • Interact with highly-motivated students
  • Help shape future activities of the institute
CONTACT Melissa Carlisle '97, Assistant Director, External Relations, 607.255.1078 ,,
for more information!  
See our growing list of members

Peter Yesawich, SHA '72, MS '74,  
PhD '76, Chief Growth Officer

Critical to moving our mission forward are the essential contributions made by our dedicated Advisory Board Members. Each member brings her or his own intrinsic knowledge, talent, and connections in their field of expertise to deepen our understanding and apply best practices in our intersection of learning and building.

In this issue, we are proud to highlight Advisory Board Member Peter Yesawich, Chief Growth Officer at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). At CTCA, Dr. Yesawich is responsible for management of the company's myriad patient engagement and acquisition efforts including the development, execution, and measurement of brand communications.

In addition to participating in our Advisory Board meetings, Dr. Yesawich presented "How CTCA's Unique Consumer-Facing Marketing Model Reaches and Engages Prospective Patients" at CIHF's Health, Hospitality, and Design Symposium (HHDS2016). He also participated as a keynote panelist for the session that focused on healthcare.
We appreciate his involvement and valuable contributions! 

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Brooke Hollis, Associate Director, 

Melissa Carlisle, Assistant Director, External Relations, 
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