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JULY 2017  
This newsletter highlights items of interest
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Recent News
Field Notes

Recent News

Election Results

The Managed Forest Council (Council) issued a Call for Nominations in February this year for the interior region owner position on Council. Will Pryhitko was re-elected by acclamation for a three-year term that begins July 1, 2017.

For more information on the election process and the current Council,
Water Study Survey Results

The Managed Forest Council has released a report outlining results of a survey undertaken to assist in the assessment of the effectiveness of private managed forest land regulations in protecting drinking water.

The owners of 32 active forestry operations and 142 downstream water licenses were included in the survey. Council undertook this study to ensure that forestry practices on managed forests are being undertaken in a manner that protects water quality, whether on large community water intakes or small domestic licensed intakes.
See our blog post here for an overview and the report.
Field Notes

Stream Classification

Protection of water quality and fish habitat are two of the forest management objectives identified in the Private Managed Forest Land Act. The first step in determining the regulatory requirements around streams is to determine stream riparian class. Riparian classes are based on three factors:
  • stream channel width
  • fish presence/ absence
  • existence/ distance to a licensed waterworks intake (LWI)
See our blog post here for more information on stream classification, including links to the legislation, policy, and other information sources.
Douglas-fir regeneration

Consent Agreements 

The Private Managed Forest Land Act (Act) and regulations place many requirements on the owners of private managed forest land. The Act also establishes several mechanisms that may be used to ensure compliance with the requirements, including consent agreements, stop work orders, and contravention determinations.

The MF Council and an owner have the opportunity to enter into a Consent Agreement when Council and the owner agree that the owner may have contravened or is contravening a provision of the legislation.   These agreements may provide for remedial measures to be carried out and potentially for a penalty of up to $5 000 to be imposed.

Council has entered into 11 Consent Agreements to date: 9 for failing to provide a Notice of Sale within 30 days; and 2 for failing to restock harvested land within the required timeline.

For more information on the Consent Agreement process, read our blog post here.
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