Investigations and Truth Telling

June 12, 2017 by  Dr Rob Long   (
One of the essentials to undertaking an investigation is truth telling. However, there are many dynamics in organizational culture that mitigate against truth telling. 'Honesty may be the best policy' but 'blame is the big game' when it comes to safety investigations, especially in zero organizations. It is not possible to create an open and honest investigation in a culture of intolerance. A zero tolerance culture is a sure fire way to quash truth telling.
The essential skill of opening questioning and the power of confession (essential for ownership and change) are foundational to counselling and investigation. Any drive that creates hiding, deception and denial is anti-therapeutic, anti-cathartic and anti-learning. When someone confesses to a wrongdoing or mistake there is opportunity for forgiveness and learning. This is one of the essentials of pastoral counselling and effective investigating.
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