Forward Thinking Investor Relations
July 2018
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-Dictatorial CEOs Increasingly Putting Their Companies at Risk-

CEOs running midsize companies often have trouble with dictatorial style . Founders of firms in particular may come to believe that only they possess a valid vision, or are able to steer the ship as the organization grows.  Even after such companies develop a few layers of management, the CEOs often continue to cast long shadows.

This issue discusses current examples of some of the most trending CEOs in the financial markets and how their managing style has impacted the company's stock.


CEO: Leader or Dictator?
Elon Musk and the Fine Line between Leader and Dictator - JULY 2018
"You could argue there's never been a moment in history where a private-company founder has more power..." Adam Epstein, an adviser to CEOs on issues regarding corporate finance  recently stated in an article for the Wall Street Journal.

Indeed, this is an age in which the market's quest for the next superstar Zuckerberg, Bezos or Jobs has empowered CEOs to superhuman levels. Where else but on Wall Street and in what other sector would it be acceptable for a company with no profits, debilitating debt and a belligerent CEO to be valued in the billions? In the tech industry, particularly, the market seems to be overlooking sound financial performance and inflating the market value of companies that are not profitable, financially irresponsible and, in many cases, not following the basic principles of good corporate finance...
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Foro de Emisoras 2018 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
May 30 - June 1, 2018
i-advize sponsored this year's BMV Foro de Emisoras, an event for Mexico's IR and Finance professionals, in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Co-Founders and Managing Directors, Melanie Carpenter and Maria Barona, joined some of i-advize's Mexican clients including - Arca Continental, Fibra Inn, GISSA, Javer, OHL Mexico, Unifin, Volaris - as well as other top issuers of the region.

The 3-day event involved a series of discusses of the most trending topics in the Mexican financials markets, such as:
  • Blockchains, Bitcoins and Ley Fintech: What is their Impact on the Market
  • Investor Relations Trends and Best Practices in the Local and Foreign Markets
  • 2018 Mexican Presidential Elections, among other

Left to Right: Melanie Carpenter, Mariana Rajo (LALA) and Maria Barona

Left to Right: Isela Cervantes (VOLAR), Melanie Carpenter, Alicia Gerardo(VOLAR)
Foro de Emisoras
Meet Magellan Yates: Taking Corporate Access into the Digital Age
In the January 2018 edition of our newsletter, we talked about how the adoption of MIFID II and the monetization of sell-side research would reshape the Corporate Access landscape. Well, it's happening.  We are seeing the shutting down of analysts desks, fewer research reports available to the public and a growing concern that coverage will continue to decline.
With this transformation in the IR landscape, issuers must begin taking matters into their own hands to stay visible among the buy-side. Enter Magellan Yates. Founded by a long-time investor in Latin America, Tom Samuelson, Magellan Yates is a web-based video platform that makes 1-on-1s between your company and the buy-side simple and accessible. We did a demo of the product and found it as easy to use as viewing a webcast, but with the added interactivity of a video conference. You can also add presentation slides, images and other documents to enhance your discussion.  

Following is an example of the Magellan Yates web platform in which Cosan discusses its Investor Day with an institutional investor:  click here

This platform costs a fraction of what a non-deal roadshow would add up to with airfare, hotel, etc.  And you save exponentially on travel time.  For more information, please contact Melanie Carpenter at