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July 4, 2017   


What you need:
  • Can of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
  • Roasting prongs (preferably with the prongs close together)
  • Campfire with hot embers
Pop open can and carefully divide the cinnamon rolls.
Gently insert the prongs through the side of the cinnamon roll in the center of the bun making sure it's near the back of the prongs.

Fresh produce, crafts, food trucks, & entertainment!

Columbus Park will be bustling with tents and music - perfect for a Sunday stroll destination. Bring the kids - there will be lots to see and do!!

Proudly presented by Garden Dental & Orthodontics

Volunteers Required

Canada First: Canada Regains Ranking as World's Most Reputable Country   Canada NewsWire   June 29, 2017

A few days before its 150th anniversary, Canada got an early birthday present with news that it has regained the top spot in the annual ranking of the world's most reputable countries. The Country RepTrakĀ® study, released by the Reputation Institute today, is the world's largest annual survey of country reputations. ...continue reading

Western Canadian silence will cost us on Asia-Pacific trade   By Carlo Dade     June 29, 2017

There is a strong case to be made that Western Canada has not been well served by the country's trade agenda under the previous and current governments. That this has occurred is not just a criticism of governments in Ottawa, it is more a damning critique of how little western interests seem to care themselves or how ineffective they have been in shaping national trade policy and priorities.

What we have done to date has gotten us three times as many trade agreements in Central America as we have in Asia. If you're happy with Honduras, stop reading. If not, it gets worse...continue reading

The story of Canada is the story of business.
Guillaum (Will) Dubreuil  June 30, 2017 

The first Europeans came to this land in search of riches and established trade relationships with the Indigenous peoples they met. They were followed by the fishermen who came to fill their hulls off the East coast, and later to permanent settlers that saw so much potential in this land. Eventually, visionary businessmen built the railroad that would connect people from sea to sea, changing a loose association of provinces into a country.

Business people banded together and collaborated, creating chambers of commerce.... continue reading

What makes a high performance workplace and how to encourage your staff to strive to do well.

High-performing workplaces
Good performance benefits both employees and organisations. When employees are performing at their best they are most likely to feel motivated, engaged and confident and generate new ideas that will benefit the organisation and the people it serves. A high-performing workplace is an enjoyable place to work!

In order for employees to perform at their best, organisations need to provide the environment and structure in which employees can thrive. The following factors are important: ... continue reading

National Council for Voluntary Organisations NCVO Knowhow Nonprofit offers advice and support for voluntary organisations. Learn from experts and your peers, and share your experiences with the community.
Della Saunders,  Marketing Coordinator
Spr uce Grove Chamber of Commerce 
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