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Sea Otters, Glacier Bay Alaska  
Just Announced!!

 Alaska Trips 2019  
Filled with whales, puffins, sea otters, seals, moose, bear, wolf, and some of the world's most beautiful scenery,  
it is the stuff that dreams are made of.  
If you have dreamed of traveling in Alaska,  
or if you have been and want to return,  
these trips were made for you!      

Glacier Bay National Park is world renowned for its high concentration of humpback whales, and of course its glaciers. Covering over 3 million acres of rugged mountains, glaciers, and rainforests, pristine coastline, and deep fjords, this World Heritage Site is not to be missed.

This trip will cover the best of Glacier Bay and its abundant wildlife. It includes several boat trips for whale-watching and glaciers from our private chartered boat, plus a special trip to see the charming and pristine Elfin Cove area. We will also likely see puffins, seals, sea lions, and much more. There will also be time to hike in the rainforest, or kayak in the bay, or just relax and photograph the spectacular scenery.

 We will also have the possibility of seeing brown and black bear, moose, and mountain goats.

Our base will be a beautiful custom-built lodge with large sleeping rooms and chef-prepared meals. Each day will be a new adventure and will provide unique photographic opportunities for wildlife, incredible scenery, and a chance to experience the thrill and beauty of glaciers.

Glacier Bay has been called a photographer's paradise. Don't miss this opportunity to photograph this area. Limited to only 10 photographers, this trip will explore Glacier Bay in depth.

See pricing and details here. The fee includes our round trip flight from Juneau to Glacier Bay, all lodging and meals at Glacier Bay, ground transportation, personal attention and in-the-field training, all boat trips, guide services, image reviews, and tips.
EMAIL or CALL 757-773-0194

Come to the best bear country in Alaska. July is when cubs born in the winter come out to play. Wildflowers are blooming and everything is pristine and fresh. We will see them clamming, fishing, frolicking, nursing, and roaming the fields.

We have our own guide and transportation, and are transported on an ATV with all our gear to where the bears are. This is the easiest and most fun wildlife shooting you can imagine. We photograph bears easily and safely without disturbing them. At the end of each day we return to our well-appointed lodge for a chef-prepared dinner and relaxation, image reviews, and some Lightroom and Photoshop tips.

Our trip begins in Anchorage where we board our private plane for the one-hour flight to our lovely lodge right on the beach along the Cook Inlet.

Our days begin and end with wonderful meals made by the in-house chef, and in between, we and our gear are driven by ATV to wherever the bears are. Often we will see the cubs and their moms frolicking in the fields near the lodge, or on the beach in search of a seafood dinner.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to see and photograph brown bears in the wild, yet in safety and comfort.

Limited to only 8 participants. Fee includes round trip flight from Anchorage to Lake Clark and back, lodging / meals / ground transportation for all bear shooting days, guide service, personalized photographic instruction, image critiques, and tips. 
See details and pricing here 
EMAIL  or CALL 757-773-0194 

Lear n "Lightroom Lights" tidbits in each newsletter  
to help you improve the look of your images.

Lightroom is powerful image optimization software that is easy to learn and easy to use, once you know a few tricks. If you have been scared away from it before, I hope that these periodic Lightroom Lights articles will help you improve your skills and your comfort level.
This month  -  Dealing With Backlight

Backlight can be dramatic and appealing. But often its very nature makes the front of your subject look too dark. Also, often when shooting we either have no time to make specific exposure adjustments, or just don't see how dark the front of the subject will actually be in the image. So once again, LIghtroom to the rescue.

In this BEFORE shot of seals in Glacier Bay Alaska, the backlighting is beautiful. It highlights the mist created by their breath,
and provides nice rim lighting along the tops of their heads. But their faces are too dark. In one quick and easy step in Lightroom, the problem can be solved. Use the Shadows slider to lighten the shadow areas

and show more detail in their faces, as in the optimized AFTER version below. Note that using the Shadows slider will lighten ALL shadows, so the water looks a bit lighter as well.
If you do not like that look, you can use the Brush Tool instead of the Shadows slider to lighten only the faces and leave the other shadowed areas in the image untouched.

So armed with a little bit of knowledge and taking a couple of minutes of your time, you can improve your images immensely. And with Lightroom you should never be afraid to experiment. You will never lose pixels or image information as you do in Photoshop (and in some other software packages as well). You can always go back and undo anything you have done, and your original image will still be there intact.

Mollie offers one-day and two-day Lightroom classes for
individuals, small groups, and camera clubs.
Contact her for detals.

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