Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) Qualification update

The HWSETA hosted a workshop on 8 and 9 March at the Aviator Hotel in Kempton Park, to discuss the new Occupational Certificate: Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner, in order to get HWSETA service providers to understand the content of the qualification, as well as identify potential shortcomings in the qualification that might need addressing in some way. Approximately 60 HWSETA service providers from across the country attended.
As can be imagined the session was characterised by some robust debate. A number of issues were identified by delegates which they perceived as shortcomings of the qualification. In summary the shortcomings hinged around the fact that the qualification does not contain specific elements of the right size, which could be used to provide training on certain legal compliance issues like, First aid training, Fire training, Health and Safety Representative training, risk assessment training, etc.
The following clarification was provided:
  1. Until such time as the Unit standard qualification teach out period is reached, there will be a dual system based on unit standard qualifications on the one hand, and the QCTO qualification on the other hand. For OHS, the quality control of unit standard training will remain with the HWSETA, whereas the quality control for the QCTO qualification will rest with the appointed assessment quality partner (AQP), which is DQS.
  2. The ETQA function of the SETA's has been extended till March 2020.
  3. The Occupational Certificate: Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner, will be registered as soon as possible, with minor changes from the version circulated for comment in September.
  4. The Occupational Certificate: Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner, is designed for the training of Health and Safety Practitioners, not general health and safety training of the workforce.
  5. The Health and Safety practitioner cannot be the Emergency controller as well as the fire         fighter and the first aider, hence the qualification did not focus on providing him/her with      firefighting and first aid skills.
  6. The curriculum for fire training must be sourced from the Fire Prevention Assistant as part of the Occupational Certificate: Fire fighter.
  7. The curriculum for the first aid training will in time, be sourced from a new Occupational Certificate for First Aid/Basic first responders currently being developed. The name is not yet confirmed.
  8. For other perceived OHS legal compliance training, i.e. aspects like HIRA, incident investigation, etc., the curriculum can be drawn from the Occupational Certificate: Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner.
  9. More specialised aspects e.g. transportation of hazardous goods training will have to be sourced from newly developed qualifications in the field where it belongs, in this case transport.
Although a number of other aspects were discussed, in the opinion of the writer, the issues highlighted above, are the most critical.
All QCTO Qualifications for Public Comment, Qualifications recommended for Registeration and Registered Qualifications can be found on the QCTO website at:   http://www.qcto.org.za , under Development of Occupational Qualifications .
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