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Church Schedule Update

Greetings Discovery Family,

I'm writing to update you about our church plans for the next few days. Here are the quick bullet points (but keep reading for more details):
  • Worship this Sunday, March 22nd, is cancelled.
  • There will be a live-streamed baptismal service with limited attendance. 
  • There will be online content to interact with as a family and use for family devotions in your home.
  • Wednesday Adult Bible study and Thursday women's study will continue 
As you all know these last two weeks have been strange and for some, extremely stressful. The circumstances of coronavirus pose two threats. First, there is the threat of the virus itself. Though mild to some, the virus can cause complications for others and, from what we're being told, spread quickly. That's one threat. But the other threat is far more serious. The second threat is the panic and faithlessness surrounding coronavirus. Proverbs 29:11 says, "A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back." What you see going on right now is a lot people with their "vents" fully open. That's why you can't find toilet paper. Some folks opened their vents and sent everyone into a TP tizzy. 

I'm so thankful that I recently went through the book of James on Sunday mornings. It's been a good reminder for my soul. The book of James reminds us that the greatest threat in trials is that we would forget we are Christians. The worst thing to happen in a trial would be for us to become functional atheists and forget that the Lord Jesus reigns over all our circumstances and provides all the good gifts we need to live for him faithfully in our trials (James 1:2-4, 16-18).

I'm so blessed and happy to be your pastor in this season because it forces me not only to preach to myself but also to be among you and see your faith and love in action. 

Now, let me update you about church plans for the next few days. 

First, we have decided to CANCEL this Sunday's worship service (March 22nd). As elders we decided that we wanted to model a spirit of cooperation with President Trump and do what we can to honor his request to limit our gatherings to 10 people. You can find that request  HERE
If the president were asking us to sin or to flatly disobey the Lord Jesus we would respectfully disobey. But we do not believe the President is asking us to sin. He is asking us to temporarily cancel our service in order to take a crack at slowing the spread of coronavirus so that our medical facilities do not become suddenly overwhelmed. 

Now, men are fallible and our knowledge is limited. So, time will tell just how justified these measures are. In the meantime we are glad to model a humble spirit of cooperation and love for neighbor in response to the president's request. 

Second, our plans going forward:
We plan to resume our worship gathering (with increased precautions) on March 29th. However, we will continue to evaluate that decision as elders in our daily phone conference.

Also, because our Wednesday night Bible study and Thursday women's Bible study haven't exceeded the president's recommenced limit we are going to continue to offer those.

Next, we will also be offering online content to interact with. I will record a lesson from the passage I would have preached on (Matthew 10:16-33) and take my best shot at presenting it in a way that will help you talk about it with each other in your homes.

Also, Lord willing, I will record another video with some content to give you some direction and tips for leading family devotions in your homes. 

And, should the Lord allow me the time and grant me the diligence, I'm also going to do a few videos with book recommendations in case you're looking for something to read while we all "chill out" for the next few days. 

I'm especially excited to let you know we have two baptisms scheduled for this Sunday. These young men have a very strong desire to obey the Lord by being baptized as believers and I simply can't ask them to delay any longer. We have everything we need to do it, why wait? (Acts 8:36). 

So, if you would like to be a part of the small group of folks that will physically attend that service, please let me know. 
If not, PLEASE pursue your own joy and encouragement by watching the livestream on Facebook here , Sunday morning @ 10:30 AM. 
With you, for your joy, 
Pastor Cory
Sunday | March 22, 2020
10:30 AM Baptismal Service
Pastor Cory Kitch
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