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May / June Newsletter

THE HARVEST IS RIPE! Over the last few months our team has seen God move in incredible ways to touch both individuals and whole families.  People are being saved, healed, and delivered through radical encounters with the love of God.  Men, women, and children are being freed from situations of slavery . . . God is truly on the move to establish His justice in the nations! 

"Cease striving and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted in the earth." - Psalm 46:10
Child Rescue!

Out of the darkness and into His light.  This 14-year-old boy is now in a safe family and in the arms of Jesus, after over one year under lock and key in a local brothel. 
When his parents died, this precious boy and his older sister ventured to find income for their family. 
With no skills or education, his 17-year-old sister found herself working in prostitution in a brothel.  
When we first met them, the sister was very upset that her brother couldn't go to school but saw no other way or safe place for him to live other than in the brothel with her.  We instantly began working to get him into our education sponsorship program.  At that time, due to the sister's guardianship, we were unable to help him leave the establishment.  However, upon follow-up, we soon discovered that the sister had been moved to Thailand, but the boy was still in Cambodia and living in the brothel . . . trapped and all by himself.  We could see his countenance had changed and something was different . . . something was seriously wrong. 
It was then that we began making plans to get him into one of our partner children's homes.  Upon those efforts, the brothel owner let us know that the 14-year-old boy belonged to her and that we would not be able to move him.  As it appeared, he had been sold . . . most likely debt collateral for his sister and now held against his will and being forced to work for the brothel owner. 

After over a year of work to get him safe, we are pleased to announce that with the help of extraordinary investigators and police he is now in a safe family and on a journey of restoration. Please continue to pray and believe with us for accelerated healing and grace in his transition.

After a long and challenging journey this14-year-old boy is now free.

Incredible Outreach Testimonies

Over the last few months, we've seen an extraordinary acceleration in ministry times and outreaches within the community.  People that we've been pouring into for years are just now deciding to follow Jesus in what seems like a "sudde
While praying in the hospitals and on the streets the Lord radically healed many, including one woman who was unable to walk. After prayer she was running around the hospital in amazement . . . she had been healed.
Others we are meeting for the first time, some that have never before heard of the name of Jesus, are recognizing His love through divine appointments, prophetic words, healings, and emotional / physical needs being met . . . they are all eagerly accepting an invitation to follow Him.   
Women Being Restored
The women in our Everlasting Love (EL) women's training and rehabilitation program are excelling in their sewing knowledge and abilities, as well as in their healing and spiritual walk with the Lord.  We pray fervently for those in the program to encounter the love of God in a real and tangible way.  For many of the girls that have been abused, rape, sold, and tortured, real love is a foreign concept.  However, this month, many of the ladies responded to us and others with wisdom beyond their years, as they gave away the love they had so freely received. We are so proud of them in their ability to love others and to express love to even the seemingly unlovely.

In addition, all of our girls, through their own initiative, asked us if they could get baptized. That said, each of our girls got water baptized and all were also baptized in the spirit.  Wahoo!

They couldn't get in the water fast enough.  All our EL girls were eager to dedicate themselves to the Lord and step into His death and resurrection life, as they got water baptized and consecrated their life unto Him.

Women's Banquet 
Our team loves to lavish the women we work with - those coming out of dark backgrounds of prostitution, drugs, and human trafficking situations with elaborate banquets. 
Royalty! EL women experiencing God's banqueting table, as we invited them to taste and see of His goodness during this very special celebration of women and destiny.
Thanks to a generous donor,
we were able to celebrate the women in our EL program with one of these extraordinary events.  During the banquet, the girls were taken to a high tea, complete with roses, delicate and beautiful treats, delicious tea, and lots of fun and fellowship.  Our team shared a message of identity and value, and each of the women was invited to also share her story, her struggles,  and her victories.    It was an emotional day, as they grew closer to God and to each other, and all left with a better understanding of true value and beauty.

Whole Families Restored

We are seeing a lot of crosspollination lately in our projects.  Children in our education sponsorship program are becoming leaders in our Kids Justice House of Prayer (KJHP) . . . husbands of the women in our EL program are coming to know the Lord by participating in our men's ministry outreaches . . . kids of the women in our EL program are being transformed through education and kids' discipleship programs . . . the Lord is restoring whole families! 
This month one of our child leaders in KJHP led 5 people to the Lord.  Another lady, shared with her sister-in-law, who shared with her husband, who through divine appointment ended up leading the whole family to Jesus.  All of our kids are praying for the sick and seeing their peers, family members, and community healed and restored.  

One of the most rewarding experiences . . . XP clients and community friends who have received the Lord now reaching out to their own families and neighborhoods.
During one KJHP mentoring time, the children passed around a globe and began to cry out for their brothers and sisters in other nations.  They prayed as the spirit led them for nations the Lord put on their heart . . . Australia, China, Fiji, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Sudan, Canada, the US, and Cambodia were just a few they felt to cover.
Wow - God is truly bringing whole households into His Kingdom!

 A Safe Place

This month we saw several enslaved by poverty come into a safe place in knowing God as Father, as they saw their physical needs being met.  One of our Education Empowerment Program families got moved from the streets into a house.   The mom said they had never before had a house of their own to live in.  After countless nights sleeping and living on the streets, this family of four was thrilled to have a roof over their heads.  The little girl responded, "I can't wait to sleep in a bed and room tonight." The mom and kids all received prayer and found comfort in God's peace and love.
Education, lunch, and now a roof over their heads. These kids and their whole family are being restored.

Protecting Cambodia and Beyond it's Borders

Our social workers in Poipet and Phnom Penh work very hard to maintain a safe network for children and their families, protecting those at-risk and assisting to rescue those in need.

This month we partnered with our friends at A21 to host government and police and to network and strategize together how best to protect Cambodians in their repatriation process. 
The team toured Pattaya and Bangkok, Thailand.  Many of the government works were shocked to hear reports and to see the countless numbers of Cambodian children that had been trafficked into Thailand.  In one Thai drop-in center there were 67 Cambodian street children receiving care.  As the team met with a number of children, many shared their stories of trafficking.
We are working with those at the border and in neighboring nations and will continue to partner to protect, rescue, and restore.
We love networking and linking arms to protect the vulnerable and exploited.

Please keep these individuals and families covered in prayer.  We are believing for continued breakthrough and justice for all. Your partnership has made it possible. Thank you!!

Much Love and Blessings 

Patricia King, Andrea Aasen and the XP Missions team   

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* Names have been changed to protect identities and not re-exploit. 

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