October 12, 2017
A Word from
Rev. Hanna Peterson Shearer
God's Gifts Through Candy and Hotdogs

KFPC Focus Statement: “As a Spirit-led congregation, our focus is to equip our people to discern and act on God’s call to be caring, intentional neighbors.”

Our first Halloween in Oklahoma, we dressed Vivienne up (she wanted to be a zebra) and went around our neighborhood trick-or-treating. We didn’t live in town, we were about 3 miles out of town in a place where the houses were pretty spread-out. There were not many kids in our neighborhood. The few living there were high school students. At the first house, no one was home. The second house we visited, the neighbor said, “I think you are our first trick-or-treater!”

“Oh really, tonight?” I asked.

“No,” she said, “ever.”

“Oh no.” I thought. Are we imposing on our neighbors? Is this going to be a terrible disaster? I bought a bunch of candy for the kids who came to our house trick-or-treating! Am I going to eat ALL that candy?
We wanted to be good neighbors. We were still relatively new and wanted to get to know the people in our neighborhood, but most of the houses were dark and empty and the ones who were home were not prepared for tricks-or-treats. Sometimes it’s difficult “to be a caring, intentional neighbor”, as our church focus statement says. We don’t always have the important information to help us be a neighbor.

But this Halloween I know how to be a neighbor… at our Trunk-or-Treat at KFPC! It’s an event that many churches have undertaken to reach out to their community and KFPC has enjoyed this outreach ministry for the past several years. On Halloween Night, Oct 31, we need decorated cars in our parking lot and lots and lots of candy! Sometimes God’s gifts come through hotdogs and candy.
Our purpose for putting on a Trunk or Treat event is to provide a safe place for local children to have fun on Halloween and enjoy candy. God shows up in amazing ways when we open our doors and our hearts to our community. We are witness to the fact that God loves everyone and reaches them through us when we are willing to truly be the hands and heart of Jesus. The clean-up afterwards may be exhausting, but if we are more concerned with keeping things tidy and cleaned up, we miss out on the gift of sharing a meal at table with hungry people. If we care more about having a nice building and never use the place, we missed the point of having it entirely! Ministry is messy, friends! Whether it’s getting in the muck and the mire of people’s emotional messes, their spiritual messes, or physical messes, ministry is messy. We must be willing to get a little messy and deal with cleaning up a little to share the love of Christ. 

It is my hope and prayer that we will find even more creative ways to reach our community and our neighborhood by whatever means possible… maybe even with candy and hotdogs.

Please join us on Halloween Night, Oct 31, from 5-8 pm as we share candy, stories, hotdogs and fun with our neighbors. 

Gracious God, thank you for this church. Thank you that you have placed us in this neighborhood. Strengthen us to be caring, intentional neighbors and care for the people around us. Give us joy and celebration as we care for your children. Amen.

October 15: Contemporary Worship 8:30 am; Sunday School 9:45 am; Traditional Worship 11 am.

October 22: Contemporary Worship 8:30 am; Sunday School 9:45 am; Traditional Worship 11 am.

October 29: Contemporary Worship 8:30 am; Sunday School 9:45 am; Traditional Worship 11 am.

Upcoming Events
Friday, October 13, 2017

Three Rivers Convention Center
Kennewick, WA
Conference agenda and registration coming soon!


For more information call Brenda or Jannette at
(509) 783-7416

Sponsored by: Chaplaincy Health Care
Expert Guidance During Illness and Grief
SATURDAY, October 14, 2017
9 AM - 5 PM
First Pres Center

Bring your own projects and a potluck dish for lunch!

Please sign up at the Information Table. For any questions, contact Jeanna Mabry at jmichmabry@hotmail.com or 5477-3295.
October 2017
Sundays - 9:45 am

Financial Peace - Facilitated by Melissa & Bill Ruzicka (Library)
History of Calvin - Facilitated by Sylvia Harris (Rm 109)
New Members Class - Facilitated by Pastor Hanna & Pastor Ashley (Fireside Rm)

Wednesday Evening Small Group Bible Study

Acts of the Apostles
6:30 - 7:30 PM
Biweekly in the Fireside Room (See dates below)

By studying the book of Acts, together we will explore how the early Christian church grew and established a new way of living in the world, based on the Gospel, and how we can rediscover this way for the contemporary church today. We will use the Acts for Everyone Bible Study Guide by N.T. Wright to help guide our study and discussion. All are welcome! For more information, please contact Pastor Ashley.

The fall schedule is below:

October 18: Acts 1:1-2:41 “Luke’s Story Continues” and “Wind and Fire”
November 1: Acts 2:42-3:26 “Restoration and Refreshment”
November 15: Acts 4:1-31 “Clash of Loyalties”
November 29: Acts 4:32-5:42 “The New Community”
December 13: Acts 6:1-8:3 “The Family Widens” and “Stephen Tells the Story” 

Facilitated by Pastor Ashley

October 17, 2017
12:00 pm

Best Years Group meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, September - May, in the First Pres Center for a program and potluck lunch starting at noon.

Come join us on Tuesday, October 17 to learn how TROT (Therapeutic Riding of Tri-Cities) uses animals to help people with physical and mental needs.

October 15:  LYFE Together. From 4 – 6 pm at the church. We will have a special guest helping out -- !
October 22: L YFE goes to the Middleton Corn Maze The kids had a great time last year, so we are going back. Gather at the church at 3, and we will be back to the church at 6:30 pm. Cost is $10 per person. Don’t let the cost stop anyone!
Oct. 27 DEADLINE for BLAST at discount ($80 now; $100 after deadline; (scholarships available) – See below for more about The BLAST!
October 29:  NO! LYFE Tonight.   
Oct. 31 TRUNK and TREAT – we will participate in this fun event. We would love to have several “LYFE  Cars” decorated. Other LYFE kids can help as needed.

November 5: LYFE Together. WooHoo Emily is here! We want all high schoolers to come and meet Emily. It will be a fun LYFE together. Starts at 4 --

November 17 – 19: The BLAST is a weekend at Ghormley Meadows camp with kids from throughout the Mid-Columbia region. It’s like a week at camp stuffed into a weekend. Music, games, lessons, and FUN! We really want to take a big group!
The easiest way is to register online –


HOMEWORK HELPERS begins Tuesday, Oct. 17 at Westgate School. We’ll help the kids with their homework on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 am. to 8:10 am.
Please note: You must fill out a current (2017-2018) KSD volunteer form BEFORE you begin. These are available at the Westgate or KSD district offices, through Kathy Dechter at church, or simply download and fill out the online form at http://www.ksd.org/Resources/Community/Volunteer .

Please contact Kathy Dechter at 627-0950 or at ktdechter@gmail.com for details. 
SUNDAY, October 22, 2017
12:30 pm
First Pres Center

Soup, bread or crackers will be provided.
(A-L) bring salad
(M-Z) bring dessert

If you live in Richland, Prosser, Pasco, Benton City, Burbank & other outlaying areas, you are part of Parish 5.
October 31, 2017
5 - 7 pm
Church Parking Lot

Volunteer to decorate your trunk and hand out candy to the children on Halloween!
We are accepting candy donations now! Please look for the candy box in the Narthex!

Saturday, November 4
8 am - 1 pm
Fall Cleanup for our entire facility (indoors & outdoors)

Look for the signup sheet in the Narthex in the weeks to come.
Contact: Jeanna Mabry or Robert Robinson

Coffee and donuts provided!
November 6, 2017
1:30 pm - Library

If you have a favorite cutting tool, mat, ruler - please bring it!

We will have a snack for lunch.

See you then!

Alta Thomas, Gayle Foster, Nina Liebler
Get involved and help become the “heart and hands of Jesus Christ”. What a great way to help spread the Gospel. Fill a shoebox and return one or more to the church on Sunday, November 12 th . Help your children/grandchildren understand the true meaning of Christmas.  

Dear Chaplaincy Health Care Member Congregation:

It is hard to believe that another year at Cork’s Place is underway. As we reflect on all that has happened in the past year our hearts are filled with gratitude for the new opportunities that we’ve had, support we’ve received from our community and the growing amount of grieving families and survivors of teen suicides in our local schools that we’ve been able to serve.

We are now serving more families than ever in Cork’s Place history. Because of the growing need for grief support services for children and teens, we’ve expanded our services by adding 3 more support groups and 2 additional staff members. We have also taken our unique support model to local high schools to meet the needs of teens who have experienced the sudden loss of a friend by suicide.

We provide these services free of charge thanks to community support. We rely greatly on monetary and in-kind donations to help sustain groups throughout the school year. Currently we are in great need of the following items:

·         Large Bottles of Tempera Paint
·         Elmer’s Glue
·         Modeling Clay
·         Kinetic Sand
·         Mod Podge
·         Beanie Babies/Stuffed Animals
·         Canvases of all sizes
·         Glitter 
**All items must be un-used/un-opened**

Using creative outlets such as art, allows for emotions to be expressed in a powerful and extraordinary manner, often beyond what words can say. It is one tool of many that we utilize to help children and teens share their story, work through their individual healing process, feel empowered and bond with others in a and nurturing environment, who have experienced similar losses. The impact that providing a space such as Cork’s Place has, is deep and life-changing. Here’s what Cork’s Place member Isabel Child, the wife of Officer Bart Child, beloved husband and father of 3 children, who died suddenly has to say about her experience:

“Life was so hard, and I knew my kids needed something. That’s when Cork’s Place came into our lives. Cork’s Place has been a safe place for my kids to express their feelings about the death of their dad, a place to remember him, a place to be around others who know how they feel on the inside and a place where we feel normal. This has been the one constant place we can go to and be “real”. It still is not easy, but we are survivors and Cork’s Place has helped us through our ongoing journey.”

Every single family that attends Cork’s Place has a story and a great need. You can help fill that need by providing any of the items above.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration of providing help to grieving families in our community. We are so grateful and encourage you to schedule a tour of Cork’s Place to see where your donations are going.

Brandy Hickey
Cork’s Place Operations Manager

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