The only place to find certainty is in the paradise of fantasy,
where nothing ever happens.
where everything happens and uncertainty reigns supreme,
is the purgatory that allows us to burn all fantasy down to the ground of peace.

The Mindfulness Lectures presents:


Saturday, November 2, 2013
3:00pm - 5:00pm

Many people wish to meditate, have tried meditating or have even taken a training course in meditation, yet few manage to develop mindfulness into a way of life. The most common reason people give for this failure is that meditation seems just too difficult to incorporate into daily life. What is the nature of that difficulty?

We will explore the reasons why it is so difficult to embody mindfulness, despite the fact that the individual meditation practices are so simple. Greater insight into these reasons will help us overcome pitfalls and challenges on our healing journey in mindfulness.

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A student from the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction program sent me this funny clip illustrating what they were learning, how the MPC (medial prefrontal cortex) can go 'off line' when we 'flip the lid' and how to bring it back 'online' through mindfulness.

Interpersonal Neurobiology is a field that in recent years has allowed us to understand the connections better between brain and mind, neuron and mindfulness. Knowledge of the brain mechanisms involved in mindfulness practice inspires many people to take up practice when they otherwise would not have paid attention to its importance.

The videos are spoofy of course, but if we had the training to be better in touch with and understand what happens in the aliveness of a moment, we would be less reactive and the world would be a better place. That is mindfulness.   


The moment you hope for may never come.
Don't wait for the opportunity to be mindful
or to offer your love
when it seems favorable or convenient.
Don't put beauty on hold,
but freely release the gifts of your invitation
to soothe the suffering of your fellow humans.
Neither mindfulness nor love
want to be parked on a fence
until the right moment appears
or you meet and trust the right person. Independent of circumstance
offer both freely and continuously
because it is your premeditated approach to life. Let your presence guide you
to be loving and open from the start,
without reservations or conditions,
if that is what you seek and promise.
Remember to engage your day
without restraint in a positive and loving way -
and beauty is unbound.

With kind regards,

Dr. T.

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