News October 2021
Field Practices Guide Update
Recent Compliance Decisions
Road Maintenance & Deactivation
Reminder to Report Landslides
Field Practices Guide - 2021 Update
The Managed Forest Council initiated the Field Practices Guide in 2008 to aid landowners in their field decisions and provide an overview of administrative and regulatory obligations under the Private Managed Forest Land Act & regulations.

The guide has been updated to reflect recent changes in regulation.
Council's 2021 updated Field Practices Guide is now available

For more information and to download the updated Field Practices Guide, see our Field Practices Guide blog post here
Recent Compliance Decisions
The Managed Forest Council has several mechanisms that may be used to ensure compliance with the Private Managed Forest Land Act and regulations. Compliance mechanisms and decisions are outlined in the compliance section of the Managed Forest Council’s website.

Council has recently entered into Consent Agreements with two owners who failed to provide a Notice of Sale as required by Sec 11 of the Council Regulation. For a compliance update and additional information, see the Compliance Decisions Update blog post here
Road Maintenance & Deactivation: Important Regulatory Information for Owners
As winter approaches managed forest owners are reminded to be diligent around regulatory requirements related to road maintenance & deactivation, two forest activities that are required for protection of water quality and fish habitat.

The Private Managed Forest Land Council Regulation (Council Regulation) provides specific maintenance and deactivation requirements. Read more about them in our blog post here.
We remind managed forest owners that they are required to report landslides and debris flows to the Managed Forest Council office within 24 hours of becoming aware that the landslide or debris flow has occurred on their land and has deposited debris or sediment into a class A, B, C, D, or E stream.

See the landslide and debris flow blog post here for more information on the regulatory requirement and Council’s Self-Report Form.
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