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 Monday October 30, 2017

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Cristina's Corner                        
What's bugging you?
Feeling annoyed?
Do you finally make a decision, after so much time going back and forth, and things don't go the way you want?
You may even feel people getting under your skin, or feeling depleted by others.  

It's time to detach!  Let go of what isn't working and pull back.
Detach from what others need from you.  Is it really necessary?
Are what they are saying actually reality?  

Know what you believe and rely on your own experiences.  You walked this path of life and you are coming into your own.  
Release what others' opinions are.  Know what you need to do for yourself.
Self care is so important right now.
What do you need to do to move on, be happy, and create the life you have always wanted.  
Take time to do some of the things you enjoy doing.  Creativity and laughter is so healing.  It doesn't have to be all work.  You don't have to be so serious.
Your feelings do matter.
We've been told to suck it up and deal with it, but we have to acknowledge how we feel.  
Feelings are intuitive.  It helps us to make a decision based on our gut instincts.
If you can relate your feelings then do so.
If you can't then find people who will listen with compassion.
We need more compassionate listeners. 
And, if you find yourself being the listener, don't take on their energy.
Stay detached.  Listen without falling into their issues.
Make popcorn and watch the movie, don't jump into the screen and break your TV.
Don't be Santa and throw all of that energy into your sack on your shoulders. 
Just release it to the Angels.  They'll know what to do!
Calling all Angels!!
all my love,

Need spiritual direction?  Psychic Medium Readings with Cristina Leeson
Specializing in business and career, life path and relationships.  Connecting to loved ones who have passed.  
Private psychic development sessions  available with Cristina Leeson. 
call or email for an appointment  610-413-8191 or  Cristinaleeson@hotmail.com

Try my free guided meditations!   Click here to meditate!

Classes & Events

Yoga Tuesday nights 7:00 PM
Reiki Share 1st Sunday of the Month 1:00 PM    
Meditation  Friday mornings 9:30 AM
Intuition class 2nd Wednesday of the month 7:00 PM
Ascension Class 1st Thursday of the Month 7:00 PM
Woman's Wisdom circle   last Wednesday of the month 7:00 PM
Healing Circle once a month


Happy Halloween! 

Yoga Cancelled Tues. 10/31

Ascension Class Thur. 11/2  7:00 PM
With Cristina Leeson $10 drop ins welcome!
Community of like minded people.  Gathering together in prayer and oneness.  Discussion on what is going on globally.  Chanting, prayer, support.  If you feel pulled to come, it is your guides gently nudging you.  We also channel higher teachers and Masters to bring us support and clarity.  cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191

Meditation Fri. 11/3  9:30AM
with Cristina Leeson $10 drop ins welcome!
Need peace and calm? This guided relaxing meditation will help you feel it. Easy for anyone to do, just follow along. Will also help you develop your third eye. Cristinaleeson@hotmail.com 610-413-8191

Full Moon 11/4

Reiki Share Sun. 11/5 1:00-3:00 PM
with Cristina Leeson 
Drop ins welcome!  Free Event for Reiki Practitioners!
Join our Reiki Community!  For all reiki 1,2 and 3 practitioners.  A great way to receive reiki and healing as well as helping others.  Drop ins welcome!  
Held the first Sunday of the month. 
cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191

Yoga Tues. 11/7  7:00 PM
with Annette Lemma  $12 drop ins welcome 
$10 sign up for group of classes 
Hatha yoga is for beginners as well as seasoned yogis who prefer a slower, gentler yoga.  Join in this ancient practice that unites body, mind and spirit with the use of breath and postures to achieve better flexibility, balance and strength.  Bring your own mat, extras available, and a water bottle.  Space is limited.  RSVP recommended.  alemma429@gmail.com or 610-585-3012

Intuition Class Wed. 11/8  7:00 PM
with Cristina Leeson $10 drop ins welcome!
Want to develop your intuition?  We will talk about how to develop it and use oracle cards to strengthen our connection to our guides.  A guided meditation to help you open your third eye.  Bring your own oracle cards, we have extra.  cristinaleeson@hotmail.com or 610-413-8191

Meditation Fri. 11/10  9:30AM
with Julie Ziegler   $10 drop ins welcome!
Need peace and calm? This guided relaxing meditation will help you feel it. Easy for anyone to do, just follow along. Will also help you develop your third eye. juliesalternatives@gmail.com or 610-636-7522

Veteran's Day 11/11

Inner Light Expo 11/11 & 12 all weekend
at Coventry Mall, info below...

Shamanic Healing Circle Mon. 11/13  7:30 PM
Awareness Join the circle to increase your awareness of self. As we work through our blocks we become more aware of our true self and the wonders of the Spirit World. We will journey to find out what is holding us back: Physical trauma or Emotional trauma. How is it connected to us and how to cut the cords? This will be a healing circle of self-discovery. We search within to connect with Spirit.
Suggested offering is $10.
All are welcome to participate in the Healing Circle. Spirit has pressed upon me to share the knowledge of the Lakota people that we are all connected; connected to each other and to creation. My teachings and healing come from the Lakota people, the Indigenous Grandmothers, the Ancestors, the Ascended Masters and many earthly teachers. Come join us for a personal journey to healing the mind, body and spirit and to send healing to mother earth and all of her creatures. Discover how we are all connected to one another and understand our place in the world. Each meeting will cover a short topic guided by spirit followed by a healing circle. The Healing circle will connect all participants, raising our vibrations to heal each of us with Divine Energy that we can send out into the world. Please check to see the time, place, and topic for the next Circle.  970-290-6536 tedcutler@outlook.com 

For more info on upcoming classes, click on this link:

Click on Facilitator Name for Additional Information

Psychic Medium
Spiritual Teacher

Master Hypnotherapist

Intuitive Shamanic Healer

Raya Pereira Spiritual Teacher



Yoga Instructor

Lucey Harley Young Living Oils

2017 Fall Expo!
Taking applications now!!

click on this link:

FREE Lecture Schedule:

Saturday Lectures

10:30- Transformative Prayer
                    Maryam Kabeer
11:00- Psychology and Meditation
                Dr. Rahman Beckwith
11:30- Law of Attraction
                  Maja Taylor Life Coach
12:00- Psychic Medium Reading Gallery
                Marie Belote- Celestial Connections
1:00- Matrix Energetix
                Kimberly Uhl
1:30- Benefits of Past Life Regression
              Karen Haas
2:00- Angel Signs
            Maria Killgore
2:30- Managing Colon Health & Regularity
              Vaidya Gupta - American Ayurveda
3:00-Young Living Essential Oils
            Lucey Harley
3:30- Heart Based Perception
              Dave Gutkowski- Body and Soul
4:00- Benefits of Facial Reflex Therapy
              Robin Taney-Reflex Therapy
4:30 -Iridology
              Birgit Lueders
5:00-Releasing Blocks to Health
            Rebecca Cohen- The Path to Heal
5:30- Blue Turtle Intuitive Counseling
            Rev. Michael Barnett
6:00- Transformation Stories
            Yoli Independent Members
6:30- Massage Therapy School
              Cortiva Institute

Sunday Lectures

11:00- Living Life Fully
              John RedEagle
11:30- Managing Empathic Abilities
              Katherine Wolff
12:00- Psychic Medium Reading Gallery
                  Cristina Leeson Inner Light Center
1:00- Five Element & Energetic Psychology
                  Mark Reinhart- Three Pure Rivers
1:30-doTerra Oils
                Lori Angstadt
2:00- Holistic Psychotherapy
            Amy Campos- Transformative Awakenings
2:30- Pointers to know the Absolute Truth
              Uday Gupta- American Ayurveda
3:00- The Marriage of Science and Spirituality
              Gerry Yergey
3:30 - One Light, Many Lampshades
             Troy Taylor   

Lectures subject to change

Cristina Leeson
Julie Ziegler - Hypnotherapist
Maja Taylor - Life Coach
Jodie Smola
Lucey Harley -Young Living Essential Oils
Beth Feger
Annette Lemma
Marie Belote
Karen Haas
American Ayurveda
Angel Wings Messages
Kashmir Dream
Body and Soul Holistic Arts
HM Salt Lamps
Kabbalah Inspired Messages
Spiritual Enlightenment
Maria Killgore
Joyful Awakenings LLC
Spickerman's Intuitive Threads
Emerging Rainbow Light
Gypsy Moon
Massaging Insoles by Ramb
Mystical Blossoms
Sacred Rose Herb & Root
Ringing Rocks Mint
A Tarot Card Reading with Fast Horse
The Path to Heal
Birgit Care
HK The Natural Way
DorothyClaire Crystals
Reflex Therapy
Blue Turtle Intuitive Counseling
Midnite Incense
Mudjestic Skincare
Make Life Changes
Wear at Your Own Wrist
Lady Lynora's Gemstone Treasures
Yoli Independent Members
The Stone Fairy
Corbie Mitleid
Class Act Imports
Hues of You Aura Photography
Living Spectrum Reflexology
Satori Spiritual Center
Pure Energy by Jason Leininser
Awaken the Light Healing LLC
Himalayan Salt Cave
Kindred Spirits Store
doTerra Oils
Daffodil Gypsies
Solstice Moon Apothecary
Earth Angel Healing
Three Pure Rivers Studio for the Arts
John Red Eagle
TJ's Rocks and Gemcrafts
Transformative Awakenings
Touch N Heal
Raven Healing Center LLC
Cortiva Institute
Hand and Stone Massage
Lori Yanos   Elena Benfer  
Mystic Man Troy Taylor
Four Elements/Faerie Knows Best
Healthy Living with Charisse Marei Ronnerman
The Kyanite King
hOMe Psychotherapy, Yoga & Meditation
Kathleen Quinn Energy Healer
Garden of One
and more...

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