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A New Season
September / October Newsletter

This month we entered into the Hebrew calendar year 5777.   As we've been praying into the new year, we are feeling an acceleration and increase . . . and an invitation to walk in supernatural provision. We are believing for a new level of glory, as we embrace greater intimacy with Him.  Thanks for partnering with us for an incredible year!
God 's done so much in the last few months . . .

We love our outreach teams! 

We are so thankful for short-term mission teams that come from around the world to link arms with us in worship, prayer, community outreach, and project development.

    Outreach 1 Outreach 2

Over the last few months we've been blessed to have over 6 teams and partner groups visit!
Each brought their own "flavor" and

We linked arms to facilitate Vacation Bible Schools,
worship and prayer in the slums, children's outreaches, ministry to women working in prostitution, food and clothing distributions, and team building times. 

Outreach 3 Outreach 4

Our team partnered with the Com-X, Canadian youth, Heather Clark and the Girls of Courage, Georgian and Winnie Banov's Global Celebration team, and the Gateway Church team, as they poured out love in Cambodia!

Outreach 5 Outreach 6
During one of our outreaches, a person passing by commented that they were drawn in by the worship. Outreach 7  Afterward, they were prophetically sung over, and we asked if they wanted to receive Jesus in their heart.  Their response was, "I already did during the song!" Before we could ask, Holy Spirit had already prompted them to know and follow Jesus . . . AMAZING!!   
  Outreach 8 Outreach 9      

Striking the land with His justice and love!

The Operation Prayer Strike team gathered last month in Cambodia and Vietnam to receive revelatory teaching and impartation, as well as to reach out in intercession through strategic outreaches and ministry times. Prayer Strike 1 During their time here, we had several breakthroughs, including two new suspected human trafficking cases that were brought to our attention.  Please pray for justice in both cases, one of which involves a 5 and 7 year-old child, whose alleged perpetrator appeared to be exploiting them for sex. Exposure is key, and now that we are aware of the situation, we can begin working with investigators and police to help these precious victims.

From Phnom Penh, to Sihanoukville, to Poipet, to Ho Chi Minh City, Cambodia and Vietnam were covered with the glory of God, as the Operation Prayer Strike team covered the nation with prayers and decrees.
Prayer Strike 2 Prayer Strike 3     Prayer Strike 4 Prayer Strike 5

Children Rescued!

Rescue 1 These Cambodian street children and their mother were trafficked into Thailand, where they were found working in slave labor on a Thai fishing boat. Our team worked diligently with the government to get them into safe care, where they are now receiving rehabilitative services.

The mother is also training to begin her own business, which will help alleviate future cases of coercion and exploitation.

Rescue 2
These precious Khmer kids lost their parents suddenly.  After their death, the orphaned children were forced to live with their grandma who was begging on the streets. Both kids also had to work on the streets begging to earn money to support their sick and elderly grandmother.  Our team was able to assist this at-risk family with necessary medical care when the grandmother was ill and helped to also place the children in a partner school.  Last month the grandmother died, and the children were left with no food or care.  Our team found them alone and was able to assist in placing them in a partner children's home, where they are now receiving ongoing care and education.   

Rescue 3 The Cambodia Office of Social Affairs recently contacted our team to assist in a case of neglect and forced slavery.  These three children were left alone and found in a house with no food, while the parents went to work outside the country. The neighbor, who was supposed to be taking care of them, began exploiting the children for money. He formed his own business, making the children work in forced begging. Our team was able to intervene in the situation and worked with the government to get them placed in a partner children's home, where they are now safe and have a loving family.  
We are believing for complete healing from all trauma and emotional disturbances. Please continue to pray for these kids, as they journey with Jesus.

  Thanks for being a part of their restoration and healing. You are changing nations! 
Much Love and Blessings 

Patricia King, Andrea Aasen and the XP Missions team   

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* Names have been changed to protect identities and not re-exploit. 

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