Farmington Square Homeowners Association 
 September 2020

A Message from Your Board

Greetings neighbors! Fall is here with temperatures getting cooler and the leaves beginning to change. It has not been quite the same with virtual school and no football tailgates, but hopefully, you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe from this crazy coronavirus.

In addition to some general information and friendly reminders, we want to make
you aware that our annual meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 7 at 6:30 p.m., with more information to come. FSHOA board elections take place at the annual meeting and the board is seeking volunteers for five board positions. If we do not have enough volunteers to fill the vacancies, we may need to outsource these roles or hire a management company at a significant cost to residents. More information is below. If you are interested in running for or learning more about a board position, please email the board.

Also, if you ever have any questions or concerns, or want to help with a project or event, please contact us. Our next board meeting is Monday, October 14 at 7 p.m. All residents are welcome. Due to COVID-19, meetings are held via conference call. Please contact a board member or email us for call-in details.

Thank you for helping us keep Farmington Square a great place to live. We hope you and your loved ones continue to stay safe and healthy.

Your Neighborhood Board of Directors

FSHOA Board Position Openings

Your FSHOA board is comprised of volunteers in the positions of President, Vice
President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Communications, Director of Grounds and Security, Director of Restrictions, Director of Social Events, and Director of Welcoming. Typically, a term is two years and the position elections are staggered to retain continuity on the board. Elections are held at the annual meeting (the first Monday in December) scheduled for Monday, December 7, 2020 6:30 p.m. at the Downtown Farmington Library, 23500 Liberty Street. If you are interested in serving on the FSHOA board or would like more information about the duties, please email the board at Additionally, the board always welcomes additional help with projects or events. Together we can continue to make our neighborhood a great place to live.

FSHOA Board Meetings and Annual Meeting

FSHOA board meetings are held the second Monday of each month (except July when there is no meeting, and December when we have our annual meeting) at 7 p.m. All residents are welcome. Due to COVID-19, in-person meetings have been suspended and are held via conference call. Please contact the board at for call-in instructions if you are interested in joining the meeting.

The annual meeting is held the first Monday in December. This year the annual
meeting will be Monday, December 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the Downtown Farmington
Library, 23500 Liberty Street. All residents are encouraged to attend.

Commons Clearing Update

Work in the commons is progressing and will continue as schedules and weather permit. The land clearing has improved the drainage of the retention pond and eliminated the flooding of yards and basements adjacent to the retention pond area. With the removal of all of the heavy vegetation and brush, the sun has dried out large sections of wet areas enough to allow regular mowing to resume. A test swale was cut in the Shadowglen ravine area which has significantly improved drainage in that area. More swales are scheduled to be cut from River Bend to Shadowglen and through the center commons to the pillbox. As the water continues to carry debris to main culvert at the pillbox it is collected and removed. The grading and general clean-up of the entire area will be done after all of the required prep work is completed.

DTE to Upgrade Cable

Over the next week or so, DTE and their contractor Corby Energy Services will be in the area to perform some crucial electrical maintenance. They will be replace old equipment to improve the power quality to our subdivision. Much of the work will be done around the public utility easement, however, some resident received a notice that they will also be on their property.

Speed Limit - 25 MPH

For the safety and courtesy of your neighbors and children, please do not drive
faster than 25 mph in our subdivision. Thank you!

Pet Waste and Leashes

Please help keep our neighborhood clean by picking up after your pets. Also,
remember pets must be on a leash when walking through the neighborhood and all common areas.

Home Improvements and FSHOA Approval

It is great to see all the wonderful home improvements throughout our
neighborhood! Please remember that our FSHOA has bylaws and covenants that were established to help maintain the beauty of our neighborhood and maximize home values for the benefit of everyone in the subdivision. One of the Board's roles is to enforce these bylaws and we are grateful to you for your assistance.

Before beginning any outside projects, please review the bylaws and covenants at and contact the board for
approval. This helps us maintain consistency throughout the subdivision and
eliminates controversial situations. Questions and requests to make changes to the outside of your home or property should be emailed to We appreciate your understanding and

Landscaping Parameters

As residents plant trees and shrubbery, please plant within your property lines and allow space for growth and maintenance between your neighbors and the City easement. For your safety, Michigan law requires that all utility lines be flagged before beginning an excavation project. Residents are encouraged to contact Miss Dig, a company that offers free services to fulfill your legal requirement and avoid costly fines.

Contractor's List

Do you need help finding a contractor? There is a neighbor recommended (and not recommended) contractor list on the website at
Wxgpryd8jX2s1n0/edit#gid=1826327752. Please help us keep this list up to date by sending names and contact information of qualified contractors that
you recommend (or don't recommend) to our

Yard Maintenance Reminders

To maintain curb appeal and comply with neighborhood and City ordinances, please remember to keep grass cut to 6 inches or less, trim bushes and shrubs, and remove weeds from flower beds and from between driveway and sidewalk cracks.
Thank you!

No Dumping in the Commons

The commons areas are for all to enjoy. Thank you for not disposing of any yard
waste or other debris (i.e. grass clippings, branches, fire wood, ashes, concrete etc.) in these areas.

Annual Dues

For your reference, FSHOA will send out 2021 annual dues notices in mid-
December to each address. Per the FSHOA Bylaws, annual dues must be received by February 28 to avoid late charges. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.