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September 23rd, 2020
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Will You Be Getting A Flu Shot This Year?
Last week's Poll Results: "Should The County Board of Supervisors Defy State Mandates & Move to Open Up All Businesses?"

YES = 50%
NO = 50%
JR's Weekly Column
Summer is gone but, we know better here in Escondido. We’re in the beginnings of our Santa Ana season, and caution/alert should be the norm. No need to remind us of what this means and what precautions we should've already taken. Just note that if you haven’t taken precautions, please do so now. Here's a link to a County Newscenter posting with beneficial information and related links to help.

We’ve harped on this for several months now but, the General Election is just 40 days away now. The airwaves and social media are inundating us with all the political messaging and it’s really heating up…pay attention.

Confused about the Ballot Measures? Not surprised. There are 12 ballot Measures up for a vote and if you read the Measures as written and can make sense fo them, go to the head of the class. But, if like many of us a bit confused after reading them please join the Chamber as we host our Ballott Measure Roundtable Thursday October 15th at 6p. This will be the 3rd part of our 4 part Candidate Forum series the Chamber is co-hosting with the Times-Advocate. It’ll be an open discussion held by a panel feauting our Mayor Paul MacNamara and the TA’s Editor in Chief David Ross along with several others. A link to register is here and can also be easily found on the Chamber’s website as well as a calendar of full slate of forums in this series.

Every once in while we get this question posed to us,”What is it that the Chamber does?”. Always ready with the answer I took a little time to really consider this question. I firmly believe in our ongoing efforts here at the Chamber to create a climate in Escondido where a business would have the optimum opportunity to succeed. And then I found this mission statement from our Bylaws, which I want to share. “The Escondido Chamber of Commerce is organized for the puporse of advancing the commercial, industrial, professional, educational and civic intersts of the city of Escondido and its trade area; to promote integrity and good faith, just and equitable principles in business, uniformity in commercial activities; to acquire, preserve and distribute statististics and information; and to represent the business intersts in city, state and national legislation”.

That says it all…If you need more please contact me at the Chamber. Consider being a member or renewing your membership today. We all need a voice and together, and together our voice will be heard. The Chamber is the voice of business.


James Rowten (JR)
Chamber Events & Programs
Darrell Issa
CA 50th District Candidate Forum

Wednesday, September 30th
@ 6:00pm
Ammar Campa-Najjar
Escondido City Council - ALL Districts Candidate Forum

Thursday, October 1st
@ 6:00pm
Terra Lawsen-Remer
SD Supervisor District 3 Candidate Forum

Thursday, October 8th
@ 6:00pm
Kristin Gaspar
October Economic Development Meeting
Topic: Agricultural Economics & Impacts w/ Special Guests Hannah Gbeh, SD Farm Bureau, Kevin Grangetto, Grangetto's Farm & Garden Supply, Katie Stokes, Publisher & Editor-In-Chief Edible San Diego, and Mayor Paul McNamara!
Thursday, October 8th
9:00am - 10:00am
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The health and safety of our community remains our top priority. The City of Escondido is actively taking measures to keep our community safe and to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We are committed to following the Governor’s and the County Public Health Officer’s orders in a combined effort to keep our population healthy and safe while providing essential services to our residents.
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Escondido Clean Air Day Poster Contest Sept. 23rd - Sept. 30th
Did you know that tailpipe emissions are the source of significant air pollution? To honor California's Clean Air Day (10/7), a poster contest is open to all Escondido students.

Create Artwork and/or a Slogan about Electric Vehicles and Clean Air in Escondido to win $25 & $50 gift cards from Escondido Restaurants and Businesses.
Escondido Sunrise Rotary Presents 2020 Grape Day 5K
The Grape Day 5K is a fun run for everyone from elite runners to casual walkers, this years event is Virtual. Sign up and join others around the country walking, running, and strolling to raise money for Escondido Sunrise Rotary and the MS Society. 
Congratulations to Diana Chambers and her amazing team at the Assistance League of Inland North County for celebrating 35 years, and being named one of CA's 2020 Non-Profits of the Year!
Many businesses, especially small businesses, are facing new challenges due to
COVID-19 and still have ongoing expenses during the pandemic. SDG&E wants to
help during these difficult times and offers these solutions and resources...
Scene In Escondido: SD Children's Discovery Museum