Storm Newsletter 

September 25, 2023

We again had a great meet this week with the some of the fastest times of the year! Next week we will be at COC for our meet!

All of our practices from now on will be at Central Park as the days get shorter, please try to arrive early so we can get started right away.

I would like to thank all our volunteers that help every practice and meet! A special thanks to Christine Tomas, Jane Woodworth, Amy Archie, Laura Calderon, and all of our coaches. If you have not had the chance to volunteer yet, this week will be a great time to help. This is what makes our Storm Family so special!! We will need help with the snack bar at the meet!

There will also be a Open community Race this week, come find out how much you have improved running with the team!!

We are planning our awards for the end of the season, one of them is the Academic award for all 3.5 (B+)and 4.0 (A) students. Please click the link and have your Childs teacher fill this out. If you are in Jr High, please attach a report card or midterm report. medal if they The dead for me to is October 5th, so please do this right away!

Scholastic Form

If you ordered merchandise from our online store please pick it up TODAY at practice near the candy table!

Race Pictures - Anthony Calderon has been taking pictures at many of the meets- He does a great job! You can see them on our Facebook page and I will send a link to his website soon. Also feel free to share your pictures on our Facebook page.

Snack Bar this Week 

This week we are in charge of having the snack bar. Parents are asked to donate items for this. We would like to have a very simple menu of donuts, pastries, tamales, candy, and drinks etc.. I will be sending out a list for each age group by Wednesday. we also need a few parents to volunteer to work it during the meet. This will be our only fundraiser this year and it will be used to offset our banquet that will be held on Nov. 1st!

We need all items brought to the meet by 7:30 am if possible. We also need parents to Work in 1 hour shifts. it. We will send out a sign up genius link on Wednesday, but here is a list by age group of items we ask you to donate. Please bring items to the meet early!! remember we have a lot of athletes so portions do not have to be more than 6-12 of each item. Also if you have athletes in more than one age group just pick one item to bring.


Please let me know if you can bring an Ice chest full of ice, we need 2 of them 


Sub and Gremlins - Donuts, muffins etc.. Fresh donuts sell the best!


Bantams - - water, Gatorade, juice Coffee soda, (coke, sprite, Dr Pepper etc.) sell the best, 


Midgets - snack items like candy, chips , cookies, brownies, must be in individual packages to sell, the kids love the sour patch type candy.


Youth - fruit, nuts, healthy bars, bagels and cream cheese 


We also need parents to help set up the meet. Please arrive early!

JELLY BEANS- We need a little more Jelly Bean! If you have a scoop from us please return that too.

 The scoops we use are from baby formula so if you have any of those we would appreciate you giving us your left overs. 

Practice Week of Sept 25th -Sept. 30th 

Monday - Central Park - 6:00 pm - 7:15pm

Tuesday - Central Park - 6:00 -7:15 pm -  

Thursday Central Park - 6:00 - 7:15 pm -

Saturday - 7:30 am - Meet at College Of The Canyons at the Stadium

Race Schedule - All times are approximate, with a rolling start - races may over-lap.

7:30- Open Community 4K race for parents, coaches(Top 3medals)

8:00- 8:30 -self guided course preview 

8:00 - Coaches meeting near the start line 



9:00 - BANTAM GIRLS - 9/10

9:20- BANTAM BOYS – 9/10

9:40 - JUNIOR GIRLS – 11/12

10:00 - JUNIOR BOYS – 11/12

10:20 - YOUTH GIRLS – 13/14 &15-18-

10:40 - YOUTH BOYS – 13/14 &15-18

Coach Jeremy's Notes to the Team 

Yo, Yo, Team!

Pelona Vista was lights out baby!!! Team Storm brought it and it showed! We had a lot of our team crack the top 10 all time Storm list as well as moving up in standings for the conference. I’ve said it before but it needs to be repeated over and over, you guys are racing the best in the nation EVERY single meet. This is no joke. So while you might think your top 8 position is secure, or your 50th position is secure, you can’t ever rest because IT ISN’T! Look through your age group results and notice from week to week who is moving around. There are others that will go from 14th to 8th and back to 18th. There are some that will all of the sudden realize, as many of you have, I can race waaaayyyyy faster than this. And they do it and then become contenders for post season spots. Some also take a week off or get sick or go out of town. The point is, placing can change from week to week for many reasons, so you have to ensure you are ready to give it your all every week you are out there.

Don’t ever, ever give up! And be ready for battle every time your toe hits the line. 

Two thoughts to ponder this week:

  1. Cross-Country is not a PR driven sport. With exception of the Central Park course which we get to run twice. It is impossible to compare times from week to week as in reality not one of our courses is accurate. And each course has different challenges. What does that mean ultimately: be happy that you just ran a fast time for sure. But… be happier if you finished in a higher position in the conference. That means your training is going well, you are getting stronger than your competition, and you are moving in the right direction!
  2. Finish the race strong! Kick to the end, even if you are alone. But especially when you are near other runners! We don’t give up at the end, we don’t jog into the finish line! EVER!! Your kick might be the difference in finishing Top8 or not. But more importantly, it is the difference of giving it YOUR ALL vs. going out for an afternoon jog. Do you want to be excellent? Do you want to hear the roar of the fans as you finish with everything you have? Do you want to pass and beat your competition by digging deeper than them? Then get out there and DO IT!! By the way, I was there as Gareth finished the race and guess what, he was getting tons of cheers for digging deep one final time to kick to the end!

This week we gear up for COC which will be nice to have a local race for sure. I know what some of you are already thinking, I don’t like COC… Let me call the “whambulence” for you, we’ll wipe your tears, then give you a gentle but firm smack on your cheeks, like a good old movie, and then we’ll get down to business! 😊 This is another chance to show yourself what you are made of! YES, it’ll be challenging, but… YES it’ll be a great race to get ready for 2 back-to-back tough ones: Mt. SAC and Pierce!!

Speaking of MT SAC, take a look at this video I made 10 years ago of the course. It’ll give you an idea of the greatness you are all about to experience…

This week will include more speed, more hills, and more of everything you need to finish this season strong!!! Only 4 more weeks!!!

I’ll see you out there tonight!

Coach Jeremy

Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club
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