Dear Friends,

There will be no ghosts or goblins ringing our bells for candy this Halloween. The tradition that has been part of the season is now only a hope that next year we can again welcome children back on our doorsteps.

At Meals on Wheels Diablo Region, we hope we never have to change our tradition of ringing bells to deliver food to those we serve. When Covid-19 hit, we quickly pivoted our delivery process to make sure that NO senior missed a meal!

Our tradition is boots on the ground – delivering both meals and wraparound services that address all the needs of our clients. In this issue of Special Delivery, you’ll meet some of the people who made the delivery process continue to work. You’ll read about how we are partnering with PG&E in the event of a power outage, how we are working to make sure the upcoming holiday season is brighter for our clients, and about the amazing support the community is providing helping us meet the financial challenges of doing business during Covid-19.

We will all miss welcoming trick or treaters to our doors, but we hope that you will find the stories in this edition of Special Delivery to be uplifting. There are so many people in our community who have helped us continue to ring bells and show up on doorsteps with meals that are truly a treat for our seniors!