An Update from the Town on COVID-19
Mayor Alan Fiers

Dear Town Residents, and Friends:

The watchword for the Town, the County, and the State is: “Steady as you go.”  In other words, all should hold course and continue to practice the precautions we have been taking for the last month. 

In Palm Beach Shores the “good news” is “no news.” No cases of the virus, no major problems, no significant infringements on the social distancing request. Town Hall continues to function internally but is closed to all but emergency services. This said, Public Works staff are on the job and making good progress with various projects like painting the gazebos, changing out lighting and painting the Community Center.

The under-grounding project continues, with the end beginning to appear on the horizon for the electric portion of the project.

If things continue to trend in this positive direction, we are planning on holding the Commission reorganization meeting and first working session of the new line up on
April 27 th . The DRC would then convene at its regular date in May, as would the P&Z. 

We will go into more detail in the regular monthly newsletter at the end of this month.

Cheer and hold on a while longer.
Chief Trevor Steedman

Stay the Course

The Stay Home – Stay Safe: Safer at Home practices of social distancing and venturing out only for essential needs continues to have us trending in the right direction. We still do not have any reported cases of the virus in Palm Beach Shores to-date.   To that end, we need to stay the course and not let our guard down. Recovery and restoration processes can only begin once we are confident that the new cases of COVID-19 have consistently diminished to a manageable level. The adjustments that our Town and Citizens have made to slow and prevent community spread of COVID-19 have greatly supported the local fight against this virus.  Keep up the good work…We’re almost there!

Regular updates and helpful links about COVID-19 are located on the Town’s web page. Recent County orders strongly urge the wearing of cloth face masks in public spaces, especially areas like grocery stores or pharmacies where maintaining good social distancing may be more challenging.

Please also remember that your Town staff and their respective Departments are here with you through this pandemic.

A reminder that we are also here to help in non-emergency settings. Your Fire Department and Emergency Management believe strongly in Community Risk Reduction and to that end, take on many non-traditional roles when it comes to public service. Instead of climbing on a wobbly kitchen chair to change your smoke alarm battery – call us! – We will be glad to stop by and assist you. If you or a neighbor are homebound or more at-risk during essential tasks such as going to the grocery store or pharmacy – call us! – We may be able to stop by to pick up your grocery order or important prescription medication and drop it off to your door. These are just a few of the many ways we are happy to serve.

 As always, please feel free to call or email me with questions, concerns or requests for assistance. Thank you for the support and understanding as we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic together.

Trevor Steedman – (561) 296-3380
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