Sgt. Steve Langevin

I hope all of you and your families are well and getting through this awful time. 

As is the case in our small town, some big rumors can start and grow even bigger. 

There was NO murder on Claremont Lane! It was a one-vehicle accident. The passengers in the rear of the truck were thrown from the truck bed. In an event such as this, with potential serious injuries, multiple PBSO deputies are sent to ensure the scene is maintained and investigated well. Those not needed return to their areas of service.

There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Palm Beach Shores. At one location, it was a combination of drugs and alcohol and a wild imagination. Two other locations involved persons with one of, or both of the above 2 inflictions.

When we do go on a call and COVID-19 is mentioned, the protective actions we take can make us look like a person from “The night of the Living Dead”. The equipment and training each of us have is second to none.

When the Governor first closed the beaches, we brought in 3 PBSO motorcycle units. This was done to keep traffic moving and let people know of the order by word of mouth and fliers we handed out. Just as in after hurricanes, many people wish to come to Palm Beach Shores to see the beaches and fish from the jetty.

We also have prepositioned patrol cars, brought in from other districts, and parked them in areas of our town to control parking, traffic, and deter crime.

All your deputies continue to patrol on foot, ATV, 3 wheeled Segway and patrol vehicles. We have called in the marine unit at times and the helicopter once. All resources of the Sheriff’s office divisions are at our disposal at any time. We receive real time intelligence and updates from PBSO in conjunction with homeland security and other agencies. I attend daily briefings from the North County Major at our daily (formerly weekly) captain’s meetings.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone walking the parkway when this is finally over. Until, then, be safe and well. Please call us when in need at 561-688-3400 or 911. My email is [email protected].

Sergeant Steve Langevin
PBSO Sheriffs Commander, District 20 Palm Beach Shores