June 27, 2020
Did you get a calendar reminder today for the
NH Friendship Chorus flight to South Africa?
I did. It was another reminder of how much has changed since March when the Covid-19 pandemic altered life as we know it. Everyone is disappointed, and I know we all miss being able to sing together! However, we remain hopeful that the South Africa Tour will be able to go as planned next year, June 26 to July 9, 2021.

Please be assured that the NH Friendship Chorus board, and tour guides Rick and Wanda Bogin, will not go anywhere that is unsafe for the group. We are keeping up-to-date with CDC and World Health information, and monitoring promising news on the vaccine front. We plan to make a final evaluation on the safety of the tour to South Africa by February, 2021.

Refund Information Update
Everyone should have already received refunds for the main tour, and the flight on Qatar Airlines. Rick is expecting to receive refunds for the extension group flight shortly, as well. Once he has received it, we will be able to finalize all refunds.

September All-Member Meeting
via Zoom
In place of our normal annual meeting, we will be scheduling a Zoom meeting for sometime in September.  Details will be sent out at the end of the summer.

An in-person Annual Meeting will hopefully be able to be held in February.

Have a summer of good health, and
good (social distancing) fun!
Although we will not be traveling this summer, there are still many opportunities to safely enjoy the outdoor beauty of New Hampshire in the summertime. We are very lucky to live in a state with such a variety of lakes, rivers, mountains and seacoast to enjoy, without having to travel more than an hour!

We wish you and your families the best of health until we can meet again!