These days, it's a struggle to find the right words. As every day presents new situations and challenges, it can be difficult to show up on the front lines of your family.

We have worked hard over the past three months to support the mental, physical and emotional health of families, and that means getting into conversation. In the links above, you'll find conversations we had with Parent Network , Walsh Duffield and more. Additionally, the latest addition to our Parenting Doesn't Stop Project is a Parenting Support Group, meeting every Wednesday via Zoom. The group is open to any parent, for any issue. We know you still need your village- now it's just gone virtual.

Parenting hasn't stopped, and neither have we. EPIC will continue to adapt with the changing times and serve the needs of our families, just as we have for the past 40 years.

Stay safe, stay well, and as always, know we are here for you.

Tara N. Burgess, Executive Director
and the entire EPIC team