If you can't believe August is around the corner, you're not alone. Families everywhere have continued to navigate 2020's ever-changing landscape with resilience, humor and agility. That's why our current series is "40 Days of Family Fun", where we celebrate all the ways that families are enjoying life despite so many external factors. If you and your family are getting up to some new adventures this summer, let us know - we'd love to feature you!

Even in the face of fun, we know that parents may be dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress regarding the upcoming school year. That's why we've expanded our free parenting groups to include summer burnout, behavior management and single parent support. All sessions are open to any parent that needs it, and all links to register can be found here.

Lastly, we know the word "hero" means something very different this year. Throughout the seemingly endless challenges 2020 has dealt time and time again, a new type of hero has risen to the forefront: 
  • The nurses and doctors, working on the frontlines of Covid-19.
  • The researchers, spending endless hours testing potential vaccines.
  • The teachers, learning new methods to connect and teach their students.
  • The parents, juggling work, homeschool, parenting and more. 
  • The kids, who had their entire lives upended and are trying to adapt as best their little bodies can. 
  • The essential workers, showing up every day and facing risks.
  • The small business owners, making choices that affect their families, staff and community. 
During our 40th anniversary year, EPIC is celebrating every kind of hero. Who is yours? We want to know. We are collecting nominations for Heroes now through August 31, and winners will be honored throughout our annual Heroes celebration this fall. Click here to submit your nomination!

Stay safe, stay well, and as always, know we are here for you.

Tara N. Burgess, Executive Director
and the entire EPIC team