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Newsletter Volume 3

March 2013 



Has spring sprung in your area? If it hasn't, well don't ask how the weather is in San Diego! We're providing warmth in the way of a free workshop, tools, and spring product specials. Contact us if you have questions or with topics you'd like us to cover in our blog or workshops.

Free Workshop Webinar March 21: Creating A Successful Life Science Marketing Plan  


Life Science Marketing Plan Feel like you're too busy to create or revise your marketing plan?  Attend our free workshop March 21st and get an overview so you can create or tune up your marketing plan. You'll also receive a template which includes strategies and tactics for integrating traditional and new media. We've had almost 100 sign up so far and we'll make the presentation as interactive as possible, join us! 


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ScioPartners Updates for Bloggers & Companies

Mary gave a presentation at ScienceOnline in North Carolina and made some great connections with bloggers there. We want to continue to foster these relationships at life science events this year, let us know which conferences you're attending and we'll set up meetings. Speaking of conferences, see our handy how to for creating a customized life science event calendar


Product Highlights & Specials

Special offer: Until March 29th, enter code "springpromo" to get $75 off of the following products!



Engage your life science customers and position yourself as the "go to" company when they are ready to buy your products or services. We will help you from start to finish, from developing the content to scheduling, promoting, and implementing the webinars. You'll develop valuable content for your website which will generate leads now and also serve as a resource. 






We offer web-based or in person training on just about any topic you can find on our blog, from traditional to new media marketing strategies and tactics. We'll get to know your needs and goals and we will customize the training to include examples specific to your company. We can also provide an analysis of your existing marketing and make recommendations to help you meet your objectives. 


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Monthly Power Tool: ScienceSeeker

Part of our mission is to connect life science companies and bloggers to benefit both, and we see ScienceSeeker as being key to this goal. ScienceOnline is working closely with the developers of this site to catalog science blogs and bloggers. Currently you can search or use the API to find content of interest, and we're working with them to make the tool more useful for our clients. Contact us if there's a feature you'd like and we'll pass on the information. 
SoundBytes Vol. 3


Here are totally rad links to news and tips from around the web which we shared on Twitter. See our comments for each link below, and click on the title to get more information. Follow us on Twitter  or subscribe to our Diigo feed to see all the links we share. 



03-05-2013 14:09:46 PM

We're highlighting this conference mostly for our science blogging partners as we think it is relevant to their monetization goals. Life science marketers may also get ideas on reaching and engaging researchers from the agenda, or by attending. Check it out! soundbytes ...�


03-05-2013 14:09:46 PM

Review of a published study on what leads to Twitter followers, a good read for anyone wishing to succeed on the microblogging platform.  ...�


03-05-2013 14:09:46 PM

At the ScienceOnline conference we heard about Google's Author Rank which we think will be a big game changer for SEO and digital media. Check out this preview of what's to come and tools for improving your online presence. ...�


03-05-2013 14:09:46 PM

Great example of life scientists using a Twitter hashtag to communicate. Life science companies could be leveraging hashtag campaigns in this manner.  ...�



03-05-2013 14:12:50 PM

This post really hits the mark for many life science companies, take a look to help learn how to find and reach influencers (hint: Comprendia can help!) ...�

Hope you enjoy our newsletter and we hope to "see" you at our webinar. Be sure to let us know if your travels bring you to sunny San Diego.



Mary Canady
Comprendia, LLC

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