As we move toward the end of EPIC’s 40th Anniversary year, I am pleased to share our annual video. This year, we wanted to focus not just on 2020, but the innovation and resilience the organization has displayed over the past 40 years.

While we reflect on 40 years of serving families, there are so many people who have played an important role in EPIC's history. In this video, we are honored to tell the story of Linda Wilson, not only as our founder Bob Wilson's wife, but as the vivacious woman who loved to dance and sing and was also passionate about having nonprofits work together. We are so grateful to her four daughters for sharing her story and their memories of her.

We are so fortunate to have had EPIC's past presidents, Sandra Rifkin, Vito Borrello and Michelle Urbanczyk, share their stories of EPIC's evolvement. Their thoughtful, resilient leadership has guided EPIC through so many peaks and valleys, and there is no way we would have grown so much without them.

Similarly, we are indebted to our past and present Board chairs, Ronald Sellers, P.J. Hunt Jr., Allison Hyde, H. Ward Wettlaufer, Judge Robert Russell, Dennis Murphy, Bill Gillmore and Dr. Pam Johnson. Their support of EPIC has been steadfast and strong, and is such a large part of why we are here today.

Lastly, our deepest gratitude goes out to all the families we have worked with during the past 40 years. We have seen parents and children during their highest highs and lowest lows, and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience to work so closely with them for decades. Family has always been our "why"; it is the cornerstone of Bob Wilson's vision of a world where every child has a strong start and promising future. We are so thankful for every single family that has walked through our doors or entered our Zoom group in the past 40 years. We look forward to many, many more years of service.

Enjoy the video and Happy Thanksgiving!

In gratitude,

Tara N. Burgess, Executive Director
and the entire EPIC team