In the six (or more) weeks of quarantine, EPIC has kept our families at the forefront. We have shifted the majority of our parenting and family engagement services to online platforms, and created the new mediums to offer resources for our families:

  • A YouTube channel, where we post homeschool ideas in Literacy, STEM, art, nature, health and wellness and more, as a way to take some of the teaching burden off our parents while still supplying kids with the support they need to complete their schoolwork from home. We call it EPIC Academy- and while we know it doesn't replace your actual school, our hope is it still gives you and your family fun and educational things to work on together.

  • "Kitchen Table Talks": an opportunity to connect with our community at the heart of any home, the kitchen table. The first chapter of this series is "Covid Conversations", where we talk with local experts about the best ways to discuss the pandemic with your children, as well as handling new behavioral situations that may arise as a result.

  • A Family Support Line, available Monday through Friday for ANYTHING you need: 716-332-4111. Whether it's stress management, positive discipline techniques, motivating your kids to do assignments or anything in between, an EPIC team member will be standing by to help.

  • An extensive Coronavirus Resource page, constantly being refreshed with updates for you regarding unemployment pay, health information, policy changes and more.

So now we want to hear from you. What do you need? What isn't out there? How can EPIC serve you and your family right now? Let us know- we are here, and our next moves will be dictated by the needs of our families.

Wishing you continued peace during these times,

Tara N. Burgess, Executive Director
and the entire EPIC team