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The FIMI beach replenishment project is gathering speed. It is now completed at Kismet and Saltaire, and the next phase, Contract 3A, will be starting at Seaview and moving west toward Fair Harbor. Suffolk County is actively negotiating with Pines ocean front homeowners to obtain the necessary easements to permit placement of sand.  We are being told by all of our sources that sand will reach the Pines by the end of this year.  However, I always caution that this is a very large project and we have to be concerned about equipment availability and breakdowns.  The project in the Pines will include the replacement of all our existing public beach access walks and the construction of some access ramps for the disabled.  

The beach is littered with large tangles of snow fencing and storm debris, so we are in the process of hiring a contractor to do a beach clean-up in April.  Repairs to the damaged trap bags were completed in March.  We are also getting bids on running snow fence along the beach to help accumulate sand.  

A local engineering firm, LKMA, has been selected for the project to replace the passenger ferry dock and harbor plaza.  This is one of the largest projects ever undertaken by FIPPOA and will include the replacement of the south harbor bulkhead, all of the decking in the harbor area and new lighting and landscaping throughout the harbor plaza.  We have our first meeting with LKMA on March 24th.  

Tad Paul, Nicole LaFountaine, and I have put a great deal of time into the Boulevard Project this winter.  This project will ultimately involve protecting the green space and building new contractor enclosures on the Boulevard from Crown Walk to Oak Walk, but for the moment we are focused solely on the Harbor area. The first enclosure has been built east of Harbor Walk by Bill Santangelo, and we are now moving ahead with smaller enclosures west of the Post Office. It is a complex and difficult project, in part because of conflicting Town of Brookhaven agency jurisdiction issues and code issues. We have had a number of meetings with Town officials and we hope we are close to resolution on these issues. Our Town Councilman, Neil Foley, continues to be extremely helpful on this important undertaking.

Planning is well underway for Pines Party 2016 and tickets will go on sale April 1.

As you can see we have a lot going on and your membership dues help in making this possible.  For those of you who have not renewed your 2016 membership, please do so. You can now renew your membership as an Annually Renewing Subscription or use the One Time Membership Form.

Happy Spring and I look forward to seeing you soon in the Pines.
Jay Pagano

Southern Pine Beetle Infestation - Making Progress

Pines Conservation Society (PCS) is pleased to announce that it's program partnered with FIPPOA and supported by The National Parks Service (NPS) to control the Southern Pines Beetle is underway and has been well received in the Pines.  Offering homeowners access to free evaluations by Bartlett Tree Experts has expanded our plan for the Right of Way (ROW) takedown and over 80 have signed up.  Based on homeowner approval of private bids, Bartlett will also be including those takedowns as well.  Bartlett began downing infected trees on ROWs on March 14th.  

On March 2nd, Bartlett coordinated a visit with a crew from the NPS. Guided by our very own Damian Todaro they identified blighted trees and discovered more about its extent. Jordan Raphael, our NPS biologist, applauded The Pines taking swift action and will continue to provide his expertise.

It is not too late take part and have a free inspection of your property.  This is a year round service. Please contact Mr. Whitney Lewis at 631-456-6192 (C) | 631-423-0090 ext. 435 or  Take a look at the Bartlett recommendation once they have helped you clear your property.  In April PCS will be announcing the renewal of its annual tree replacement program and providing instructions for ordering and picking up new trees for prope rty owners.

To date, PCS has donated $10,000 coupled with $5000 from FIPPOA and an anonymous generous contribution of $1000 to kick-start this project.  We are looking to close the gap on the $21,000 price tag. Your generous contribution to PCS is greatly appreciated.  Please make your tax-deductible donation to PCS (by check only, at this time) c/o Scott Ahlborn; 117 West 123rd Street #3B; New York, NY 10027.

Thank you!


Great News 
It's taken 468 days since our November 26, 2014 Nor'easter damaged 800 feet of TrapBags® but finally they have been replaced and topped with sand between Beachcomber and just beyond Driftwood Walks.  It was a long and complicated back and forth process with Brookhaven Township.  It would not have happened without the on-going support and pressure from The Seashore Defense Fund.  Without a doubt, TrapBags® have proved their weight in gold (or sand).  They are our best line of defense until the FIMI project rolls our way.  As we wait, we can breathe a sigh of relief that the entire length of TrapBags® in the Pines has been restored. 

The beach took a beating this winter.  Four access walks were destroyed and are currently being replaced.  Much of the sand covering the TrapBags® was washed out and most of our sand fencing destroyed.  A beach debris clean up will be underway shortly.  We requested a beach scraping to at least cover the TrapBags®.   Although the beach appears quite wide, not enough sand accumulated over the winter; therefore the scraping was denied.  In fact, the dune can be further jeopardized if too much sand is scraped creating an even flatter beach.  Surges hit and damage dunes harder if the beach loses it's gradual slope to the ocean.   Fortunately we have approval to install 8,320 feet of new sand fencing.  We are going to hold off on planting grass until the FIMI project is completed. 

The Seashore Defense Fund thanks you for your generous contributions throughout the year.  



  Anne Gentile

Anne Gentile, Longtime Pines resident at 60 Bay Walk, passed away at age 79.  Gentile taught at Columbia University for 44 years and was a pioneer in her field.  She was born and raised in New York City, attended Brooklyn College and began her Ph.D. at Indiana University in the late 1950s.  You can read more about Anne's illustrious career here.

Sandy Stevenson

Sandy Stevenson, long time partner of Lila Swell and long time resident of the Pines passed away suddenly on March 17th.  Sandy was loved by all who knew her and was a courageous, kind and compassionate person.  This charming and lovely lady will be sadly missed by all who knew her.  Sandy retired last year after a very successful career in the New York State Comptroller's office under Thomas Di Napoli.  Services will be held on Friday April 1st. At the Mary Manning Walsh Home, 1339 York Ave. (between 71-72 st.) at 9:00AM, to be followed by an open house (location to be announced at the services). In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Sandy's memory to to The Pines Foundation here.

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