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The FIMI project is in a slower phase now.  The construction in the communities from the Lighthouse to Saltaire is largely complete.  The next Phase, 3A, covers the communities east of Saltaire as far as Ocean Beach.  The real estate work on Phase 3A is complete, but the government agencies involved decided to grant the western communities' request to delay project construction until after the summer. The communities were worried about how to redirect the enormous number of summer tourists and visitors.  Their work will begin in early September and is scheduled to be completed by April 1, 2017.  

Phase 3B covers the communities from east of Ocean Beach to Davis Park and includes the Pines.  In these communities real estate/engineering work is well underway.   Suffolk County and the Army Corps are meeting with impacted homeowners to develop solutions that will minimize the impact on affected homeowners.  As of now there is no date set for the Phase 3B construction.  The goal is to complete the real estate/engineering work by the end of November, allowing the project to be bid in December.  Construction could then begin early in 2017 assuming the equipment is available.  Within the timetable for Phase 3B we are unable to say when construction in the Pines would occur, but it would seem likely that it will in the spring of 2017.

Pines Beach Maintenance
FIPPOA has also completed a major cleanup of the beach, removing storm debris and the snow fence "tangles".  This work was paid for by the Seashore Defense Fund, and thanks go to Russell Saray for organizing and for his stewardship of the SDF.

FIPPOA has also completed repairs to the trap bags along the ocean which were damaged by winter storms. That work was done as part of the Erosion Control Tax District.  Under a separate contract, again paid for by the Erosion Control District, a new line of sand fencing has been run the length of the community to protect the trap bags until the FIMI project can be constructed. A special thanks goes to Garry Korr for spearheading this work.

Pines Cleanup
FIPPOA is organizing a cleanup of the community on Saturday May 14 as per the article below.  This is something that was discussed and widely supported at the Fall Meeting.   Let's get out there Saturday May 14 and cleanup the Pines.  Thanks go to Pines resident Alan Silverman for spearheading this cleanup. 

And as a side note, at the end of April, a large volunteer group of residents from western communities and the National Park Service did a major cleanup of the Burma road that connects those communities. Fire Islanders are particularly known for their can-do attitude and willingness to pitch in.

Pines Infrastructure
FIPPOA has two infrastructure projects underway in the Pines which are being planned and paid for through the Dock District.  First, the "dolphins" are being replaced in our harbor.  Dolphins are clust ers of poles designed to protect the marina from heavy ice in the winter.  This work has been delayed because the initial bids were very high, and we are now re-bidding the project.  We do anticipate that re-bidding will allow the project to come within budget.  The second project is the reconstruction of the passenger ferry dock, the bulkhead on the south side of the harbor, and the harbor plaza itself. This work is in active design phase and we anticipate construction starting immediately after Columbus Day weekend.        

Elsewhere On Fire Island
A m ajor fire broke out on Saturday, April 30th in Fair Harbor.  The fire resulted in the destruction of one house and substantial damage to three others.  The fire was fought by several Fire Island and mainland fire companies.  The fire spread very quickly.  The cause of the fire has not been determined.  The fire reminds us to be ever vigilant about fire safety in our homes and to be grateful for our own Fire Island Pines Volunteer Fire Department for the protection they provide. 

And lastly, on May 28th our sister community, Cherry Gro ve, will have a ceremony and party celebrating the opening of the newly renovated Cherry Grove Community House and Theater. It is the nation's oldest gay and lesbian theater, and has also served as the "heart" of Cherry Grove for almost 70 years. Congratulations to the Grove  !

Jay Pagano

Trash Talk
You may recall that last Fall, we alerted everyone about the trash situation in the Pines, with many of the walks and yards littered with trash, many homes had trash areas/containers that were not kept tidy, etc. We agreed that come Spring 2016, we would organize a clean-up and we are planning to do the clean-up on May 14 from 11 to about noon. Volunteers are needed. Please email Alan Silverman, who will coordinate this effort, at

Volunteers will meet at the harbor near the ferry and will be divided into 2 teams - one to head east and one to head west. You will be provided with trash bags and litter picker poles and asked to walk along the walkways to clean up whatever you see and to knock on the doors of the houses that seem to be the biggest violators to advocate with them to keep their properties tidy.

Also, keep in mind that we are also asking homeowners to consider building enclosed trashcan sheds if you don't already have one and to buy mailboxes for the summer flyers we all receive. These will be available at the FIPPOA Spring Meeting.  You can reach out to Ken Pollard ( to save one for you at $50 each.

Together we can keep the Pines clean!
Early bird tick ets and passes are now on sale for the 18th annual Pines Party @  We hope that you will join us on the weekend of July 22-24 when Fire Island Pines will be transformed into the magic of Xanadu, a musical fantasy of swirling 80's neon, pinball, roller skates, inspirational muses, Olivia Newton-John and Kublai Khan's far away paradise. In addition to being one of the highlights of the summer season, Pines Party is an important source of funds for our beneficiaries - The Pines Foundation (formerly FIPPOA Charitable Foundation) and Stonewall Community Foundation.  Proceeds from the Pines Party are critical to supporting the mission and activities of The Pines Foundation, including the maintenance of Whyte Hall, and have provided over $1.2 million to fund Stonewall's grant making program to NYC-area LGBTQ non-profits. 

In addition to the exciting roster of weekend events, the Pines Party Online Auction and the Pines Party Community Journal are important contributors to our fundraising efforts. Please help us make Pines Party 2016 the most successful ever by: 1) donating or helping us secure special items for the auction; and 2) advertising in our journal.  The online auction, which  will go  live in early July and run through early August,  will include an exciting array of items including travel, theater, literature, dining and gift certificates, health and fitness and more.  Please contact Jay Henry at or 917-513-0121 to contribute items for the auction or for additional information.

Following up on the success of last year's printed Pines Party Community Journal, we will be expanding our advertiser outreach this year to include local, regional  and certain national businesses and non-profits looking to reach the Fire Island Pines or LGBTQ market.  The Journal will be distributed throughout the Pines and Cherry Grove on or before the Pines Party Weekend, and  advertising rates range from $175-1,200.  Please contact Frank Liberto at for additional information on the journal.

Thanks for your support and I hope to see you in Xanadu. Buy your tickets now @  Ticket prices increase on 5/27.


Joyce Reich

Joyce Reich of Patchogue, NY passed away quietly in her sleep on April 7th, 2016.  She is survived by Walter Reich, her loving husband of 62 years. She is also survived by her three daughters Susan Rocco, Deborah Kassner and Brenda Schwegler.  Reich was the proud grandmother of eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Reich was born on October 2, 1932 to Walter and Susan Schick.  Reich graduated from Bay Shore High School in 1950 and married Walter Reich on June 7, 1953 at St. Patrick's Church in Bay Shore. 

As a summer resident of Fire Island Pines for 50 years, Reich was a very active member of the community, as well as the proprietor and manager of Pines Hardware and Sundries for 28 years.  Reich served as the Pines Catholic Church Organizer, Captain of Communications for the Fire Island Pines Fire Department and served as a Director of FIPPOA, The Pines Care Center, The Pines Historical Society, Chamber of Commerce and the Fire Island National Seashore Advisory Board.

Upcoming 2016 Events
Spring Meeting - May 21
Dina Martina - May 28
SAGE Awards - June 4
Broadway Bares - June 4
Women's Pride in the Pines - June 11
Marilyn Maye - June 18
Fire Island Dance Festival - July 15 thru 17
Pines Party - July 22 thru 24
Lucie Arnaz - July 30
Senator Gillibrand in the Pines - August 5
 Bruce Vilanch and The Skivvies - August 13
Spray Party - August 14
Ann Hampton Callaway & Liz Callaway - August 20
FIPAP Presents: Once On This Island - September 2 thru 4 
Fall Meeting - September 17   
The 2016 Calendar is Shaping Up!

Let us know by return email, if you would like to add an event to the FIPPOA community calendar.

Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association Officers & Directors

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